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Question: Dear Dr. Levy, How did you come to working with Darkness in the AfterLife?

I began giving readings in circle groups where I was taking mediumship development classes. Then, shortly after, I opened up my teaching school WhiteWolf Academy. I ran the Academy differently than how other spiritualist schools do, in that our ghosts were the leading teaching faculty channeling their lessons through me. From this perspective, I would design the curricula with my visiting and full time AfterLife faculty leading the way and them pairing our students. We worked as a perfect interdimensional team.

We held our spirit development and message giving circles in my home twice a week for 4 hours an evening and conducted interDimensional AA (Angels Anonymous) group therapy workshops on the weekends. We drew a cozy crowd of adults young and older, spanning 5 generations, all struggling with addiction, depression, love matters and career, and all were highly gifted with seeing abilities.

Most of our 3d clients consisted of a group of women and our 5d faculty and AA members were a group of men, and we all suffered with broken hearts. Between our dead teachers and therapy clients, Me and our living students, we managed to integrate an interdimensional teaching and healing support group while learning the language of spirit.

We used to refer to our regular three to four times a week interdimensional classes with Lifers and AfterLifers as family dinner party reunions full of soul food. Together, we developed our seeing and mediumship abilities, learned how to become medical intuitives so as to diagnose and heal some of our conditions, and we also worked on many interesting detective cases involving and solving unsolved murders. I share much of these experiences in my book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!

During this time in the Summer and Fall of my 2015 classes, I came to meet many ghosts, but every ghost each had a connection to a student in our class.

Then, one day, a ghost came through to me for a student and when she could not relate to the visitor and googled who he was, she sent him my way.

This is When It Got Dark for Me.


 There’s asking for forgiveness, there’s asking for permission, and there’s saying “fuck it,” and doing what you may.

To keep the details short, Death, this man who approached me, was a murderer executed on death row. After much heartache he put me through haunting me and pleading with me to write with him and contact his family to tell them of his wherewithal in the AfterLife, I gave in. Together, we wrote an online Blog to share our interdimensional story of how we met and teach about some of the paranormal gifts he suffered with in life.

Throughout this time, I discovered an oil painting I made of him 21 years before meeting him as a ghost. While he was alive here, I had no idea who this man was. I only met him in death when he came my way.


In our interdimensional research, we both agreed to become case studies and test subjects. I allowed him and another male ghost who I also painted in an oil painting portrait 15 years prior to meeting him in death,  to live in me so as to up my extra sensory perception by allowing them to rewire my brain and teach me the interdimensional ESP language, i.e. Telepathy, Empathy, Precognition and Postcognition.

But as more clients came my way coupled with a Rainbow Medicine 2016-2017 book signing tour, I got haunted by many more ghosts.

During this difficult sleepless nightmarish time I wondered why in my dreams I was reliving so many painful hours of sexual abuse, seeing people I had never met, hearing names, feeling suicidal and feeding their heartaches as my own. It was a fighting and frightening time for me and I had no living person to help me through.

This too is how it began when Death first haunted me and broke me in.

During my first Rainbow Medicine book signing event, when I began reading the clients who showed up, this is when I learned that all of the paranormal emotional and physical traumas I had been undergoing, were in in fact their life stories. Living their traumas as my own is called secondhand trauma.

My life was filled with a constant cloud of ghosts scheduled to have interdimensional sessions with me. Like back noise in a restaurant, they were constantly intentionally and unintentionally merging their consciousness with mine, telling me bits and pieces of their stories while waiting in line for their sessions.


My AfterLife partners quickly taught me to understand our gig as a travelling Broadway circus show, me as the Vagina Monologues, speaking on behalf of the Invisible Monologues. I realized that all the telepathic and empathic noise I was hearing and feeling was in fact the dead telepathically telling me their gruesome stories. Their chatter was their way of preparing me for who I would be reading at these events. They were rehearsing their lines with me.

As a person who loves to give messages from the other side whether paid or not, It became very clear to me that ghosts hang around me waiting in line for me to bring them home. Since they know the future, they know exactly when these meetings with their living loved ones will take place and for this reason, ghosts do not let up if it is destined that I am the one to bring them home and help them and their family out.

I also came to learn that my hauntings became more severe the closer I came to certain reading sessions, whether I had them booked or not.

Would you let up if you knew you were that close to reuniting with a loved one who needed contact from you if it meant torturing a stranger?

