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Question: Can you explain what you do as a lifestyle career?

HELLo, my name is Dr. Leanne Levy, and I am a TELEPATH-EMPATH-PSYCHIC DETECTIVE with the ability to remote view and telepathically connect, feel conditions and talk with people and animals both living and dead.

I am a Ghost and Animal Whisperer.

My role is to help clients both human and animal resolve and heal issues— Psychological, emotional, physical health AND FIND missing people and lost pets.

I am also a researcher of the interplay between Lifers and AfterLifers and what we do with ourselves AFTER we die and live “the AfterLife.”

As a Channel, Mental Health professional, Medical Intuitive and Journalist for AfterLifers both human and animal, I work in private practice as a medium, therapist, detective and teacher combining my gifts of telepathy, empathy, precognition, remote viewing, mediumship and psychotherapy.




As an Animal Whisperer my Non-Human Clients I read for include Dogs, Cats, Horses, Donkeys, Insects, Reptiles, Birds.

Through telepathic conversation, remote viewing, merging with the animal to feel what he-she feels and seeing into the past, present and future, I am able to help human and animal clients understand and heal behaviour and illnesses both mental, emotional and physical.

I offer my services for free to abused animals, animal rescue shelters and families of missing people and pets. If you require them, please contact me through this form.




In my book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! in Chapter 3, I teach Pet-Animal Communication so you may learn how to do this for yourself and your loved ones.


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RM Table of Contents (Where you see RM, these are the exercises that accompany the chapter.)

Want to learn how to conduct your own therapy and have conversations with loved ones in the afterlife? Rainbow Medicine was written to teach you how and all about your spirit A-Team. The self-help with spirit book Rainbow Medicine was written to help you to gain deeper access to your psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual imprint to become conscious and heal yourself, holistically.

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 Dr. Levy offers her Paranormal InterDimensional Consulting, Animal Whispering and Psychic Psychotherapy Services to professionals and individuals requiring her particular knowledge, experience, expertise, skills & gifts:

CHANNELED THERAPY aka Psychic Psychotherapy (click her to learn more)

Dr. Leanne Levy, a Trauma specialist  & Seer-Medium, is a Canadian InterDimensional Author, ESP (Telepath) specialist, psychotherapist (based in transpersonal psychology) and paranormal expert who gives Psychic Mediumship Readings and counsels clients all over the world in everything paranormal, mental wellness and illness, the fine line between mental illness and the gift of ESP, relationships, addiction, domestic violence, sexual intimacy, education, career path, and life purpose work. Channeled therapy is like getting a reading each session, it’s full of important information and magic!

Channeled Therapy sessions are 60 or 90 mins.

PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP & MEDICAL INTUITION READINGS FOR HUMANS & ANIMALS Answers to questions you have, ISSUES that need understanding and healing, messages from the departed and information you need to know.

PARANORMAL ENTERTAINMENT & MEDICAL CONSULTANT Consulting on paranormal cases, scripts, dissertations, research, and cases for books, movies and tv-Netflix shows.

PSYCHIC DETECTIVE: LAW & ORDER Working on Crime scenes, murders, missing people cases.

PARANORMAL TRAUMA THERAPIST Working with haunted AND POSSESSED individuals for understanding, healing and conflict resolution.

PARANORMAL PSYCHIATRIC-PSYCHOTHERAPY Diagnosing and providing therapy to people suffering with MENTAL DIS-EASES and illnesses such as depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar, and schizophrenia. For those with schizophrenic tendencies, Dr. Levy is able to find out who the voices belong to and what is going on.



TELEPATHIC & EMPATHIC I am in the heads, minds, hearts and bodies of others living in life and the afterlife. questions about how someone thinks and feels about you: merging with an other whether living or passed on, and identifying key information that you are privy to know.

REMOTE VIEWING & PATHFINDING Seeing details across time and space of people, places, situations and things such as reading autopsy reports, maps, landmarks, personality profiling, describing what the perpetrator(s) look like and description of locations.

PRECOGNITION Visions & Predictions about future.

POSTCOGNITION Visions & Seeing into the past Psychic Detective Work questions about Crime, missing people, lies, affairs, untold endings of how people died.

PARANORMAL TRAUMA Hauntings, Walk-Ins, Possession identifying spirits around you, and delivering their messages, explaining why they are with you, and conflict resolution.

MEDIUMSHIP Mental & Physical Mediumship delivering messages from Departed ones (people and pets).

MEDICAL INTUITION Health issues with humans & pets. I can read the environment at play, both dimensional and interdimensional to determine the sources of the mental and emotional anguish.


 Please note: Dr. Levy’s practice is full, she is currently only taking on selective high risk CASES, please enquire by email or fill out this form. To request and schedule a press interview with Dr. Levy, please contact her by email:


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RAINBOW MEDICINE is Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM

Dr. Levy-WhiteWolf has mediated for a ton of people on both sides of the veil and lectures extensively about her interdimensional Life with AfterLifers.


During her 2016-2017 book signing tour at Chapters Indigo bookstores with Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!  Dr. Levy came to meet many AfterLifers writing with her while reading their loved ones at these events.


This information became the basis of what appears here in this Life.AfterLife Advocacy Teaching & Healing Blog.

Q&A With and About AfterLifers (scroll down below)


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The only way to know the Dead is to live with them and have them live in you.

And, Yes, they are watching.

They see and participate in Everything.

I hear people’s thoughts and AfterLifers’ thoughts, in psychic terms it’s called Clairaudience and Ciaircognizance, in Extra Sensory Perception terms, it’s Telepathy and Precognition.

InterDimensional Voices If you find yourself in a paranormal battle hearing nasty, violent thoughts, even ones that say “I hate you” or “kill,” do know that you are tapping into someone else’s thoughts, most likely about you. It could even be a tv program or radio announcement that will present itself in the near future in an environment you find yourself in. if this happens to you then it’s a ghost’s way of marking the situation in your life at the time these predictions come true. This is how they carry on many conversations with me. The Voices often reference future information.

The stories of our lives are haunting. If you are picking up uncomfortable information it is because you have ghosts and 3d folks who are haunting you sharing a similar storyline and/or unhealed trauma. When you work through the trigger you will identity and possibly heal the trauma, i.e. the consciousness.

Paranormal Trauma If the noise and information become too overbearing, you will need to work through the psychosocial triggers with a paranormal therapist such as myself to discern and identify who the noise is coming from, why, and resolve the conflict.

DARK AFTerLifers In my experience, cleansing a home of spirits will not bring you peace of mind because AfterLifers don’t leave until their jobs are done and they and you are resolved. Sometimes this resolution happens in life and sometimes only in death.

Some ghosts want peace, some want to use your body as theirs to accomplish their goals, which could be vengeful and disturbing, and some are Grim Reapers. Unfortunately many haunting vengeful ghosts group together and haunt several people for years around the world and telepathically link them but they do not know of each other until they meet up and feel that special connection. When I meet these people in session, I realize we are living parallel lives and part of a soul group. But like family on earth, departed and living soul groups can be just as cruel and dysfunctional with their living counterparts.

Example of Professional cases.

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Question: What would you say is the most positive aspect about working with troubled spirits?

Well, I would say we are all troubled and when we die, some of us are in a better space then others because they know they will eventually have resolution. These are the spirits I often mediate for and meet at book signing events and in my private practice and school.

I would say mediating for some who died of drug overdose, suicide or went missing and I was able to be that person to reunite them with loved ones and mediate for them, this has been extremely rewarding.

Another was a father who killed himself and then sent a family relative to me to warn her that his son was at high risk of killing himself.

Another was a client I reunited with her step-father who had gone missing and she desperately missed him.

Another was a mom with a terminally ill daughter who both came to see me and in this session the grandmother came in to let them both know she was there and to reorient them both in how they spend their time together.

Other cases involve sexually abusive scenarios where the abuser comes in to say sorry, and so forth.

Another was a dad whose son was hearing nasty voices and in grave danger, and another was a a young girl with a walk-in attached to her whose parents were frightened to death.

