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Question: What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is the study and evidence of the paranormal, that which is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding such as the AfterLife, Extra Sensory Perception and Near Death Experiences.

Question: What does it mean to live a Conscious interDimensional life?

Living a conscious inter dimensional existence means one recognizes that at every moment of the day and night, one is actively and passively communicating telepathically with others in different spaces and time zones.

Extra Sensory Perception is this universal inter dimensional language and for us here it is known as Telepathy and spirit communication. To live an inter dimensional lifestyle is to walk your life daily knowing that you are telepathically conversing with others: Lifers, AfterLifers &/or OtherLifers.

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Question: When you say you are a researcher of the AfterLife, how do you collect your data?

I am both a qualitative and quantitative scientist when I collect my data. Religion, spirituality and mysticism do not factor in to my life and work with Spirits aka AfterLifers. I collect my data in my waking state and my dream state. I am the case study as well as the researcher.

Question: Can you explain what you do as a lifestyle career?

I am an Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal and Mental Health specialist.

As a result of my very strong Extra Sensory Perception with the ability to remote view, which means I can see details of people, animals, locations and situations across time and space with my eyes closed and open, I work between the veil for Lifers and AfterLifers as a timeless Seer, physical, mental and visual Medium, vessel and Psychotherapist.

As a translator, I mediate messages between parties and as a therapist, I help you to heal your issues.

A Medium means I talk to dead people, as in ghosts who I refer to as AfterLifers. I hear them, see them, smell them, taste them, feel them and think them because not only do they project themselves on me, they walk-into me and merge with me. This happens when I am working in session with them as well as when I am alone with my own inner circle of ghosts. It’s a lot to be all these things to ghosts; a vessel, channel, medium, healer, teacher, entertainer, therapist, friend, and partner.

One of my jobs through my ability to access information and spirits across time and space is to help you meet the You you hoped to meet in this lifetime. This means helping you to clarify unresolved issues connected with the departed, your ancestry and everything paranormal and transcendental.

Question: What is your background that makes you a credible AfterLife witness to do this interdimensional healing work?

First off, I have years of personal and professional practice in private practice, group work, and at Rainbow Medicine book signing and reading events as a working channel, medium, teacher and healer reading Lifers and AfterLifers alike. Professional confirmation and feedback regarding accuracy is my first credit and credibility.

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Living an interDimensional lifestyle with AfterLifers, everything I learn personally and professionally I expose and apply in our clinical practice. Over the years, I have gained a deep understanding of optimal healing methods that offer solutions.

Having worked in private practice since 2006 and written a self-help with spirit book, “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” I share case studies and provide a detailed InterDimensional Communication and Channeled Therapy Program to get you started on your own healing with your A-Team of spirit and ghost guides.

Prior to this trauma informed healing and teaching work with AfterLifers, I was heavily involved in frontline Trauma advocacy work and scholarship research involving the abuse of children and teenagers.

I hold a Doctorate degree in studying how people construct identity and a Postdoctorate using arts based tools for Crisis Intervention, trauma informed therapy, Healing Management and Social Activism.

Beginning my healing work in psychiatric units three decades ago, followed by teaching, doctoral and postdoctoral frontline research and practice work specializing in addiction, suicidal ideation, suicide, cutting and all forms of mental illness and abuse ⏤domestic, sexual, psychological, physical, spiritual⏤, I have learned a lot about abuse and mental-emotional issues, dis-eases, where the problems lie and why all the difficulty in healing.

My background in Art, Trauma and Crisis Intervention and Management with degrees in Art Education (B.Ed, M.Ed. Ph.D, PostDoc) works well with the particular Life and AfterLife clients I serve.

Individual Readings | Group Readings | Speaking Engagements- Q&A Educational Talks

Dr. Leanne Levy, a Trauma specialist  & Seer-Medium, is a Canadian InterDimensional Author, ESP specialist, psychotherapist and paranormal expert who gives Psychic Mediumship Readings and counsels clients all over the world in everything paranormal, mental wellness and illness, the fine line between mental illness and the gift of ESP, relationships, addiction, domestic violence, sexual intimacy, education, career path, and life purpose work.

Her self-help with Spirit book, Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! is sold worldwide through all Amazons, Chapters Indigo and Barnes & Noble bookstores.



