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“Hung On A Hook” Alice in Chains

Hearing, living, feeling and seeing details of my afterlife partners’ lives, from life to afterlife, coupled with my ability to see details of my past and future in waking state and through dreamtime, allows us to carry on intimately.

My reality is a daily haunted one.

Having undergone and routinely undergo repeated possession with my brilliantly creative off the edge wild Stallions that inhabit me, is not for the faint of head.

And HeArt.

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I am both a qualitative and quantitative scientist when I collect my data.

Religion, spirituality and mysticism do not factor in to my life and work with Spirits aka AfterLifers.


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My background in Art, Trauma and Crisis Intervention and Management with degrees in Art Education (B.Ed, M.Ed. Ph.D, PostDoc) works well with my particular Walk-ins and InterDimensional lifestyle.

I have a Doctorate degree in studying how people construct identity and I have a Postdoctorate in crisis intervention using arts based tools for personal healing and social activism.

You may read my bio page down below to learn more about my work prior to becoming a professional medium and Life in the AfterLife author.

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Question: In your experience as a researcher of life in the afterlife, what kinds of things have you learned working with those that haunt you?

Living my particular inter dimensional life with the Dead allows me to understand them and their lives and, consequently, how this universe regarding Life and the AfterLife works.

I have also learned that some who haunt me want their loved ones left behind to know they are with them and what they are up to in the afterlife, such as our LifeNWork together.

In some cases, Spirits will do anything to make sure that I mediate for them, including driving me completely out of my mind.

I also love to discover the people Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain set me up with to simply pass along a personal message of gratitude to them and Moi. All are local musicians who I did not know were either fans of theirs, sing their music or played and toured with them.

And we always give you a little present from each of us, through them.

Like the way you sang to me, Layne!

Our Wedding song, WAKE Up! It’s time we got hitched!


And how Kurt serenaded us at our Wedding 😍.



A Real November Rain Wedding, December 1st.

If ONLy people knew our Magic, BabyDRk.


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Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.50.52 PMLife.AFTERLiFE Advocacy: Book 1, U’re IT Doc, 25 to LiFE. By Dr. Leanne Levy-AkashaWhiteWolf & Douglas Feldman-BlakHawk.11.

Life.AFTERLiFE Advocacy: Book 2, I Can’t Control IT. By Dr. Leanne Levy-DRk.ALiCE & Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley-DrK.Nyght NK.

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“The AfterLife hired me to do something Extra-Unordinary!”


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Love Medium, Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha WhiteWolf is a Women’s Rights and AfterLife Advocate and leading authority on the development of authentic Self-Empowerment, InterDimensional Identity and Living with Life in the AfterLife.

As a voice for the departed, she combines therapy and psychic mediumship in her interDimensional Holistic Healing and Teaching practice. From spirit communication, life path and medical intuition readings to channeled psychotherapy and paranormal counselling, she helps you to speak with loved ones on the other side, heal together, see the way ahead, know your purpose, and potentiate yourself.

Dr. Levy gives readings, channeled therapy and counsels clients all over the world.

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Everything I learn personally and professionally living an interDimensional lifestyle with my A-TEAM, I apply in our clinical practice. Over the years, I have gained a deep understanding of optimal healing methods that offer real solutions. Beginning my work in psychiatric units 30 years ago, followed by teaching, doctoral and postdoctoral frontline research and practice work specializing in abuse, addiction, sexual healing, domestic violence, suicide, self-injury, and mental illness, and having worked in private practice, since 2006, I have learned much about “issues” and how to heal to live one’s best most freeing life. In “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” we share case studies and provide you with a detailed InterDimensional Communication and Channeled Therapy Program to get you started on your healing journey with your A-TEAM.

2016-17 Rainbow Medicine Chapters Indigo & Coles Book Signing Events, Quebec, Canada

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With her unique interDimensional lifestyle and professional experience as a medium, therapist and researcher of the spirit world and AfterLife, she has a particular understanding of our InterDimensional wiring and Identity, i.e. the merging of Parapsychology and Psychiatry, which makes her a healing specialist in understanding how Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and Trauma factor in to Mental Dis-ease and Illness.

