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Am I all the things I am seeing and feeling?

If I manage to record my memories, will they still belong to me?




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LIFE is intricately woven, already written, perfectly timed, nothing is random.

C.i.E.L. RESEARCH Clinically EvidentiaL

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Question: Can you explain what you do as a lifestyle career?

As a timeless Seer, Medium, Therapist and Life AfterLife Researcher and Journalist, I work between the veil for Lifers and AfterLifers as their psychotherapist, channel, teacher and reporter. 

A channel is a consciousness (a group of others) you vibe with on other dimensions who wish to communicate with you and impart to a larger audience knowledge and messages through you.

If a medium wants to work as a channel, the medium needs a channel. When you find your channel as in when they find you, consider your gig like having your own radio show with its own flavour and station.



Knock knock
Who’s there?
Life who?
Life AfterLife.
Who’s AfterLife?

For two years, from January of 2016 to January of 2018, I cowrote an interdimensional Life.AfterLife Advocacy teaching and healing blog with departed men who left their lives in a state of treachery and havoc. They requested that we write together to explore in greater detail some of the life themes they lived and died from, and they wanted people to know they were still alive and participating in life albeit their invisibility.

Our writing became about exposing what we do with our darkness when we die thus revealing the interdimensional play between Lifers and AfterLifers. My afterlife partners were and still are full of passion, romance, rage, revenge, trickery, lies and deceit, comedy, bullying, betrayal, remorse and redemption, and many have not found that blissful peace we hope to find in the afterlife. If you saw your family suffering, would you be at peace?

Life in the afterlife simply continues with pros and cons to living both sides of the veil. Once you hit your afterlife you have telepathic access to everyone’s thoughts and intentions and answers to the “Whys” in every direction of time. These answers are not always easy to digest, hence the interdimensional head of hell we all feel.

The ones you would least expect it from are some of the wickedest haunters yet funniest people I have ever met. As a result, we covered many dark paranormal topics that are shared here in this blog, our second self-help with Spirit book.

“BETWEEN THE VEIL: bridging the Gap Between Parapsychology and Psychiatry” discusses hauntings, possessions, walk-ins, Extra Sensory Perception, the voices, schizophrenia, paranormal schizophrenia, trauma, C-PTSD and PTSD, addiction, suicide, death exit points, Near Death Experiences and death timing all from my firsthand experience as an interdimensional vessel, therapist and coauthor channeling AfterLifers tweeting me their tale after the fact.

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Layne, I’m chasing the rainbow.

L, the rainbow’s chasing U.

Stop SCREAMING in my ear, Fallen Angel. and STOP keeping me up in the early mornings with ur constant CHATTER and partying.

The music never stops, Pips.

Did u just fart?

Although our writing has stopped and we have since moved on to painting together, our drama has not stopped. My life is a constant rollercoaster ride with new and old ghosts. There are 2 ghosts, my interdimensional co-authors and co-research partners in the afterlife, who still never leave me alone and haunt me profusely, claiming ownership over my life (no joke). One of them would surprise most of you.



Blog Chapter HELL, DRk.DARLIN: Life.AfterLife Advocacy

Learn how ow Leanne came to learn she’s Layne’s Alice and his Life.AfterLife journalist reporting on Darkness, his friends who STRUGGLED WITH ADDICTION and join him in the AfterLife, the Matrix, GrimReapers and the Interplay between Lifers and AfterLifers.


Blog Chapter Death Exit Points, Near Death Experiences & DEATH TIMING2 (The long story of how L&L met over a Near Death Experience in 2002 and a death exit point in 2017.)


Blog Chapter DEADLegends on Angels & Demons

Many have asked me, “Why You as the Chosen One to hear and represent departed legendary rockstars?

Because I am the only one sane enough with credentials to tell such an insane obsessively possessive romantic love story.

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Dr. Levy’s Mental Health Expertise Telepathy, Precognition-Visions- Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation and Suicide, Paranoid schizophrenia, Paranormal Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Identity Disorders, PTSD and Complex-PTSD.

Dr Levy’s Paranormal Expertise Telepathic noise, Interdimensional Voices, Paranormal trauma, the Interplay between Lifers and AfterLifers, the Matrix & Destiny, Hauntings, Possessions, Walk-ins, God, Angels and Demons, What we do with our Darkness and Light when we die and enter part 2 of our lives, and Conflict Resolution between the veil.