Book your reading by email rainbowmedicine44@gmail.com

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Question: Dear Dr. Levy, How come I hear Voices?

Welcome to your ESP: Telepathy, Empathy, Precognition & Postcognition

Irrespective of dimension, telepathy is the ability to read the thoughts of others, empathy is the ability to feel others’ traumas, precognition is the ability to see into the future and postcognition is the ability to see into the past. When we are developing and working mediums, these are the skills we work to perfect so as to better mediate for beings living on both sides of of the veil.

However, when we are undeveloped, meaning the person has not yet realized their abilities and learned how to control and make them work for them, this can drive one to think they may be mentally ill. The only difference between mental illness and the gift is recognizing which is what and keeping it in balance.

To quote Nathan Riggins (2015):

The telepath…can be summed up by one concept: Mind Reading. This discipline is about hearing a person’s thoughts and memories as though they were speaking to you… There are many steps along the way to being able to completely understand another mind or dominate that mind. Some of those steps include:

  • Feeling another being’s emotional state and then influencing it.
  • Linking your sense to another person’s or their senses to yours.
  • Hearing another minds conscious or unconscious desires and then convincing them that you can supply them with what they desire.
  • Domination of another mind by your will.

⏤Nathan Riggins, http://www.nerdarchy.com

As telepathic, empathic, precognitive and postcogditive beings, we are always receiving dimensional and inter dimensional information but, most of the time, you won’t ever notice this and be able to separate your own thoughts from others.

And even if you do, if you are suffering from any severe emotional and mental imbalance i.e. unresolved trauma, you may misinterpret the messages of the consciousness speaking with you.

It’s extremely difficult to detect telepathy and spirit communication unless you are trained in both. For one, humans will not admit their ill thoughts about you, and second, Spirits have a very hard time getting our attention in the ways we expect such as the physical manifestations television hauntings re-enact for us. This is because many of these re-enactments are just that, acts.

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Death, before you died, you used to hear the voices from a young age, did you have glimpses that murder and prison was in your future?

Yes, in dreams and while awake with the voices, the thoughts in my head were pushing me towards what I did, I was involved in a power struggle with the voices. For me, I did not understand it as love from spirit.

Did you think they were demons?

Yes, that evil was watching and controlling me.

Now that you are there living your AfterLife, was that true?

Yes, there were spirits around me and I was picking up on them, I had a rough ride. As a medium you know that we all have our stories and that we all still feel our emotions and carry our thoughts and pain. Like you, when I was there, I picked up on many complex spirits and humans like myself but unlike you, I did not understand the spirit world and the way this all worked. For me, when you die, you die.

When we internalize the negative noise it is because our unhealed traumas are triggered creating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms such as panic attacks, sweating, nausea, nightmares, and flashbacks of previous traumas. Triggers show us what still needs healing.

When we are not healed from severe traumas we will be more tuned in to the negative voices, hear the violent thoughts of living and departed others, and may misinterpret the information we receive. This can truly drive one to go crazy.

The combination of hearing how others truly feel yet having no way to confirm this, and instead are told that you are paranoid, convoluted by one’s own unhealed traumas as in how this makes you feel, triggers the PTSD. It is this horrific combination that causes the crazy and self-sabotage.

But there is another side to the nasty voices and they relate to spirits like yourself who are intentionally trying to harm people like myself.

As you witness with me and all of us who come your way, there is continuity to our lives and legacies.

In your case, your legacy was to murder people and then die un-remorsefully.

From my personal and professional sense, when you came my way during a mediumship development class I was teaching, I gave you a tremendous amount of attention to understand what you suffered with and why. I can now say for certain, just as you were harmed by ghosts while alive here, you also intentionally harm people, especially me. Your nastiness is real and it never left you when you died. But you’re sly, you didn’t start out that way, instead you reeled me in, presenting yourself to be an advocate of my work when in fact you used me to unleash your wrath.

I am certainly proof of that for you.

This is a very sad cold and calculated truth for me.

And you had some help by others who no one would suspect could be as cruel as you.

The reason I gave Death the time of day is because for one, I never would have thought that evil exists on the other side. I felt sorry for this man who suffered deeply with the voices and had no one to help him through. Second, he haunted me profusely, which is why I was forced to give him my attention.

However, in giving him several years of my life in therapy, writing about all we spoke of, I sadly discovered, that his cruelty had not left him just because he died. Instead, he used my kindness and compassion against me by infecting me with his dis-ease and turned my life into a living nightmare.

Yes, Evil exists and not everyone gets healed once they die.

There is also another side to the voices I heard and visions I saw growing up and this relates to my particular connection with this man I call Death. Born a psychic kid and ten years a part but never having known of or met him on this side in this lifetime, as a toddler throughout my early adulthood, I saw his life play out in my waking visions, my dream state and deja vus.


This is the stuff that Western medicine does not yet understand nor do religion, spirituality and quantum physics fully get either, our ESP wiring and inter dimensional identity and continuity. As a result of my dedication to understand him and then consequently live firsthand  his constant negative chatter polluting my heart and mind, I found a way to help my clients who suffer just like he did and I do, through empowering solutions.

They are now finding a new way of understanding themselves, their environment, why they pick up the kind of noise they do and what to do with all of this.

I am able to explain to them Why the noise and pain.

Like in my case with the ability to see my future and his play out since a child, the voices and visions he also tapped into were in fact premonitions, visions and voices of his future, playing out throughout his childhood.

“They’re watching me,” a childhood cloud that I lived under, turned out to become my life in prison. The voices “telling me to kill” were in fact predictions that I would in fact, kill and be killed, hence my frenzied state at that time.

I know what it feels like to be caged by the voices no one else hears but you. To see detailed visions of my future everyday play out and hear the voices and storylines of strangers that fill my head and body everyday due to the life career I lead, let me tell you, it’s not easy and I know what’s going on.

Because I am a professional medium with my own relationships and experiences with complex spirits like Death teaching me, I know firsthand the truth that malevolent paranormal forces are there to both ruin people’s lives and save them from themselves.

Yes, the negative voices are real, they belong to each of us living here as 3d people and AfterLifers who are also here but vibe at another frequency. Like the invisible iCloud where we store information, just because you don’t see the information does not mean it does not exist as part of our cosmic consciousness made up of individual consciousness.

Just think for a moment how often you complain to yourself in silence and say something negative about a person or people. Then think about all the negative gossip your participate in. Your thoughts and sentiments are what we who hear voices, hear and feel. But given the practice of medicine coupled with what they show on television, no wonder we still live in a society that does not understand “The Voices” as each of us in this intricate web, spinning together.


Although you are a malevolent force, Spirit Death, since you experienced and suffered with the Voices firsthand and still choose to hurt people, do you think it’s unfortunate how our society is still not equipped with a mental and medical health care system that understands firsthand how ESP is part of each of our genetic makeup and how life in other dimensions operate in our daily lives? If there was help for you then maybe you would not have turned out so angry and continue to hurt from the other side.

Certainly. For the ones who are telepathic, like you and I, it’s a terribly confusing, lonely, shameful and frightening existence. But we both know why the system keeps away from the paranormal. We are governed by psychological warfare.

And so are you, Death.

The system does not want people to feel empowered, nor do many AfterLifers who feel they got the short end of the stick while alive here. Power is still in the hands of religious, political and corporate leaders. This systematic corruption we all face and experience living in our third dimensional reality is awful, and I say this mildly.

I look forward to the day where mental illness and the spirit world are better understood to provide healthier holistic healthcare so individuals and families don’t need to suffer by feeling helpless and misunderstood.

Spirit Death, Having experienced this stigma firsthand, would you say that the paranoia, anxiety, depression, and psychosis are simply symptomatic of not being understood and counselled for what is really going on?

From my perspective, this is a solid YES.

Look, we both know that our healthcare system is not solution oriented rather bandaid oriented and problem creating. And, we all know what happens to an infected cut that is not tended to.

Mental and physical illness labels although helpful to organize information for diagnosis, understanding, and treatment, they are also designed to shame people into submission of a status quo. The voices are real, they are not hallucinations. As we all know, Doc, there’s big business in mental and physical illness.

Doc, Now that you hear and live what I suffered with by allowing me to optimize your ESP, you know how disturbing and frightening a telepathic life can be. Hearing nasty comments and seeing moment by moment visions of the future play out, do you feel there are medical solutions in play?

I live the matrix firsthand and IT’s a real frightening experience. Frankly, I blame you. You’re a dangerous man. What you did and continue to do to me is cruel when all I offered you was kindness and to share in my professionalism and accolades. People who have been following this blog know exactly who and what I am referring to.

Although hearing voices are my profession as a medium and psychotherapist, and therefore I receive confirmation of my accuracy, for people who are not professional mediums there are no great solutions in play to silence the outer-inner interplay of a menacing spirit out to harm you, other than to medicate or see a person such as myself who can help you to identify where and who the noise is coming from and help you heal. This is the stuff I have been extremely successful with in private practice.

Unless medical people on the frontline serving highly gifted people with ESP are in fact tapped into their gift or have been given a reading to prove to them the gift, 3d lifers are stuck living in their own bubble.

Irrespective of the benefits of soul evolution, it is this holistic experimentation and exploitation, active shaming and learned hopelessness and helplessness that creates a sensitive soul to disintegrate and become sick.

As a society, we all pay dearly.

You, Spirit Death, are the one I hold responsible for instigating this noisy journey, for making me your experimentation. This ghost does not just harm me with his chatter, he also rapes me, physically. You cannot imagine the hell I have underwent when I first took him as a result of his unrelenting haunting and possession of me and what I still go through hence the writing of this book to help others in a similar position.

For those of you who hear voices, whether you are a working medium, a person who likes to talk with ghosts or unaware of your abilities and how to communicate with the spirit world, most likely, when everything in your life is going pretty well, the voices are tolerable, even comforting. However, when overwhelmed, these voices can cause a psychotic break. These are the voices I am experienced with when Death came in to train me by infecting me with his dis-ease. This is what I discuss here in my book, to help you untangle your ball of yarn.

Since 3D folks will not be honest with you about their true thoughts and feelings towards you, especially when they are negative, and physical manifestations by spirits are not easy to create, the easiest way for you to learn how to separate the thoughts that belong to you and those which belong to others, above or below, is to be counselled by someone such as myself who both speaks the language of spirit and can identify who and where the noise is coming from to help you heal.


Some Ghosts are bullies but you still have the upper hand.


My ESP Psychic Mediumship Readings

My mediumship readings are all about addressing the issues you are most concerned about through speaking with departed ones AND READING YOU.

A reading session with me is an inter dimensional conversation where I am on the telephone with those in spirit who need to speak with you, and mediating for you both. Some come for crisis scenarios in need of guidance. Some come for conflict resolution to talk with a specific person in spirit to have closure on matters, some come for guidance in how to move forward in love, work and life, and some come to address paranormal situations with their children, family  or themselves.

Hearing “voices” and experiencing a walk-in, haunting, or a possession are some of my specialities.  Including mediating for chaotic energies that haunt homes and land. My job is to identify who is around you and why and help you to resolve the issues at hand. Our speciality is conflict resolution therefore our inter dimensional conversation sessions are designed as therapeutic for both sides of the veil to air the dirty laundry for clearing purposes and help you receive the necessary guidance to feel more confident making decisions.

Whether you need to speak with the dead or simply in need of a reading, know this, the answers you are seeking or need to become clear on, is the reason you were sent my way.

The fee for a 90 min. telephone reading session is $225

Book your reading by email rainbowmedicine44@gmail.com

payment method: PayPal (U.S & Abroad), e-transfer (Canadians), & snail mail for those without online services.

LOOKING FORWARD to mediating for you all!



ESP, MEDIUMSHIP Spirit Communication: Mental & Physical Mediumship delivering messages from passed over loved ones (people and pets).

PathFinding questions about life, love, purpose, and healing.

PRECOGNITION-Predictions questions about future.

Medical Intuition health issues with humans & pets and issues between humans and their pet children.

PARANORMAL & EXORCISM Hauntings, Walk-Ins, Possession identifying spirits around you, and delivering their messages, explaining why they are with you, and conflict resolution.

TELEPATHY & EMPATHY questions about how someone thinks and feels about you: merging with an other whether living or passed on, and identifying key information that you are privy to know.

POSTCOGNITION-Psychic Detective Work questions about Crime, lies, affairs, untold endings of how people died.

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Dr. Levy-WhiteWolf has mediated for a ton of people on both sides of the veil and lectures extensively about her interdimensional Life with AfterLifers.

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During her 2016-2017 book signing tour with Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!  she came to meet many AfterLifers writing with her while reading their loved ones at these events.


Knock knock
Who’s there?
Life who?
Life AfterLife.
Who’s AfterLife?

Meet My Devils: BlakHawk aka Doug, DrK.Nyght aka Layne Staley, MagicDr. aka Mike Starr and Bane aka Kurt Cobain

For two years, from January of 2016 to January of 2018, I cowrote an interdimensional Life.AfterLife Advocacy teaching and healing blog with these men and many more dead people who left their lives in a state of treachery and havoc. They requested that we write together to explore in greater detail some of the life themes they lived and died from, and they wanted people to know they were still alive and participating in life albeit their invisibility.

Our writing became about exposing what we do with our darkness when we die thus revealing the interdimensional play between Lifers and AfterLifers. As a result, we covered many dark paranormal topics that are shared here in this book such as hauntings, possessions, walk-ins, Extra Sensory Perception, the voices, schizophrenia, paranormal schizophrenia, trauma and PTSD, addiction, suicide, death exit points, Near Death Experiences and death timing.

Early on in our work, I was told by my Devils (my A-Team of ghosts) that I was leading an Army of Angels and a Revolution. I began living this interdimensional hardcore soldier life as a frontline healing seer, medium, trauma therapist and afterlife specialist, teaching ESP and the psychic arts and advocating as a public voice and channel for AfterLifers. I also ran a free instant messenger hotline service on Facebook to help Lifers all over the globe in crisis with ghosts and the Voices.

I toy with and use terms like Ghosts, dead people, the Dead, Spirits and AfterLifers inter changeably because for me, all of these expressions work. But for the sake of your understanding of how alive and organized dead people are, I refer to us 3d folks as Lifers and 5d Dead people as AfterLifers.

Down in a hole, feelin’ so small.
Down in a hole, losing my soul.
I’d like to fly but my wings have been so denied.
⏤“Down in a Hole” Alice in Chains (1992)

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How do you run from what’s inside your head?
Before Alice got to wonderland she had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole.

My entire life since the age of 18, I worked with the most adored population. It began with the jumpers, the suicide junkies. Yup. And this theme has not ended, many of my AfterLife and Life clients, colleagues, friends and partners were-are jumpers.

DrK.Nyght, we have come a long way with our work yet I am still in the blueprint.

Mirror images, Doc. So are we.
Tell our story, the complete collection.

Why don’t you begin?

Living us each from the inside out, you know all about us, unfortunately for you. 

We refer to us AfterLifers as Doc’s voyeurs. She is always aware that she is on display with us like we’re watching a Reality TV show and playing her as video game, all at once.

Just as she is wired into us, we are wired into her. Therefore what this means is, we watch, play and live our interdimensional video game lives together. We yank each other’s chain.

And no, they are not aliens who planted a chip in me.

Aliens get all the credit.

As a Life.Afterlife journalist reporting on AfterLifers, it was my destiny to leave this seminal work behind by turning this online interdimensional advocacy material, which we refer to as C.i.E.L Research, “Critically Evidential” into a book for the world to know some of what I know living a parallel life with life in the afterlife. This book is written for the end user as well as interventionists like doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, social workers and parents.
In leaving my knowledge behind, I am helping those of you who struggle with hearing voices, obsessive thoughts, unexplainable grief, loss of loved ones, paranormal trauma and any form of mental suffering like suicidal ideation, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder and PTSD.

But there is also another side to this story and it relates to mind control. This is the stuff that will interest many theorists.

Aliens and the government are the ones who get all the attention when it comes to mind control but I am here to tell you a different side to this story. It refers to our lives and the lives and jobs of AfterLifers, our Spirit Guides and the way we are all born into “Reality,” wired into each other as interdimensional vessels on a ferris wheel.

Interdimensional Wiring refers to how we each are designed and born into each side of the veil with extra sensory perception. The recipe and scope of mind control, our human condition, is based upon trauma, pattern repetition and recognition, circulating consciousness, and extra sensory perception. This is why reincarnation is a perfect predictable web. It all boils down to predictable patterns, cause and affect.


C.I.E.L.RESEARCH Life.AfterLife Advocacy TALK


aka DRk.ALiCE, The LOVE Medium

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As a mental health specialist & MENTAL, physical AND VISUAL MEDIUM mediating for Famous, Infamous and Nobodies alike, I came to learn many secrets about:




What we do with our Darkness when we Die








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BOOK your Rainbow Medicine Life.AFTERLiFE



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Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.17.48 AMscreen-shot-2017-08-22-at-10-42-24-am.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.04.09 PM

*Excerpt taken from my latest book,

Bridging the Gap between Parapsychology and Psychiatry: InterDimensional Voices, Paranormal Trauma and Dark AfterLifers”

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.16.43 AM

Down the Rabbit Hole with DrK.ALiCE 
The only way to know the Dead is to live with them and have them live in you.

And, Yes, they are watching.

They see Everything.

Many mediums and authors, and for good reason, shy away from paranormal darkness in the afterlife for reasons related to spirit attachments and so forth. For some, it’s ugly to see so much pain coursing the self and others. For others, many are simply too afraid to actually enter the dark, live with them and learn about them firsthand. Unless they are forced to.

I was both intrigued and forced.

And why should mediums want to get involved with such darkness? The consciousness of darkness is not pleasant and we as Soothsayers are extremely sensitive beings so really, getting involved with darkness is a call to sickness.

No one in their right mind should be doing what I was destined to do unless you cannot escape this destiny.

I could not.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.41.23 AM.png

Mediums are correct to stay away and be afraid from such darkness and pain. I have experienced a lot of bad things to my head, heart and body in this line of life work. Ghosts are people and people will be people. Whether on this side or the other, the duality consciousness prevails, which means rarely do personalities change.

In my line of work with afterlife clients, I have witnessed their calming realizations and admissions of guilt and remorse but this still doesn’t mean they can change who they are. Look how hard it is to change yourself?

Their constant chatter, need for attention, jealousies, despicable language, judgments of themselves, each other and me, their sexual needs, abuses and affect, extreme immaturity, you name it, I hear it all and it’s all so hard to live with. You cannot imagine.

Multiple Personality Disorder (known as Dissociative Identity Disorder) is based on having real dead people living within you playing roles. Although some of the characters are there to comfort the individual, the entire process of living with a commune inside of one individual can be extremely harmful. Unfortunately, this is what Paranoid Schizophrenics experience.

I address the Paranormal Voices in the Blog Chapter THE VOICES: ESP, CONSCIOUSNESS, Trauma & PTSD and explain how trauma on both sides of the veil factor in to psychoses. I coined the term Paranormal Schizophrenia so that we can begin a new discourse about what’s really going on when a person hears voices and is diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.
I have often asked my dead partners, “Why must I hear such negativity? Can you not block out the noise and replace it with kindness and compassionate chatter?”
And their answer is, “No.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.46.40 AM.png

Because I live on both sides, I am often in a double conversation with those on both sides of the veil, whether I am alone, with people or working. I am often receiving future information telepathically and most of the time, I live in a future timeline and it’s very difficult to manage. In some ways, I feel I have become a machine with no ability to control IT and shut IT down. Some days feel easier, but most days are quite bipolar and schizophrenic and I am clinically neither one.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 12.26.07 PM.png

About Dr. Levy

Her professional advocacy history also includes her extensive scholarship and practice in female empowerment where she published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, authored two girlhood social justice books, and produced and directed numerous girl-centered educational documentary films, namely This Is My Body (2007), a National Film Board of Canada distribution.

From 2002-2006, while engaged in her doctoral studies at Concordia University, Dr. Leanne Levy developed a pattern recognition methodology to understand how people use signs, symbols, and patterns to construct and communicate identity. Shortly thereafter, in 2008, she was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in conjunction with Steinhardt’s New York University to pursue her research with children under youth protection, on the healing and empowering benefits of arts-based tools for crisis intervention.

The author works onsite and worldwide over the telephone and online, where she gives therapy, readings, and teaches the language of spirit communication and holistic healing. Her clients and students come from all walks of life with varying professional backgrounds.