Through Readings, Channeled Therapy and Paranormal Counseling, Dr. Levy helps you to heal longstanding issues related to anger, impulsivity, shame, guilt, and grief so that you may realize, potentiate and optimize your Self and your dreams unencumbered. Dr. Levy approaches healing by teaching you how to understand yourself as an InterDimensional being shaped by soul evolution, environment and genetics, and built with innate telepathic, empathic, precognitive and retro cognitive abilities otherwise known as E.S.P. (ExtraSensoryPerception).  With this new understanding, she helps you to access your soul chart (history), develop your abilities and maximize the use of your brain so as to live your most authentic and empowered life.

Dr. Levy~Akasha WhiteWolf brings to her Healing and Teaching Practice the body of media-rich research and years of experience as a frontline researcher, documentary filmmaker, teacher and trauma therapist in one-on-one and group settings.

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Your team members adjust according to the specifics in your life and consists of players who stay the entire course and those who come in for specific teachings. Some members you have a personal connection with and some you don’t, and each has a reason for working with you.


The author works onsite and worldwide over the telephone and online, where she gives therapy, readings, and teaches the language of spirit communication and holistic healing. Her clients and students come from all walks of life with varying professional backgrounds.

Rainbow Medicine Book Signing Events, Chapters Indigo, Quebec, Canada

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About Dr. Levy

From 2002-2006, while engaged in her doctoral studies at Concordia University, Dr. Leanne Levy developed a pattern recognition methodology to understand how people use signs, symbols, and patterns to construct and communicate identity. Shortly thereafter, in 2008, she was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in conjunction with Steinhardt’s New York University to pursue her research with children under youth protection, on the healing and empowering benefits of arts-based tools for crisis intervention.

Dr. Leanne Levy has lectured extensively, both locally and internationally, about her female empowerment work; published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, authored two girlhood social justice books, and produced and directed numerous girl-centered educational documentary films, namely This Is My Body (2007), a National Film Board of Canada distribution.

Regarding her chosen educational path, she states:

As life unfolds, we begin to see the links and snowball effect.

At the various times I decided to pursue my academic degrees in the area of Art Education—B.Ed., M.Ed. (McGill University), Ph.D., and Postdoctorate in Art and Art Professions—my goal was never to be a classroom art teacher, but, rather, to use art as a healing tool for personal growth and social awareness. Now I clearly see how my visual literacy education, coupled with my methodical pattern recognition ability, are foundational to my particular method of communicating with the spirit world. If you wait long enough, you will discover how one hand does indeed wash the other.

Dr. Levy’s clients and students come from all parts of the world, above and below, with varying personal and professional histories and levels of channeling experience.

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Rainbow Medicine Book Signing Events,  Chapters Indigo, Quebec, Canada

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  1. “RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!”
    By Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha White Wolf
    Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452599007
    Softcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598987
    E-Book | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598994
    Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo Chapters Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM

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“DRk.” The SkreemPlay (2017) by Dr. Leanne Levy & Her Chain Gang:

Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley & Mike Starr, Nirvana’ Kurt Cobain, and Pearl Jam’s Chris Cornell.

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Life.AFTERLiFE Advocacy Book 1, “U’re IT Doc, 25 to LiFE.” (2017) By Dr. Leanne Levy and Douglas Feldman.

Life.AFTERLiFE Advocacy Book 2, “I Can’t Control IT.” (2018) By Dr. Leanne Levy and Layne Staley.