There are many ethical dilemmas AfterLifers face, and living their selfish greedy horrors firsthand, I can tell you this, the more guilt and un-resolve you hold, the louder and more problematic you will be to Lifers in your AfterLife. But that’s what makes this world go round. I guess.


For my clients, these reading sessions are therapeutic, and for me, they are exorcisms. By the time any spirit is exorcised from my body in a reading session, it happens at the session when the contact is made, the conversation is had, answers to the “Whys” were given, and the pieces of the puzzle begin to form. This is when everyone on both sides of the veil begin to calm down. This is also when my haunting sometimes subsides.

I also have my own life with ghosts with our own issues, so what I have learned is this, my personal issues with my afterlife partners will become magnified if we have clients who share in the same painful storylines. Ghosts have told me, they particularly wait for my calamities that mirror theirs so they can ride on my coat tales. In fact, most of the time it is their calamities that create mine.

In the past I have asked my dead clients, “Why do you send your family my way when you see what a mess we are in right now?” And the answer goes, “We have the same mess, hence why you feel your mess so strongly. Give the reading.”

Then, once I give the reading, I get closure as do the clients. And then it starts up again, whether I am working for a client or on my own with my A-Team.

Life says What About Us?

Death says Cruel to be Kind.

The cruelty began when the work got too big, which meant too many ghosts and lifers were telepathically and empathically infecting me with their storylines thus perverting and preventing me from any peace in my personal and professional life.

The departed and the living layer on top of one another like a stack of potato chips in a can, ordered according to their similar storylines and names. This means that when I think I may be with one, there are others around daily, nightly and annually sharing the same names, wounds and values as well as contradicting them. Whether living or dead, their personalities and telepathic abilities to link with me are strong. For this reason I often experience secondhand trauma.

I would say, because I have the privilege to learn of and know people living and dead from the inside out, I experience them each at a much more toxic level. All that said, I could never be alone with just one ghost without knowing I was attached to and being watched by several. This created a bipolar existence for me. I became very dizzy and when I asked them to stop, they never let up.

Being gang raped from the hovering voyeuristic ghosts is a constant awareness and was a premonition I experienced during one near death experience I faced in 2002. I explain what happened in Chapter 9 We All Have to Die. Because my circle was widening beyond my control, whether I wanted this or not, I could not stop the noise of those coming on to my path. My job was to bring spirits home and their job was to push me to learn this work, do this work, write about this work, leave this work behind, and then die.

I never looked at myself as a Mother Theresa although I have been called that by many humans and ghosts over many years. It pains me deeply to say and write anything negative about my life with Dead people so I hide some facts yet ride this line with integrity staying true to my truth.

In short, although heartwarming each with their own story and cause, the Dead are also cold and calculating because they have knowledge of the future. They have a script already written in hand. They know their place, role, job and timing of all. It’s a goddamn broadway show of soldiers, just like us here except that most of you are unaware of this Matrix and those of you who are aware have no way of proving its existence as our closet. There is no freedom to veer off course, simply to follow a prophetic script and winding path.

This doesn’t mean AfterLifers don’t feel pain and suffer, they do, it’s horribly torturous for every departed person and family to watch their loved ones suffer and not be able to change a course. As a medium, I mediate many messages of remorse and support, identifying the miracles their departed loved ones bestow on them during their times in need.

Forget about the fact that wherever I go, ghosts follow, the chain gang also live in me and breath dragon fire through me. Walking a tightrope between space and time is my world and it’s all happening on the inside.

Imagine if you could see beyond this world and access multiple dimensions and timelines. Imagine if you could see your reality from another dimension. Imagine what life would feel like for You if the delusion you understand to be your reality is, in fact, Reality.

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“Between the Veil, Parapsychology and Psychiatry: InterDimensional Voices, Paranormal Trauma & Dark AfterLifers” was written through me, and commissioned by dark AfterLifers who haunted and possessed me until I realized who they were and where they live … in “Me.”


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No, we are not alone in the Universe. Life never stops it just changes. I am here to share these experiences having lived and continue to live them firsthand.

I pat myself on the shoulder for being My Superhero because I am proud that I am here to tell my tale, my very own “Once Upon a Time” living with DEATH Between the Veil.

Shedding light for all of us here. Welcome to my journey with death.

In love, may you seek to find the silver linings in your own tragedies and triumphs.




Death says

My friends are so alone and it breaks my heart

My friends don’t understand we all are lost.

DRk.ALiCE, Shine down a light on them and show a path.

⏤“Shine” Mondo Cozmo

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Question: How did you come to working with Darkness in the AfterLife?

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