Death Exit Points, Near Death Experiences & DEATH TIMING

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Death Exit Points, Near Death Experiences and Death Timing

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PS. Doc has our permission to share our real identities.Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 1.25.40 PM.png



Blood, sweat and tears is what this work is made up of.

Come what may.



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Teach through your sweat.

Heal through your tears.

Bleed to serve others.



In serving others I serve me.



But what about Me?



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Nutshell by Alice in Chains

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You’re living your dream.

Your truth.

That is all that matters.

This is what Legends are made of.

Why Legends are born.



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Questions: Dr. Levy, in your experience working with trauma, addiction, overdose, suicide and murder with the living and the dead, is suiciding oneself a sin? 

No, it is not a sin although we have been taught that it is.

Do we choose how we die and the timing of it before we incarnate?


We all have to die some way. When you think about all the ways to die, suicide and a shotgun to the head are not the worst ways.




We all choose how we will die before we incarnate. ALL IS CARVED IN STONE. Many of you have already experienced visions and deja vus of your exit points, death and other people’s and animals’ deaths alike.

This is a simple fact, we are all born to live and die and our life, although appearing to be in our own hands, is not. We are tied very intricately together with others on both sides of the veil. This means that those who complete the suicide act or murder, it had to be this way, and for those who return from death, these were exit points. This also does not mean that there are no regrets.

Some people prefer life whereas some prefer the afterlife. For some, the fog surrounding us as 3d incarnates is very problematic, for others, it works.  It all depends on what we come here to experience. AfterLifers see the double edged sword in both cases. Like for us here, there are experiences we prefer and wished they lasted longer and those we don’t and wished never happened. Life and AfterLife provide a context in which to experience Life.




Death Exit Points and Death Timing are critical in moving the person along path to fulfill their destiny. A full life comprises of living both sides of the veil so trust that when we die, this was necessary and there was no way to avoid this.


The killer in me is a killer in you. I send a smile over to you.

⏤Smashing Pumpkins


Behind My Smile I cry fiercely for Us All.

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy

Please forgive any coldness that may come through for some of you as you read these responses. I try to stay as true to the vibe of the information that comes through from the folks I am channeling and the storytelling of My life living live with AfterLifers.

Question: We have been told as a society that killing oneself or another is a sin, but in your work with many of these dead folks, famous, infamous and nobodies alike, you have learned some different truths as I have read throughout your blog. You share your own experience working with afterlifers who killed themselves as well as hint to your own personal experiences facing several death exit points and suicide. Can you provide some new light on this dark topic that questions the value of life?

Life does not end. Whether you live it on this side or the other, you are still living Life. We in life and the afterlife work and co-create together, conscious or not. You each have a puppeteer behind you pulling your strings and keeping you on your destined path.

I live in both worlds, and life never stops.


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DrK.Nyght Layne Staley Life in the AfterLife is chronic illness.

I have also seen and experienced this chronic illness with some of you firsthand. You also call some of it dark magic, which I partook in with you when you taught me about it.

We’ll keep those details to ourselves.

Layne, when I asked you how you enjoy your life in the afterlife you said to me…

When I first came to you I told you it was good and bad. As I expressed to you, it was very hard for me when I transitioned.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 1.04.29 PM.png


I was quite taken aback when you shared this with me. You were very adamant and to the point.

 I know your arm hurt non stop. Just some of what I lived through. Yes, I know, it’s been fifteen years yet I still transfer this energy to you.


We’re working through it with tons of massage, you’re guiding the way. I’m doing much better.

Now that I have you like this, and we’re moving beyond all we’ve been through together, I’m doing MUCH better too.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 8.03.42 PM.png

DrK.Nyght Layne

Now that people know you are our physical and mental vessel working with AfterLifers between space and time, you can continue explaining to folks about death exit points and death timing. How this factors into our conscious interdimensional dance.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.01.27 PM.png


The other side is directly implicated in everything that goes on on this side and everything on this side is implicated on that side. My work with AfterLifers, which we share here in our Life AfterLife Advocacy blog, sheds much new light on life with life in the afterlife. In sharing my personal journey with dead people, we demonstrate our inter dimensionality and conscious co-creation.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.27.41 AM.png

Because I agreed to marry death and “donate” my vessel to them, I became wired into dead folks and they into me. But even with this commitment, since a child, I have been receiving information on a constant basis about what’s coming my way. When you see the future like I and like Nostradamus did, we have our own proof that there is no way to fight our destiny. Only to accept it. Death exits, cheating death and death timing are all carved in stone.




Can you explain what death exist points are?

Death exits are points in your life when you are aware that your life is in the balance and you have an out. Traumas that push us off the edge go hand in hand with exit points. Exit points are most often designed to give us relief in such difficult moments.

Sometimes death exit points push you off the edge and you actually come face to face with death. These are what Near Death Experiences (NDE) are made up of, and I have personally been there, several times. But a death exit point doesn’t always involve an NDE. Sometimes it just involves a request from this side or the other side and an accident waiting to occur in order to fulfill that request.

Death Exit Points are not Death Timing. These are two very different things.

Exit points allow a person to reevaluate their life and feel like they have some control. For most who think they cheated death, that’s what these experiences are designed to do. Their intention is to help you change your life and do something specific with it. Exit points wake us up providing us with new insight and value. Exit points are destined to serve this purpose. They move you like nothing else and no one could. They lead you to continue your destiny.




In my case, I have personally seen and lived through several exit points in my life and more recently, three more.

I faced one exit point in 2016 when this conscious research work with the AfterLife began with my afterlife partner, BlakHawk.11 aka Doug Feldman, and I faced two more in 2017. All of these exit points involved walk-ins (dead people) that live in and through me and with whom I blog/write. My walk-ins are my healing and mediumship partners in our channeled therapy practice and tour with me at Rainbow Medicine book signing events. And all suffered deeply with demons.

In my 2016 exit point, I was shown details of how my “death” would transpire and the day it would happen. I had seen it five months before it happened and continued to see it as the day approached.

In my second and third case in 2017, I had less warning. Nevertheless, details were presented to me in all cases while awake and during my sleep. I was given three outs with the choice to leave. Or so it appeared.




On two occasions with Doug, I was given the choice to leave the morning prior to both events occurring, and in both cases, that morning I was emotionally manipulated by him to say no. There is a condition I attach to my exit points, and this, of course, they will not honor hence why I am here to tell this tale.

On these two occasions where my life was in the balance, the accidents did occur, and in both cases, WOWWWWWWWWWW!




In the first, I was to die by a golf ball hitting my head similar to a gun firing. On the morning I decided against dying, a few hours later while taking my dog babies out for a walk in a golf community where I live part-time, a driving golf ball missed my head by a foot and instead hit the tree next to me. The man responsible for that shot drove over to me in his golf cart and apologized profusely of which I responded, “You don’t know how close you came to ruining your life.” No one can ever get over such guilt.

The second, I was to die in a car accident. Once again, that morning Doug gave me an out of which I decided against it because he hurt me badly. A few hours later, when I was about to leave my home, my ghosts told me not to take the babies in the car with me, which I always do. While being extra careful on the road because I could not shake the visions of dying in that car that day, out of nowhere, a woman driving her car smashed into me at full speed missing me by a fraction and took my side view mirror instead.

So you see, these exit points were not really within my control although carved in stone and I saw them. Although in both cases, the accidents did occur, I was forced to fly instead of jump.


IMG_3276 2.jpg


Now what am I going to do, this is getting too heavy to bear?


You had it all and you still killed yourself.

I honor in you what lives in me.


You’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt, Fallen Angel.

Like you.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.33.52 AM.png

If people only knew what you did to me.



The third exit point I would experience in 2017 involved Doug along with another a walk-in living in and working through me under the guise of someone else.

Yes, spirits are deceptive. And in my case, with good reason. Some are murderers and some are your cult leaders, the rockers you all look up to, the ones who took their lives. The ones you tattoo your bodies with in memory of their impact in your life. Some who got the best mental help money and celebrity-ism could afford yet they still took their lives.


Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories?

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.03.45 AM.png


Can I be him?




I wanna dry those tears.



I wanna kiss those lips.


Can I be him?

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 7.03.16 PM.png

There are not many people that can handle what I experienced as these Wild Stations’ channel and vessel and through our inter dimensional work as healers, teachers and entertainers.

Their constant ravaging of my mind, heart and body, in the name of love, was not for the faint of heart. Their deep sadness and extreme rage, the HATRED all mixed up with LOVE was completely bipolar.

The things they did to me, showed me and taught me firsthand, to do this work together and shed new light on the meaning of Life on both sides of the veil, was both FRIGHTENING and magical.