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DOWn the RABBIt Hole with Doc L and Her Dead Chain Gang


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Question: What would you say are some of spirits’ challenges?

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Departed Layne Staley aka DrK.Knyght for CrowJonesMC, A-TEAM

We are not here.

I just heard you whisper in my head, “We are not here.” Clearly, this is your biggest challenge. That’s funny, if you’re not here then how come I hear you?

Layne aka DrK.Nyght NK, Life in the AfterLife can’t be so great if you choose to hang around me, 24/7.

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“Once Upon A Time,” let’s talk.

How could YOU be part of such “Evil”?

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Kurt Cobain Known As Bane



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In October of 2017, Departed Layne Staley, former lead singer of Alice in Chains commissioned Dr. Leanne Levy, to jointly write a Part TWO, Life.AfterLife Advocacy Blog entitled, “HELL, DRk.DARLIN’.”

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As a mental health specialist & mental, physical AND VISUAL MEDIUM and VESSEL mediating for Famous, Infamous and Nobodies alike, Doc came to learn many secrets about the following various topics and for this reason, We’re happy to share.

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What is particularly unique about our interdimensional teaching blog about what those who suffer deeply from darkness do with their AfterLives,  is that Layne is THE ONE to reunite his suicide friends in the Afterlife and bring them my way to discuss some very difficult topics from a very practical lens. Layne is what we call a Grim Reaper.

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Kurt Cobain

Unfortunately in death we still repeat the patterns we hurt others by in life that we wished we could have changed.”

Dr. Levy-WhiteWolf has mediated for a ton of people on both sides of the veil and lectures extensively about her interdimensional Life with AfterLifers.


During her 2016-2017 book signing tour with Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!  Dr. Levy came to meet many AfterLifers writing with her while reading their loved ones at these events.

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Question: What would you say is the most positive aspect about working with troubled spirits?

Well, I would say we are all troubled and when we die, some of us are in a better space then others because they know they will eventually have resolution. These are the spirits I often mediate for and meet at book signing events and in my private practice and school.

I would say mediating for some who died of drug overdose, suicide or went missing and I was able to be that person to reunite them with loved ones and mediate for them, this has been extremely rewarding.

Another was a father who killed himself and then sent a family relative to me to warn her that his son was at high risk of killing himself.

Another was a client I reunited with her step-father who had gone missing and she desperately missed him.

Another was a mom with a terminally ill daughter who both came to see me and in this session the grandmother came in to let them both know she was there and to reorient them both in how they spend their time together.

Other cases involve sexually abusive scenarios where the abuser comes in to say sorry, and so forth.

Another was a dad whose son was hearing nasty voices and in grave danger, and another was a a young girl with a walk-in attached to her whose parents were frightened to death.

In all of these cases I was able to help my life clients reframe their experiences in a positive light and remove the fear by explaining to them exactly what was going on.

Often hauntings are blamed on ghosts but through my telepathic experience, hauntings are also caused by reading the minds of Lifers, i.e. those living a 3D life. Most of you are unaware of your telepathy so when we hear nasty things in our heads we automatically blame them on the dead when in fact many of you are in the heads of other lifers.

Question: Are all spirits accessible or do they move to another dimension where they become inaccessible?

They are all accessible.

Question: If there is only one thing you could say about your life with the spirit world, what is it?

“Can I get a witness” and “I cannot Control IT.”


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After Doc wrote a PART 1: Life.AfterLife Advocacy Blog entitled “HELLo, Darlin’” with another departed fellow who haunted her, Executed Texas Death Row Inmate Douglas Feldman, more of us skeletons with unfinished business came out of Doc’s closet and unmasked ourselves as “Dark Legends.”

Those of us like Mike Starr, Kurt Cobain and myself including many more comedic stars and nobodies have been behind AND writing this life afterlife advocacy blog since its inception, January 23, 2016. Going into our third year, once Part 1 was completed, it was our turn to take front stage, unmask our real identities and put our names to words. Welcome to PART 2 Life.AfterLife Advocacy:  



Layne and Doug, because we have written so much documenting my life with you all on the Other Side, let’s call this most recent information, Part 3: HELLo From the OtherSide, DARLIN’: “Between The Veil.”

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Part 1 Commissioned by Departed Douglas Feldman aka BlakHawk.11: HELLo from the OtherSide, Darlin’: The DEViL in I (2016)

Part 2 Commissioned by Departed Layne Staley aka DrK.Nyght NK: HELL DRk. DARLIN (2017)

Part 3 Dr. Levy Making Sense of IT ALL: BETWEEN THE VEIL (2018)

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The only way to know the Dead is to live with them and have them live in you.