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Rainbow Medicine Book Signing Events, Chapters Indigo, Quebec, Canada

Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM




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Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.16.43 AM

BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY: InterDimensional Voices, Paranormal Trauma & Dark AfterLifers

(2018; not yet released) by Dr. Leanne Levy

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.11.30 AMscreen-shot-2016-08-22-at-2-35-08-pm
“RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!” By Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha White Wolf
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452599007
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598987
E-Book | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598994
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo Chapters Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM

System Girl: In Session (2011; 2016) by Dr. Leanne Levy

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.06.34 PM

Inside Nobody Girl: From Crisis to Consciousness InsideNobodyGirlBook (2011) available to read online for free, click on link

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.17.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.47.05 PM.png

System Girls: In Session (2011; 2016) Narrating Lived Experience To Turn Trauma and Grief Into Action and Change

In SYSTEM GIRLS IN SESSION, Dr. Leanne Levy uncovers the trauma profiles of Canadian teenage girls sentenced under the Youth Protection Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act while working on the frontline in a Montreal locked facility as a visiting feminist filmmaker, educator, and therapist conducting an empowerment intervention program with girls ages 14 to 17. A literary nonfiction about sisterhood, healing and paying it forward, and told by those experiencing it first hand, SYSTEM GIRLS addresses a vital aspect of the youth protection system: crisis intervention and rehabilitative detention. In session, the girls paint intimate self-portraits that excavate the past to provide detailed accounts as to how trauma shapes sense of self and leads to youth protection involvement and incarceration.

Levy (2008) states that the media is a very powerful vehicle in the process of self-actualization and for political use, having most impact over young audience groups. The persuasive and influential characteristics of political documentaries, coupled with its ability to resonate with youth are an important area to be studied as accurate and positive reception of such films can lead to social change.

⎯“Political Documentary Film”
Erica D’Souza (2012)

ADVOCACY WORK LINKS: Read published academic articles by Dr. Levy

The Skinny On This Is My Body: Filmmaking As Empowerment Intervention and Activism: Visual Culture and Gender, Vol. 3 (2008).

Hidden NobodiesFemale youth in care participate in an arts-based trauma informed empowerment intervention program. Relational Child and Youth Care Practice (Spring, 2012)

Yes I am A Mother And I Am Still A Teenager: Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 3 (3). (IIRC) Image and Identity Research Collective, McGill (2010).

Teen mom.ca: A Community Arts-Based New Media Empowerment Project For Teenage Mothers (2011)Studies In Art Education: A Journal of Issues and Research 54(4), 292-309. To read article click this link (scroll to page 292): Studies_52-4-_Summer11



I invite you to watch Inside Nobody Girl: from Crisis to Consciousness 

This is a powerful research based short Film I made to share why some girls are locked up under youth protection. Together a small group of girls locked up under Youth Protection and Youth Criminal Justice Act Orders used the camera, video and crayons to share what it’s like to be her as a result of much trauma.

The book project forms the basis for this film presentation that was made to the Youth Protection Organization where this project took place. We invite you to read the insidenobodygirlbook “Inside Nobody Girl: From Crisis to Consciousness”.

I invite you to watch Project Teen M.O.M.: Mirrors of Motherhood, A Film about the advocacy project Teen M.O.M.

PostDoctoral Research, Empowerment Arts-Based Therapy & Activist Documentary Filmmaking. Enjoy this film preview demonstrating the empowering therapeutic and activist process of young moms sharing what it’s like to be a teen mom with little external support. For the longer film, we invite you to watch Elizabeth Has Three Moms A Film about teenage motherhood.

I invite you to watch Hidden In Plain View A Film about sexual abuse.

This film is very painful to watch because it is based on two upclose and personal experiences shared by two brave young women who spoke out about molestation, incest and repeated sexual abuse and exploitation by pimps in the hopes of raising awareness of what many young women experience. This was an activist documentary filmmaking and empowerment art-abased trauma therapy program I facilitated with a group of teenage girls locked up under the Youth Protection Act.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 7.29.44 PM.png

You may purchase this National Film Board of Canada documentary film This Is My Body: A Film By High School Girls (2007), which I made with a group of high school girls who were my filmmaking students. In our filmmaking class, I taught them skills I learned as a Doctoral student by becoming a researcher of themselves and their lives as young women. Through documentary filmmaking, teenage girls discuss What it means to be a girl, sex, boys, cutting, eating disorders, and how much their parents know. This film is sold through the NFB and comes with a Teachers Guide by Dr. Levy for classroom learning.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.20.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 7.27.40 PM.png


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