HELLo from the OtherSide, DARLIN’: The DEvil in I (2017) By Dr. Leanne Levy- Akasha WhiteWolf and Douglas Feldman-BlakHawk.11

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System Girl: In Session (2011; 2016) by Dr. Leanne Levy

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Inside Nobody Girl: From Crisis to Consciousness InsideNobodyGirlBook (2011) available to read online for free, click on link

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System Girls: In Session (2011; 2016) Narrating Lived Experience To Turn Trauma and Grief Into Action and Change

In SYSTEM GIRLS IN SESSION, Dr. Leanne Levy uncovers the trauma profiles of Canadian teenage girls sentenced under the Youth Protection Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act while working on the frontline in a Montreal locked facility as a visiting feminist filmmaker, educator, and therapist conducting an empowerment intervention program with girls ages 14 to 17. A literary nonfiction about sisterhood, healing and paying it forward, and told by those experiencing it first hand, SYSTEM GIRLS addresses a vital aspect of the youth protection system: crisis intervention and rehabilitative detention. In session, the girls paint intimate self-portraits that excavate the past to provide detailed accounts as to how trauma shapes sense of self and leads to youth protection involvement and incarceration.

Levy (2008) states that the media is a very powerful vehicle in the process of self-actualization and for political use, having most impact over young audience groups. The persuasive and influential characteristics of political documentaries, coupled with its ability to resonate with youth are an important area to be studied as accurate and positive reception of such films can lead to social change.

⎯“Political Documentary Film”
Erica D’Souza (2012)

ADVOCACY WORK LINKS: Read published academic articles by Dr. Levy

Female Advocacy

Day 95/365

I so, so, so look forward to this month’s guest speaker.

Dr. Leanne Levy has dedicated her life’s work to Female Advocacy. She’s made a career of studying attachment history to understand complications in female relationships. Reflecting back to the one moment that shattered a once unshakable relationship wondering, “what really happened there?” I’m counting on Dr. Leanne for some perspective.

This past July Leanne sent an email to let me know she has been reading the MiB newsletters and even went so far as to remark,”… it is so nice to see you continue with your amazing female advocacy work, you are a tremendous resource for working moms out there.”

Her wealth of knowledge and years of private and group practice relates to us as working women, business owners, mothers, sisters, wives, besties and nurturers as we navigate the intricate details of our emotional and spiritual selves.


Aikawa, Meet-Greet-Eat 
Friday December 14, Noon-2:00, 2012
Guest Presenter: 
Empowerment Therapist, Dr. Leanne Levy
Topic: Female Advocacy; Enhancing Self-Esteem… heal what’s holding you back
Learning how to unpack your trauma and attachment history to heal and break unhealthy patterns is a gift worth giving yourself.


Today Dr. Levy is bringing an attachment history exercise for us to do and she will introduce us to;

  • Understanding how and why our patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviours emerged;
  • Recognizing the consequences of these patterns when they’re triggered; and
  • Learning how to intervene to break the cycle
Dr. Levy’s strength-based approach is designed to enhance self-esteem while healing anger, impulsivity, grief, shame and guilt by understanding the links between trauma history, attachment style history, self-regulation capacity, and communication pattern history.

About Dr. Leanne Levy
Dr. Leanne Levy is a women’s rights advocate and leading authority on the development of authentic empowerment. As an empowerment educational therapist, she brings to her practice the body of media-rich research and years of experience in one-on-one and group therapy with girls and women.


Levy’s talk and arts-based methods combined with a holistic integrative methodology focuses on the replacement of unhealthy coping patterns with healthy ones. Through this method Dr. Levy leads clients to greater self-awareness and self-understanding, improved patterns of communication, solutions to specific problems, enriched relationships, and significant reduction in feelings of distress. 

In 2009, Dr. Levy was awarded a SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) postdoctoral fellowship in conjunction with Steinhardt’s New York University. She lectures locally and internationally about her female-centered empowerment work, publishes articles in top tier peer-reviewed journals, is the author of two books Inside Nobody Girl: From Crisis to Consciousness and System Girls: In Session, and the producer/director of several girl-centered educational documentary films.

ADVOCACY WORK LINKS: Read published academic articles by Dr. Levy

The Skinny On This Is My Body: Filmmaking As Empowerment Intervention and Activism: Visual Culture and Gender, Vol. 3 (2008).