And, Yes, they are watching.

They see and participate in Everything.

I hear people’s thoughts and AfterLifers’ thoughts, in psychic terms it’s called Clairaudience and Ciaircognizance, in Extra Sensory Perception terms, it’s Telepathy and Precognition.

InterDimensional Voices If you find yourself in a paranormal battle hearing nasty, violent thoughts, even ones that say “I hate you” or “kill,” do know that you are tapping into someone else’s thoughts. It could even be a tv program or radio announcement that will present itself in the near future in an environment you find yourself in. The Voices often reference future information.

The stories of our lives are haunting. If you are picking up uncomfortable information it is because you have ghosts and 3d folks who are haunting you sharing a similar storyline and/or unhealed trauma. When you work through the trigger you will identity and possibly heal the trauma, i.e. the consciousness.

Paranormal Trauma If the noise and information become too overbearing, you will need to work through the psychosocial triggers with a paranormal therapist such as myself to discern and identify who the noise is coming from, why, and resolve the conflict.

DARK AFTerLifers In my experience, cleansing a home of spirits will not bring you peace of mind because AfterLifers don’t leave until their jobs are done and they and you are resolved. Sometimes this resolution happens in life and sometimes only in death.


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BRIDGING THE GAP Between Parapsychology and Psychiatry:


 Question: What is Paranoid Schizophrenia?
In its simplest of terms, it is a combination of hearing voices, seeing visions, being given information, watched and inhabited by invisible ones, and unhealed trauma turned PTSD. In Western Medicine, the voices are not understood as having anything to do with the paranormal and that delusions of grandeur, such as the person seeing themselves as special or in contact with famous people, is indeed not the case. 

Well, I am here to debunk this theoretical definition as much of my career involves working with the famous and I do hear and feel people’s perversions, negativities, fears and jealousies, which have been extremely harmful to me.

Question: What is Paranormal Schizophrenia?
Paranormal Schizophrenia, a term I coined, refers to a person who is telepathically and empathically receiving too much information from those within and around them and does not know what the information means, who it pertains to, and who it’s coming from but is aware it’s coming from outside sources. Usually, this person will figure out what the information means. In my case, this is a daily occurrence as I receive telepathic information along with visions 24hrs. a day.

This parasitic noise creates tremendous confusion and is often the cause for why people take drugs, prescribed medication, harm themselves and others, including ending their lives.

The difference between paranoid schizophrenia and paranormal schizophrenia is that the person has evidence of their ESP gift such as those who work between the veil and receive repeated confirmation that the information they receive is correct and not delusional.

As telepathic, empathic precognitive and postcognitive beings, we are always receiving dimensional and inter dimensional information but, most of the time, you won’t ever notice this and be able to separate your own thoughts from others. And even if you do, if you are suffering from any severe emotional and mental imbalance i.e. unresolved trauma, you may misinterpret the messages of the consciousness speaking with you.

It’s extremely difficult to detect telepathy and spirit communication unless you are trained in both. For one, humans will not be honest with you about their true thoughts and feelings, especially towards you, and second, physical manifestations by spirits aka AfterLifers are not easy to create.

Therefore, the easiest ways that Spirits can communicate with us is by blending their thoughts and feelings with ours. This way they can influence us without us needing to know why, who or how. This is the way they get their point across and intervene in our lives. This is called MERGING CONSCIOUSNESS.

For those unaware of their ESP and more sensitive to noise, merging can create a lot of dissonance and mind confusion and spin you into a state of PTSD. If this is happening to you, you are being haunted.

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BETWEEN THE VEIL: Bridging the Gap Between Parapsychology and Psychiatry



Question: How did you come to working with Darkness in the AfterLife?



DEADLegends on Angels & Demons

Becoming A Vessel & Channel






DOING LIFE WITH AfterLifers: Spirit Psychology 11.11 What we do with our Darkness when we Die

THE DARKNESS & DECEPTION OF SPIRIT GUIDES – Q&A: Working with Darkness In The AfterLife

A Day In A Life with Doc L & Her Dead Chain Gang: The Documentary







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The book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team was written to be the healing component and therapy tool for all we discuss here in this interdimensionally co-authored blog.

Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM


This Blog and Rainbow Medicine go hand-in hand for anyone wanting to learn about the spirit world and how to speak spirit, for those who need closure with passed over loved ones,  help in developing their interdimensional communication with guides and so forth, understanding into someone undergoing a haunting, possession or any mental breakdown such as suffering with Bipolar and paranoid schizophrenic tendencies. This Blog coupled with Rainbow Medicine is a healing tool to conduct your own therapy with those in the spirit world and receive answers to the “Whys” and how to heal.


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Dr. Levy’s professional advocacy history also includes her extensive scholarship and practice in female empowerment where she published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, authored two girlhood social justice books, and produced and directed numerous girl-centered educational documentary films, namely This Is My Body (2007), a National Film Board of Canada distribution.

From 2002-2006, while engaged in her doctoral studies at Concordia University, Dr. Leanne Levy developed a pattern recognition methodology to understand how people use signs, symbols, and patterns to construct and communicate identity. Shortly thereafter, in 2008, she was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in conjunction with Steinhardt’s New York University to pursue her research with children under youth protection, on the healing and empowering benefits of arts-based tools for crisis intervention.

The author works onsite and worldwide over the telephone and online, where she gives therapy, readings, and teaches the language of spirit communication and holistic healing. Her clients and students come from all walks of life with varying professional backgrounds.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 7.45.00 AM.png

Dr. Leanne Levy gives Skype and telephone psychic mediumship readings, channeled therapy sessions, paranormal counselling and support. She also offers speaking engagements about her work, life and research with AfterLifers, and consulting services as a psychic detective and healer on medical, murder and missing persons cases. For all enquiries and bookings, please send your email to: rainbowmedicine44@gmail.com

Please Note: The Channeled Paintings appearing on this site are by Dr. Leanne Levy and there is currently a 6-month waiting list for a Reading.


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Your book “Rainbow Medicine” is absolutely fantastic, I loved reading it, so cool! I really have to read it a second time! -Pink

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Available at Balboa Press, all Amazons, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and in bookstores Indigo, Chapters, & Coles.


ABOUT RAINBOW MEDICINE Therapy with the A-Team!

Together, Spirit and I developed a language to help you coheal and cocreate your best life with your A-Team, we call it Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team.

This Instructional Guide about Spirit Communication and Holistic Healing will awaken you to your True Self and Best Life Path. Through sharing up close and personal experiences, professional cases, and healing and psychic mediumship development exercises, we teach you how-to recognize the signs, decode spirit communication, conduct holistic health readings for you and your pets, discover your purpose and path, and engage in therapy with your A-Team to face your fears, heal yourself and your relationships, and live your best life, now. All exercises focus on holistic healing; psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual. No prior experience with Spirit necessary, ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 5.25.17 PM.png

Everyone loves a mystical experience believing it’s a sign… Chances are, it is!

We all have an Angelic team (A-Team) of spirits who root for us, love us, want to help us manifest our desires and dreams, and see us succeed on our highest path. Ultimately, what they all want for us is to come into greater self-love, self-worth, and personal truth so that we may learn from our experiences, understand the lessons of the whys, forgive ourselves and others for any wrongdoing, clear our karmic debts, and discover and use our gifts to manifest our highest potential.

IMG_0749.jpgJust because they are in a higher dimension with greater understanding of the larger whole doesn’t mean they don’t feel our pain, cry with and for us, and have lessons to learn and karmic ties and debts to make good on. When we hurt they hurt, when we shine they shine. They are with us every step of the way. So please know that when you heal yourself, you also heal your entire ancestral bloodline, in every direction of time.

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“RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!” By Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha White Wolf
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452599007
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598987
E-Book | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598994
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo Chapters Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM


Press Release Visible at PRWeb, Broadwayworld (BooksWorld), KTen(TEXOMA, North Texas), KLTV (Texas) Newschannelten (Amarillo, Texas), 12WBOY (Clarksburg, WV), Vince Hatfield’s Whatissaid.com, ABC News KLKN-TV, KCENTV, WDRB (Kentucky), WRCBtv (Chattanooga, Tennessee), WFMJ (NBC), FOXtv, KPLC (Louisiana), Newson6 (Oklahoma), Hawaiinewsnow (Hawaii)



Dr. Leanne Levy, a Trauma specialist  & Seer-Medium, is a Canadian InterDimensional Author, ESP specialist, psychotherapist and paranormal expert who gives Psychic Mediumship Readings and counsels clients all over the world in everything paranormal, mental wellness and illness, the fine line between mental illness and the gift of ESP, relationships, addiction, domestic violence, sexual intimacy, education, career path, and life purpose work. Channeled therapy is like getting a reading each session, it’s full of important information and magic!

Channeled Therapy sessions are 60 or 90 mins.

BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN Parapsychology & Psychiatry

Blog Chapter: CONSCIOUSNESS Voices of Reason Or Treason, Two Sides of A Coin: Mental Illness, ESP, Possession & Purging



Are you looking for individual support to help you work through something involving the paranormal and your gifts?

You have found the place. Feel free to book a channeled counselling session where in it I will be reading you and the departed with you to help you along your journey.

Channeled counselling sessions are 60, 90 or 2hr. sessions.




Individual Readings | Group Readings  

60 Mins|90 mins| 2 hrs.

My ESP Psychic Mediumship Readings are all about addressing the issues you are most concerned about through speaking with departed ones AND READING YOU.

Hearing “voices” and experiencing a walk-in, haunting, or a possession are some of my specialities.  Including mediating for chaotic energies that haunt people, homes and land. My job is to identify who is around you and why and help you to resolve the issues at hand.

Our speciality is conflict resolution therefore our inter dimensional conversation sessions are designed as therapeutic for both sides of the veil.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.37.46 PMDr. Levy’s Extra Sensory Perception and PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP SKILLS include the following:

ESP, MEDIUMSHIP Spirit Communication: Mental & Physical Mediumship delivering messages from passed over loved ones (people and pets).

PathFinding Career, relationship, family questions

Psychic Mediumship and on Becoming a Channel Counseling & Mentorship about the craft of psychic mediumship and our Extra Sensory Perception. How Telepathy works, how to discern who the voices speaking with you are, what is your purpose with them as a channel etc

PathFinding & Love Relationships in need of help and healing, where you’re at in your love life.

PRECOGNITION-Predictions questions about future.

Medical Intuition health issues with humans & pets and issues between humans and their pet children.

PARANORMAL & EXORCISM Hauntings, Walk-Ins, Possession identifying spirits around you, and delivering their messages, explaining why they are with you, and conflict resolution.

TELEPATHY & EMPATHY I am in the heads, minds, hearts and bodies of others living in life and the afterlife. questions about how someone thinks and feels about you: merging with an other whether living or passed on, and identifying key information that you are privy to know.

POSTCOGNITION-Psychic Detective Work questions about Crime, lies, affairs, untold endings of how people died.

Please note there is currently a 6-month waiting list for a Reading with Dr. Levy


I am also here to help you develop your gift so this is also why people come my way, to identify your gifts, what you will be doing with them and what to develop. I am here for professional development and support.

SKYPE Private Mediumship Training available WorldWide


2 Leanne.jpeg


Author Encourages Channeling Spirit Therapy to Divine Light

LOVE Medium, Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf releases ‘RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!’

MONTREAL — In “RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!” (published by Balboa Press), the first self-help with spirit book in a series, author Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf shares her earlier sacred experiences with the spirit world when the channel first fully opened to her and she became a medium. She reveals personal experiences and case studies in class and her private channeled therapy practice to demonstrate how she works to help people learn the spirit language and heal.

“I became conscious of my attachment to the spirit world as early as 3 years old,” Levy says. “In my mid-thirties I began to learn how to speak spirit so that I could understand their communication. I knew the only way I could continue living here at my happiest was to be able to hear them and follow their truthful guidance.”

Through her guides, Levy discovered an innovative way to merge Western and Eastern healing to help people come to terms with their wounds and lot in life, and make the best of the hand they dealt themselves. Levy shows how to better understand ancestral patterns and why people choose to be born into their circumstances. With this resolve, Levy says, “We are then able to make the most of this life, on our own terms.” She wrote the book so others can “find a solution to love themselves better.”

She adds, “I am happy that my life purpose is to be a rainbow bridge for the living and the departed. This privileged job keeps me grounded.”

Native, Celtic, Buddhist, Viking and Ancient Alien influenced, this book teaches the old ways of divination and healing with a modern twist.


Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 9.47.25 PM.png

Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! Chapter, “Dreams, An Earth Walk Education”

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.07.24 AM.png

“Why we dream”


“Why we have nightmares”

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 1.09.21 PM.png

“Telepathic communication”

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.14.18 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.38.16 AM.png
Chapters Pointe-Claire, Feb. 12, 2017
Indigo Laval, Sept. 30, 2017
IMG_2945 2.jpg
Indigo Laval, Sept. 30, 2017





Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM


System Girl: In Session (2011; 2016) by Dr. Leanne Levy

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.06.34 PM

Inside Nobody Girl: From Crisis to Consciousness InsideNobodyGirlBook (2011) available to read online for free, click on link

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.17.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.47.05 PM.png

System Girls: In Session (2011; 2016) Narrating Lived Experience To Turn Trauma and Grief Into Action and Change

In SYSTEM GIRLS IN SESSION, Dr. Leanne Levy uncovers the trauma profiles of Canadian teenage girls sentenced under the Youth Protection Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act while working on the frontline in a Montreal locked facility as a visiting feminist filmmaker, educator, and therapist conducting an empowerment intervention program with girls ages 14 to 17. A literary nonfiction about sisterhood, healing and paying it forward, and told by those experiencing it first hand, SYSTEM GIRLS addresses a vital aspect of the youth protection system: crisis intervention and rehabilitative detention. In session, the girls paint intimate self-portraits that excavate the past to provide detailed accounts as to how trauma shapes sense of self and leads to youth protection involvement and incarceration.

Levy (2008) states that the media is a very powerful vehicle in the process of self-actualization and for political use, having most impact over young audience groups. The persuasive and influential characteristics of political documentaries, coupled with its ability to resonate with youth are an important area to be studied as accurate and positive reception of such films can lead to social change.

⎯“Political Documentary Film”
Erica D’Souza (2012)

ADVOCACY WORK LINKS: Read published academic articles by Dr. Levy

The Skinny On This Is My Body: Filmmaking As Empowerment Intervention and Activism: Visual Culture and Gender, Vol. 3 (2008).

Hidden NobodiesFemale youth in care participate in an arts-based trauma informed empowerment intervention program. Relational Child and Youth Care Practice (Spring, 2012)

Yes I am A Mother And I Am Still A Teenager: Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 3 (3). (IIRC) Image and Identity Research Collective, McGill (2010).

Teen mom.ca: A Community Arts-Based New Media Empowerment Project For Teenage Mothers (2011)Studies In Art Education: A Journal of Issues and Research 54(4), 292-309. To read article click this link (scroll to page 292): Studies_52-4-_Summer11



I invite you to watch Inside Nobody Girl: from Crisis to Consciousness 

This is a powerful research based short Film I made to share why some girls are locked up under youth protection. Together a small group of girls locked up under Youth Protection and Youth Criminal Justice Act Orders used the camera, video and crayons to share what it’s like to be her as a result of much trauma.

The book project forms the basis for this film presentation that was made to the Youth Protection Organization where this project took place. We invite you to read the insidenobodygirlbook “Inside Nobody Girl: From Crisis to Consciousness”.

I invite you to watch Project Teen M.O.M.: Mirrors of Motherhood, A Film about the advocacy project Teen M.O.M.

PostDoctoral Research, Empowerment Arts-Based Therapy & Activist Documentary Filmmaking. Enjoy this film preview demonstrating the empowering therapeutic and activist process of young moms sharing what it’s like to be a teen mom with little external support. For the longer film, we invite you to watch Elizabeth Has Three Moms A Film about teenage motherhood.

I invite you to watch Hidden In Plain View A Film about sexual abuse.

This film is very painful to watch because it is based on two upclose and personal experiences shared by two brave young women who spoke out about molestation, incest and repeated sexual abuse and exploitation by pimps in the hopes of raising awareness of what many young women experience. This was an activist documentary filmmaking and empowerment art-abased trauma therapy program I facilitated with a group of teenage girls locked up under the Youth Protection Act.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 7.29.44 PM.png

You may purchase this National Film Board of Canada documentary film This Is My Body: A Film By High School Girls (2007), which I made with a group of high school girls who were my filmmaking students. In our filmmaking class, I taught them skills I learned as a Doctoral student by becoming a researcher of themselves and their lives as young women. Through documentary filmmaking, teenage girls discuss What it means to be a girl, sex, boys, cutting, eating disorders, and how much their parents know. This film is sold through the NFB and comes with a Teachers Guide by Dr. Levy for classroom learning.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.20.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 7.27.40 PM.png


Levy, L. (2012). Inside Nobody Girl: Youth in care participate in a trauma-informed arts-based therapeutic and empowerment intervention program to narrate lived experience and impact perceptions of their future. Relational Child & Youth Care Practice. 25 (1).

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