In all of these cases I was able to help my life clients reframe their experiences in a positive light and remove the fear by explaining to them exactly what was going on.

Often hauntings are blamed on ghosts but through my telepathic experience, hauntings are also caused by reading the minds of Lifers, i.e. those living a 3D life. Most of you are unaware of your telepathy so when we hear nasty things in our heads we automatically blame them on the dead when in fact many of you are in the heads of other lifers and the dead at the same time. The negativity usually is a warning about a future situation you will find yourself in and you may in fact actually hear the exact words expressed.


Question: Are all spirits accessible or do they move to another dimension where they become inaccessible?

They are all accessible.

Question: Do spirits have a code of ethics?

Do people have a code of ethics?

Yes. Their own. And this is how we all fit together, our patterns interlock with each other.

The human ethical code that is followed above and below is loaded with devoted deception and vengeance. It’s a psychological STATE code. When we die, we do not release our patterns, often we strengthen them in the kind of spirit guide jobs we take on. I have a hard time with the term spirit guide because of the vengeful Behavior I have experienced and witnessed from departed family and those dead who claimed to be guides with good intention.

For most of my career I met the nice ones. Not all are mean but many people live very troubled lives and die horrible deaths. I happen to mediate for many war soldiers, nazi concentration camp victims, and spies that were kept and tortured as POWs ( prisoners of war) and suffered with PTSD, as well as famous actors and musicians who suffered from domestic violence, addiction, love and infidelity and killed themselves.


Question: Do spirits intentionally torture people?


Spirits torture people and people torture spirits, the stories of our lives are haunting. When you recognize you are being haunted this is because the ghost needs something from you and will manipulate in the best way to get you to do that service.

From my experience, I understand that it is the AfterLifer using the lifer and depending on how haunted you are, it represents the level of distress the ghost or ghosts involved in Your haunting are. They can intentionally cause many illnesses in people and unfortunately, I have seen a lot of ugly and nasty Behavior.

 AfterLifers and people are also tortured as a result of miscommunication.


Question: Do spirits lie?


Question: Why do Spirits Lie?

Why do people lie?

For the most part, Spirits lie to emotionally manipulate you into doing things for them and you.

As a result of ghosts’ invisibility, none of us can fully see exactly who is within us, in our inner circle and who is surrounding us AND ghosts also impersonate. In all of these cases, they are trying to make you do something, think or say something according to an agenda.


Question: Why do you think spirits menace people?

Because they want vengeance, attention, they need healing, some want to share their voice, return a compliment to a fan, some want to hurt someone, And every other reason you can imagine. They have plans in action that last entire lifetimes, overflowing from life to afterlife.

AfterLifers are Lifers with greater understanding of the whole, but still human and on a continuum. All  continue their lives holding their sentiments and resentments and this drives their PURPOSE and how they spend their time in the afterlife. Life and AfterLife is one complete life cycle.

I have also learned firsthand that spirits are locked into interfering in our destinies causing tremendous loss and heartbreak, including death. And no one can stop or interfere in THAT process if it’s carved in tombstone.

There are always ghosts behind every life that is taken through suicide and murder.

We all live with much tragedy and unfortunately we do not have those kind of protectors on the other side who can prevent what we are destined to experience as Lifers and AfterLifers.

Question: Are interdimensional romantic relationships genuine?

Since all ghosts are aware of the future, they know and are intentional of every action they make to access a 3d person for a romantic relationship or friendship. In all cases I am experienced with, they are departed men who use women they never met in life but intrigue them through haunting and stalking them until they have their attention.

The ghost is using you and most likely lying to you, unless you are both aware that you’re in it just for the sex. This ghost needs something from you. If they tell you they are a few hundred years old, most likely they are a ghost from this lifetime who died within the last 20 years and is recruiting you as part of his harem, will mind control you through telepathic communication, turn you into his robot, make you give messages to people he is using you to get to, and is sexually perverse. All ghosts love PRESS. Remember, we are television entertainment for them. So like the way you watch reality tv, we are that for them and this invites lots of telepathic and empathic bullying.