Hidden NobodiesFemale youth in care participate in an arts-based trauma informed empowerment intervention program. Relational Child and Youth Care Practice (Spring, 2012)

Yes I am A Mother And I Am Still A Teenager: Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 3 (3). (IIRC) Image and Identity Research Collective, McGill (2010).

Teen mom.ca: A Community Arts-Based New Media Empowerment Project For Teenage Mothers (2011)Studies In Art Education: A Journal of Issues and Research 54(4), 292-309. To read article click this link (scroll to page 292): Studies_52-4-_Summer11



I invite you to watch Inside Nobody Girl: from Crisis to Consciousness 

This is a powerful research based short Film I made to share why some girls are locked up under youth protection. Together a small group of girls locked up under Youth Protection and Youth Criminal Justice Act Orders used the camera, video and crayons to share what it’s like to be her as a result of much trauma.

The book project forms the basis for this film presentation that was made to the Youth Protection Organization where this project took place. We invite you to read the insidenobodygirlbook “Inside Nobody Girl: From Crisis to Consciousness”.

I invite you to watch Project Teen M.O.M.: Mirrors of Motherhood, A Film about the advocacy project Teen M.O.M.

PostDoctoral Research, Empowerment Arts-Based Therapy & Activist Documentary Filmmaking. Enjoy this film preview demonstrating the empowering therapeutic and activist process of young moms sharing what it’s like to be a teen mom with little external support. For the longer film, we invite you to watch Elizabeth Has Three Moms A Film about teenage motherhood.

I invite you to watch Hidden In Plain View A Film about sexual abuse.

This film is very painful to watch because it is based on two upclose and personal experiences shared by two brave young women who spoke out about molestation, incest and repeated sexual abuse and exploitation by pimps in the hopes of raising awareness of what many young women experience. This was an activist documentary filmmaking and empowerment art-abased trauma therapy program I facilitated with a group of teenage girls locked up under the Youth Protection Act.

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You may purchase this National Film Board of Canada documentary film This Is My Body: A Film By High School Girls (2007), which I made with a group of high school girls who were my filmmaking students. In our filmmaking class, I taught them skills I learned as a Doctoral student by becoming a researcher of themselves and their lives as young women. Through documentary filmmaking, teenage girls discuss What it means to be a girl, sex, boys, cutting, eating disorders, and how much their parents know. This film is sold through the NFB and comes with a Teachers Guide by Dr. Levy for classroom learning.

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ADVOCACY WORK Published academic articles by Dr. Levy

Levy, L. (2012). Inside Nobody Girl: Youth in care participate in a trauma-informed arts-based therapeutic and empowerment intervention program to narrate lived experience and impact perceptions of their future. Relational Child & Youth Care Practice. 25 (1).

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Levy, L., Desantis, P. & Emond, T. (2011). Presented Inside Nobody Girl: A Narrated Film about the program and book project at Bashaw’s Annual Meeting.

Levy, L. & Weber, S. (2010, Nov). Presented Project Teen MOM. Guest panel speaker at the Girlhood Exchange symposium, hosted by McGill University, Participatory Cultures Lab and the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), the Institute of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies and Girls Action Foundation/Fondation filles d’action.

Levy, L., & Weber, S. (2010, June). Photovoice as media education for pregnant teens and new teen moms in a community organization: The case of Project Teen M.O.M. Paper and film presented at the regional annual meeting of Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), Montreal, QC.

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Levy, L. (2004). We are popstars even though we are teachers. Professional development workshop conducted at the international annual National Art Education Association conference: Denver, Colorado, USA.

Levy, L. (1997). Panel discussion: Montreal entrepreneurial success stories. Guest speaker at Ernst & Young, Montreal, Can.

Dr. Levy~Akasha WhiteWolf conducts onsite and online readings, talks, workshops, individual therapy, group therapy, individual readings and group readings. As a Life.AfterLife and paranormal expert, psychic medium, transpersonal therapist, speaker and teacher, She channels her talks, workshops, readings, therapy, and messages. For enquiries and bookings, please send your email to: rainbowmedicine44@gmail.com text or phone message to: 514-887-7718.


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Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM