Where is Telepathy found in the brain and what is it’s connection to Schizophrenia?

Telepathy is found in the BRAIN: in the right parahippocampal gyrus.

It’s a region in the brain that plays an IMPORTANT ROLE in Memory encoding and retrieving.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS MADE UP OF MEMORIES, STORYLINES THAT HOLD FREQUENCIES, VIBES. These vibes can be sad, sadistic, pleasurable, meaningfully loving and vengeful.

Consciousness is what survives us when we die and reading consciousness-MEMORIES- is how us mediums can TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE and telepathically read the living.

The gift of clairvoyance and mediumship rely on this ability to retrieve memories of departed clients and the living and often when a medium receives memories, the ghost(s) at work will also call in personal memories of the medium to help the medium tell the story on behalf of the departed to the living. It’s a FORM OF RELATe-ABILTY.

This form of memory overlap can create PTSD in the medium if he/she is triggered by the ghost’s information and the living’s human’s reactions to the information with respect to where he or she is at in terms of resolve with the trauma or storyline.

For example, if the medium has a history of sexual abuse and so does the ghost, in retelling his or her story the medium is forced to relive her nightmare over and over again until the ghost stops talking and the case has been resolved.

The same goes for fidelity issues.

Complex PTSD (C-PTSD) arises when new traumas are built on old ones. Since ghosts know your issues some may ride on your coattails of life experience including trigger all of your traumas if you are the correct medium to be that person who will mediate a therapeutic message and answers between them and a living loved one.

So, for the most part, people like myself who do this trauma-based work between the veil are used to dealing with dark troubling feelings and thoughts and are conscious of having our memories (traumas) triggered for the sake of the reading.

However, if the medium has suffered a recent trauma or undergoing C-PTSD as a result of the interdimensional lifestyle, work, &/or is undergoing severe possession, which means her mind heart and body including her sexuality are being high jacked by another entity or entities (departed and living) then it is advisable to take a burn out leave until you trust yourself and your AfterLife partners not to harm you. If this is happening then you are experiencing C-PTSD.


How does interdimensional spirit communication work?

It requires both the living and the dead to use that part of the brain to access memories in order to encode meaning in conversation.

If the ghost’s intention is to bring up painful memories to address with the client for conflict resolution, this is one thing. This can be resolved in therapy with a medium and psychotherapist such as myself.

But if the ghost’s intention is to constantly trigger trauma in the person they’re after because this ghost is personally vengeful, then this is when paranormally talented lightworkers and anyone being haunted by a jilted lover, friend or family member, living or dead, may begin to suffer with paranormal trauma, auditory nasty or perverted voices and visions, and may wonder if they are Schizophrenic, haunted, stalked and possessed by demons.

Demons are simply dead people who are bullies and will use your weaknesses to harm you. They will also link you telepathically and empathically to living bullies as well. Bullies can simply be people who share opposing views and feelings with yours. They will even link you to their family dysfunctions, and this link can go on for years in advance before you even meet the person or persons involved.

They will link you with fans who admire you like stalkers. This too is super uncomfortable. For a time, I was linked with many who found me sexually desirable, as well as admirable for what I was able to accomplish and therefore I also got linked to their sexual thoughts and jealousies of me.

Pointe Finale, If you feel aggressed and this is all happening telepathically and you feel it in your body, you are haunted.

When the telepathic voices get out of hand, this creates a neurological imbalance in the brain and this is when signs of schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder may begin to rear its head. Either way, the community  inside this individual is real, and can become very harmful. Whether they are ghosts or alters or a combo of both, they all play roles.

Psychological warfare is the name of life on earth and life in the afterlife.

Another thing ghosts will do is create a glitch in your brain so like a skipped record, they can replay names or disturbing thoughts over and over again simply to trigger and harm you. This is a form of turrets syndrome because the repetitive behavior, thought or emotion is involuntary, like a tic.

At least now we know where telepathy is located in the brain and why the painful information and feelings attached to this ability. For those who suffer with auditory and visual prophetic visions while awake and during sleep time, such as myself, and they are negative and bothersome, chances are you are being possessed and haunted by one or a few ghosts. For meet wasn’t all negative.

The problem here is: Medicine is still not equipped to help us gifted people with telepathy to find a kill switch to get some rest from others’ needs and greeds.

Like Extra Sensory Perception, Fibromyalgia was also considered “not real” until they finally located it as a neurological disease in the brain.

From my understanding, those with Fibromyalgia are Empaths and absorbing the negative emotions and mental thoughts of those within their inner circle and soul group. I call all noise that is disturbing and destructive, be it telepathic or empathic, PARASITIC, because it belongs to others, so why do we have to pick up on the sickness of others?

interestingly enough, Alzheimer’s and Dimentia are also found in the same part of the brain, makes sense as both deal with memory dysfunction.

Functional MRIs which are difficult to locate in Montreal and dealing with neurological institutes are one way to find out what’s happening in your brain if the prophetic visions and voices get out of hand. When telepathy gets overloaded it can represent itself as schizophrenia in the brain, this imbalance can be found in a brain scan.

Why let others call you a skitzo if you can find out if you’re a mind reader? If you are telepathic, and it turns disturbing, in order to cope with this gift you will need to heal some residual traumas blocking movement forward in order to gain control over how Lifers and AfterLifers are telepathically, empathically and visually triggering you.

We Are InterDimensional Beings

Question: Do all those who suffer with mental illness diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Dissociative identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) hear voices that belong to others?

SpiritDr. Yes, every case involving hearing voices is real. These others are those of us in other dimensions, as well as all of you 3d folks.

What he means is the mental noise all of us hear, what I experience and cultivated as telepathic communication, is in fact, information we are directly tapping into. Often, what a person is hearing is a combination of past, present and future information delivered by both spirit(s) talking to you about a situation, trying to alert you to a situation coming your way, and the 3D mind of the person or people involved.

Another common mistake we make is we blame the telepathic mental emotionally disturbing noise only on ghosts. Often, when people think they may be talking to ghost, or engaged in a fight with one, it is in fact, a telepathic conversation with a person living and/or ghost who is telling you about a future situation that will play out with a 3D person or persons. The reason why the aggression can become fierce and traumatic for the host (vessel-You) is because the person is forced to experience something painful and confusing that is triggering a wound from the past, while also being prepared to re-experience it again when the situation finally arises, when that future then becomes that present. But what I have found is, the prophetic experience is far more dramatic than when the reality finally plays itself out. For me, the violence does play out, but the level of drama ghosts perform for me as a warning can at times be way too much.

Here is a lighter example of telepathic links in action: one evening I went out for dinner with a girlfriend and she left to go to the bathroom. As I was sitting at the table, I closed my eyes, lowered my head to my lap, began to breath deeply and said to my dead friend, “I just need to calm down and take a few deep breaths.”

A few minutes later, my girlfriend returned from the bathroom, sat down in front of me, and I began to share with her what had just happened to me and the conversation I had, of which she responded, “That was me you picked up and were talking to! I did and said exactly that!”

I share this experience to show you how one or both may be occurring; telepathic communication between a person living &/or a ghost.

Being Telepathic and Skizophrenic are two sides of a coin. If Drs. can find the inflammation through the scan then you and your Dr. can target what medication is best to decrease inflammation, and which therapeutic approach is best to deal with the trauma(s) of what has happened to you and is continuing to happen to you.

The following is an example of a brain scanIMG_0661:

To learn more, please read VOICES OF REASON OR TREASON: MENTAL ILLNESS, TELEPATHY & PTSD at this link: Do you Suffer from Telepathic and Empathic Noise? PARANORMAL SCHIZOPHRENIA: Parasitic Consciousness, Telepathy, Trauma & PTSD

The chapter begins by explaining what Consciousness, mental noise and Extra Sensory Perception are then it leads into telepathy as mind control, Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD and mental illness.

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