Question: Do Ghosts sexually abuse?


The ones you know and the ones you don’t know. Many are pedophiles even if their record in life did not express that. Many discover their sexually perverse side and let it take control after death when they have realized their was no GOD and police force judging and punishing this.

Departed Men and women sexually abuse other living men and women and children. If you think you are in a safe romantic relationship with a ghost you only met in death, do know that this ghost is not alone with you even if you think you are. They will also telepathically and empathically link you sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically to male and female friends and other lovers they are sexually involved with both living and dead. If you are into voyeurism, exhibitionism, sexual orgies and narcissistic perversions based in violence, then enjoy your ride. Some people and ghosts need this in their lives and feed off the living like vampires.

One way ghosts access you and plant seeds of consciousness to manipulate you into a romantic relationship is through your dreams. So, for example, if you find yourself being sexualized in a dream by a ghost dressed as a rabbi jerking off to you, do know these are the ways such stalkings and possessions begin. And if they are doing this to you, or interviewing you in a dream about your sexuality pretending to be a healing guide, they are doing this to others too. Unfortunately, I have this proof by the clients who come my way and their common storylines coupled with my personal experience as a physical and mental medium. If you relate to this information then you’ll know what may be happening to you.

There is one client who became possessed by some creepy sexually perverse ghosts involved with me as their medium between them and family here. This living female did not realize how she had five ghosts, 3 men and 2 women, sexually abusing her, and they are bisexual pedophiles and rapists. She thinks she is writing her children books with good spirit guides, she doesn’t realize how they have linked her to me telepathically so I know how SHE IS USED BY THEM to give me messages and pimped out by them. As a life in the afterlife researcher, some like to boast of their “voodoo. DARK MAGIC” and unfortunately I had to experience and continue to experience some really unfortunate evil behaviour.

The only interdimensional romantic relationships that are not perverse and intentionally healing and supportive that I have experience with are those between people who knew each other in life and have a track record of love and trust. I share a love reunion story between the veil in my book RAINBOW MEDICINE.

Another case I share is about a departed father who made his wife come to one of my book signing events for a reading. He did this because he was concerned about his son and needed her to find the right person who could help explain to him what his telepathy was all about because he was suffering. I share this story in brief at in the chapter SCHIZOPHRENIA:Dr. Levy, Can you share a case where your client heard voices and you were able to help them heal the situation?

Do know that ghosts impersonate so a ghost who comes on to you sexually in a dream, a reading or when you’re alone, they may take on the costume of someone else you know and trust, alive or dead, it’s all archetypal for you to decode the symbols and information, and many use religious figures to dupe you, gain your trust. This was done to me for ten years and none of my dead family members identified the perpetrators to me because unfortunately, they too had vengeance to settle through me to harm others in my family. In fact they used other mediums in my circle to deliver me messages and carry out their lies and manipulations.

There is just so much deception involved and because of the power dynamics of the ghosts knowing all your weaknesses and you knowing nothing really about them and what they are up to, if you haven’t met them in life, try your best to fight through the haunting and possession AND DO NOT GET INVOLVED unless you are into all of this sad  consciousness. I used to be very naive.

Question: Why do you think spirits menace people?

Ghosts have issues to settle and some are grim reapers. Many are jealous and want to sabotage your relationships with others if they want to use your body as theirs. A spirit who does this is after possession simply to get you to do something for them and to harm you. Like a Pimp.

I have done this Light work for others and me since a child. But no one on the other side could and can prevent what I was destined and continue to be destined to experience with AfterLife folks, hence the topics addressed here in this blog.

I wish I could be more uplifting but when you experience darkness that is intentional from the other side of the rainbow, why should I lie and tell you that we all reset when we die. We do not.

Question: If there is only one thing you could say about your life with the spirit world, what is it?

“Grow up.”



Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM


We are each here to battle and come to terms with our own demons and make the most of our song and dance.



For a Press interview or to discuss your high risk for case, please contact Dr. Levy by email:

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