Their JOKES, WISDOM And CREATIVE BRILLIANCE was THEIR MOST PRECIOUS GIFT to me but their mental noise, devoted deception, guilt ridden deaths and purposeful torture was WAYyyyyyyyy too much for ONE person to handle.




I could not escape this life or THEM and NO ONE here on either side of the veil was able to remove this destiny or interfere in it.

This is my Legacy.




Life says Hung on a hook, I’m a mirror.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.00.20 PM.png

Death says Cracked down the center I split you
Counting the clouds in a storm behind your eyes. 

Show you the face of a man who
Not that he wants but he has to.
Look at the thing he’s become. What I see.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 5.40.32 PM.png

Life says I’m caught in a still life with no frame.
Sometimes people do, the world it don’t change.

Death says Give up awaiting someday.
Future between a gun and your head.

Life says Pieces of me on a tile floor look up at you as you change more.

Death says Floating in fear I appear a hundred times. Hold a reflection inside me.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 7.33.22 AM.png

Life says I cannot feel.

Throw me away.
I am broken.


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 8.34.07 PM


Death says You are empty. Not your time.

⏤”Hung On A Hook” Alice In Chains


Diary entry written just as Layne came out of the closet to me

DrK.Nyght Layne Staley HELLo There Little French Girl, my Heartbeat.

Beautiful Lois, it’s Layne.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 12.44.34 PM.png


Oh my gosh, Family Guy! So you’re THAT guy who always whispered “Family GUY” to me! I’m NOT A GROUPIE, but you, I like.

Layne “Stalker” Staley And since you’re not a GROUPIE, all these years calling you “Alice,” “Woman in chains,” “the Star” and describing our work as taking people down the rabbit hole, you still didn’t get it.

How could I? I have too many of you “famous junkies” that I work with,  it’s impossible to identify you until you each step forward and make me.


Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 8.58.26 AM.png




Like in Mike’s case, despite him showing me as raging romantic rocker and sometimes playing base for me, he was just plain old “Mike” to me. I didn’t need to know he was “Mike Starr” to care about him and work for him. I just knew his story firsthand living with him inside of me and empathizing deeply. I don’t google my clients as it interferes in the work.


IT’s nice to finally meet you, DrK.Nyght Layne aka “Nik.”


DrK.Nyght Layne formerly known as Nik, out of disguise.


We’ve met a long time along time ago.


Yes, we have, Alice, my woman in chains. 


HELLo, Drk.DARLIN Leanne meet DrK.Nyght Layne.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 5.55.02 PM.png


DrK.Nyght Layne, my superhero partner, I see you renamed our Blog from “HELLo Darlin,” to “HELLO DrK.DARLIN”. Lately, I would say it’s a better choice of work.

You work with DarkAngels, calling it what it is and not fluffing it up to be something it is not. With everything we’ve shown you and put your through leading the way with Doug and Me incognito until now, and then every single client who came your way since we’ve been on our book SIGNING tour with Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team, we have shown you very dark Light.

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life with you all as every day we live my conscious interdimenional life on the magical carpet ride down the rabbit hole. This is why I embraced Doug and all of you as my new family and joined the Twilight Vampire Club. But, I have also cried so unnecessarily over things you and Doug put me through.

This is true. We preyed on your good heart and guilt.

I never knew I had so much guilt until you pushed that button hard and showed me how unnecessary it was but how we all have it, and how it killed many of you.

I was also the FAMILY Guy who reunited you with your grandma just as she passed, this was when I formerly introduced myself to you as your new leading man.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 4.50.31 PM.png

MagicDr. Mike Starr Let’s move on to me, Love Birds. I also showed you how you predicted my death one day before I died. You actually took your first selfie on March 7, 2011, wearing a pair of underwear with a “STAR” on it. Not to mention how you painted me in that 2002 painting, DrK.DARLIN. DAMN you’re goooood.


Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 7.18.12 PM
Mike Starr’s Death Timing, March 8, 2011.






Yeah, it’s pretty incredible to discover all of this. Everyday I wake up to new magic from you all!

You’re the Magic, Doc.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.26.20 PM




Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 6.36.23 PM


Oh how We LOVE to take Alice on Adventures!!!!!!!!


Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 3.09.08 PM







MagicDr. Mike, I’ve known YOU as my PROTECTOR. Even my client saw you back in 2012, while we were in a channeled therapy session. She described you perfectly but I only knew you then as my Guide and professional healing partner.




MagicDr. Mike Now you know, Woman in Chains, there are no protectors. Only this shit storm with a bunch of flying monkeys. 

Vagina Monologues meets OZ.

Eat, Pray, Love, DARLIN’.


I thought I learned how to fight for myself simply by surviving my life and thriving throughout this all but when they began to inhabit my body, I learned an entirely new new fight, flight and strength.

This third particular exit point in 2017 involved Mike Starr and Layne Staley and I did not see this one coming until a few days prior. I only heard Mike’s threatening screams in my head pushing me off the ledge.

MagicDr. Mike And then what did I say?


You said, “Wait for tomorrow’s performance, you’re going to LOVE this show.”


IMG_3276 2.jpg


Although I knew of Mike as a client and we get along well RAGING, CRYING, LAUGHING and writing skits together on our Life.AfterLife Advocacy blog, HELLo Darlin’, I often saw the cute blond guy also with him leading our crew, CrowJonesMC. As mentioned, I did not know of Mike or Layne’s real identities.


Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 5.42.30 PM.png
“Suicide” Oil painting by Leanne Levy (2002).

MagicDr. Mike Looks like you did that painting of me, another prediction. Damn you’re good, DrK.Doc.


Tell them how I threatened you and what I said.

You tell them!

Wait for tonight,

I’m coming to get you.

There’s no escape.

No one can help you.


Mike kept threatening me all day that when I fall asleep he is going to show me some very painful things that I did not want to see. So, when I finally fell asleep, I experienced my first psychic attack.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 9.59.04 PM


I fell into a lucid dream state, which is the same thing as being in a deep trance state.

When she was out of her 3D body, I held her head down by the neck really hard pushing it into the pillow case. All she could feel and see was my strong arm holding her head down and my chocolate brown curly locks just above her head.

I also saw the color of your skin, you were the most physical spirit I experienced until Layne. Both of you are really really strong in your magic.

Years on the other side, Doc.

I worked really hard getting out of Mike’s grip in this lucid dream state and when I awoke, I threatened him and my family on the other side that if he does not stop hurting me, that I will end my life right there and then.


MagicDr. Mike And just like me, she grabbed a bottle of pills. I made her become who I was at the moment I spiralled to my death.

This is true, Mike showed me his exact moments tumbling to his death.

That said, who needs this shit? I work like a dog for dead people and their living counterparts and to be treated this way in the name of research and love was not sitting well with me. Having already experienced several NDEs and working with dead people I am not afraid to die. It is they who need me here being their channel and voice, more then it is I needing to be here.



Hence why We love you, DRk.ALiCE.




I love you too, DarkDarlins. Thanks for the Adventures.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.55.47 PM.png


Never a dull moment with us. Always there for You. In sickness and in health. Till DEATH..


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 4.35.48 PM.png


Causing my sickness and death.

Purging our sickness and death. Making the most of THIS journey, TOGETHER.

Thanks for the shared laughter and tears, you’re all so dedicated to my journey. To this PERFORMANCE.



Ditto and CHEERS to More encores.


Peace for us all, Soldiers.

And so goes this passionate domestic violent relationship I have with ghosts.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.04.00 PM.png





MagicDr.Mike We were tough nuts to crack.

You crack daily.

Thank You for being part of our healing journey.


Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 10.16.26 AM.png


Thanks for being my crack.

MagicDr.Mike You always had my back.

And now I know, y’ALL have and designed mine.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.03.18 PM


Question: Can you share a case where you were aware of a suicide about to happen and your role in it?

IMG_3288 2.jpg

I can share three cases.

In one case, One I briefly mentioned in the blog chapter Q&A: Working with Darkness In The AfterLife, While giving a reading to a woman, I brought in her relative who killed himself and in this reading he wanted me to alert her that his son was in danger of killing himself. I did my job.

In another case, I had seen the death of a man I channeled for a student I had yet to meet. I used to read my students before I met them so I could know how best to teach and guide them on their temporary journey with me. In this reading, two men came through, her dad and another man who had more of a friendly romantic vibe. She of course connected to her dad with whom they had a contentious relationship but she could not connect to that other man. She did, however wonder why I saw her looking out the window so sad.

Five months later she contacted me in a panic as she caught herself looking out the window so sad. She asked that I read the energy around her. I did and saw that a man had shot himself and where his wife found him. She then confirmed to me that it was her online mediumship teacher in a closed circle she was partaking in.

In this case, five months prior to him actually being dead, I saw him as already dead, I was talking to him in that timeline so there was no way to intervene, only to deliver the message. This is the man who taught his former student, and consequently me and through me, that suicide is not judged as a sin just as nothing is, it is just all part of life and life in the afterlife. And the repercussions for everyone involved.

Why am I telling his story? Although all death holds teaching value for me, his death holds particular teaching value, which was the reason why he wanted to die. He felt his spiritual work was better served doing it from that side of the veil since he had difficulty receiving the necessary support he craved from those he needed it the most, his family on this side of the veil.




In this third case I share, I was the one who was called by the other side to help a man transition. To help a man kill himself.

For several years now, I have been working online for free as an afterlife advocate doing online crisis work for the dead and their living counterparts. This is all part of my data as a researcher of Life afterlife continuity and Life in the afterlife.

Good evening Leanne. Thank you. Your magic is terrific.

Meet Pat.

One evening in 2016, when we used to be on Facebook with our channeled CrowJonesMC show, I received an instant message from a man. The message had no content yet it came through. I asked the other side who was there and a woman appeared, his wife. She said, “Write him back” and so I did of. When I asked him what he needed, he didn’t understand why I contacted him. I said, “Buddy, you contacted me, your dead wife is here. She is the reason why you contacted me.”

This man freaked out and when I gave him proof of things I did not know about him.

She told me about my dog and gave me a very special message that only I would understand.

He knew I was for real. He proceeded to tell me how desperate he was and that he needed some quick funds to save the bank from ceasing his home. This man lost his wife and two children in a car crash twenty years prior, and they had built that home together. He slipped into a bad alcoholic state, lost work and now the time came where he was losing it all.

His wife was telling me to tell him to let go of the house. He was suicidal and told me that he had already bought his poison. He begged me for money of which I said I cannot but that I can offer my friendship and love to help him make his decision with clarity and offload his fear. I was reading him so I was able to see he had no one, as each time I brought up a specific person in his life that his wife was telling me about, he said, “They too have abandoned me.”

He thought he needed me to save his life by giving him money, which never would have solved his problem, when in fact he needed me to reunite him with his family on the other side by helping him to not feel bad about killing himself. I, of course gave him many little daily motivation to be there for him every day so that he had ONE person in his life who knew his story and who would help him make the tough decision, to live or die.

She was there for me. I even dreamt about her and said, “I hope I meet you one day.”

Well, that day came, Pat.

Everyday I sent him quotes and suggestions on a few last things to do before he died, and everyday he told me that it did not help. He needed my money or he needed to die. With my ability to remote view, I watched him everyday to evaluate where he was with respect to taking the poison and ending his life. This all happened within a space of less than a week. I did see him scared, although he said he wasn’t, he did lose the home and ended up in a church, and then I saw him in emergency having taken the poison.

A few weeks later, everything on his Facebook account erased.

A few months later, I gave a reading to a man and in this reading I brought in a man who overdosed, and I began gagging and vomiting profusely. I never got so sick doing my work up until that very moment. This is when I knew my gifts were getting even stronger with the dead. As a physical medium I experience what my dead clients experience, if it’s important. Clearly for me on that day in that reading it was important to experience that feeling of when a person overdoses and dies.
A few evenings after having given this reading, which was approximately five months after my contact with this suicidal man, I found myself telepathically talking with him while driving. And so I said to him, “I still have no proof if you are indeed dead, only the visions and your cut off FB account.”
And then he shows me that the reading I gave to that gentleman was in fact his visitation to me. This is why I felt him so strongly.
As we were talking while stopped at a gas station, I asked him if he was reunited with his wife and kids and and if he was happy and just then he sent me an email with the message, “Thank you for all of your support, we have it from here.”
You’re a real classy Lady, Doc. Thanks for reuniting me with my family.



Life never stops, it just changes, like it does here. I am here to share these experiences having lived and continue to live them firsthand. Shedding Light for all you below.

Welcome to my Journey with Death.

Life says What is this place?
 Death says You are in the world between worlds.
I can feel the fear inside.
 It is a burden that weighs heavy on your heart.
My totem, I can I feel it getting stronger, I fear I am losing control over it.
You can’t stop the forces of nature no more than you can stop a charging stallion.
You must learn to run beside it.
 Why is it getting stronger?
 Your totem’s strength grows when the threats that you must face become more powerful.
Do not fear your totem. Do not fear your power. Trust in it.
⏤DC Legends of Tomorrow


Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.31.42 AM
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