I need an interventionist
To intervene between me and this monster
And save me from myself and all this conflict
‘Cause the very thing that I love’s killing me and I can’t conquer it.
⏤“The Monster” Eminem (Feat. Rihanna) (2013)

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The questions in the order they are answered here are:

What is Psychology?

What is Psychiatry?

What is mental illness?

What is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

What is Paranormal Schizophrenia?

What is PTSD?

What is Complex-PTSD?

Why is ESP and mental illness a two sided coin?

Who are the voices?

Is hearing voices mental illness, tapping into spirits or both?



How does trauma, PTSD and the voices go hand in hand?

Do all those who suffer with mental illness diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Dissociative identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) hear voices that belong to others or can this be strictly pretend?

Is it possible to heal ancestral issues carried over lifetimes and through the Voices if I am not able to access my past lives? 

How do you use Past Life recall information about your own previous lives in order to heal your current life issues?


Am I Gifted or Paranoid?

How can one tell the difference between the gift and paranoia?

How and why do the voices work against us?

What is the Dark Force?

Can you share a case where your client heard voices and you were able to help them heal the situation?

Please scroll down to the questions you need answers from, and from here you will discover the best way to read through this lengthy article.


What is Psychology?

The discipline of Psychology is concerned with the study of the mind and how it affects behavior.

What is Psychiatry?

The discipline of Psychiatry is a specialty in Medicine and is concerned with the study and treatment of mind, emotional and behavioural disturbances. As medical doctors, psychiatrists prescribe medication whereas psychologists provide different forms of talk therapy like psychotherapy to help an individual who is suffering.

What is mental illness?

In my  definition, mental illness refers to someone who is not feeling well in the mind and heart to the point of suffering.

Suffering that causes a person to lose significant amount of hope and joy in the journey where death is seen as the only hope for relief is one form of mental disease. There are many categories of mental illnesses to understand that suffering comes in many flavours and is experienced in levels of severity and on a continuum. So chalk it up to this, when you feel more drawn to dying than living and have lost all coping mechanisms that keep you grounded and living, suffering becomes illness and can lead to overdose and death.

The kind of mental and emotional suffering we discuss here relates to one’s Extra Sensory Perception such as telepathic and empathic abilities, which involves picking up on the consciousness of others but the individual has no way of discerning who the parasitic noise and pain belongs to and how to stop it from affecting the self. Part of treating this kind of suffering involves how well an individual understands what is happening to them and perceives themselves in relation to others and how to control and minimize the triggers.

What is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

In its simplest of terms, it is a combination of hearing voices, seeing visions, being given information, watched and inhabited by invisible ones, and unhealed trauma turned PTSD. In Western Medicine, the voices are not understood as having anything to do with the paranormal and that delusions of grandeur, such as the person seeing themselves as special or in contact with famous people, is indeed not the case.

Well, I am here to debunk this theoretical definition as much of my career involves working with the famous, I do hear peoples’ and ghosts’ negativity as in hurtful judgments, which have been extremely harmful to me.



What is Paranormal Schizophrenia?

Paranormal Schizophrenia, a term I coined, refers to a person who is telepathically and empathically receiving information from those within and around them and does not know what the information means, who it pertains to and is coming from BUT KNOWS IT’S REAL AND NOT HALLUCINATIONS. This direct communication from a ghost who also may be linking you telepathically with a 3d living person can become addictive because ghosts play games to get you interested. It’s a psychological war game really. Although it may start out as fun at first, eventually, this parasitic noise creates never ending confusion and heartbreak and is often the cause for why people take drugs, prescribed medication, harm themselves and others, including ending their lives.

The only difference between paranoid schizophrenia and paranormal schizophrenia is that the person has evidence of their telepathic, precognitive and empathic abilities such as those, like me, who work between the veil.



What is PTSD?

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it relates to a person being triggered into a state of extreme duress such as a panic attack, rage episode, psychotic break, dissociative state, suicide attempt or overdose as a result of a situation or person triggering unhealed trauma. Simply not understanding a person and their situation can trigger a PTSD episode.

What is Complex-PTSD?

C-PTSD is when new traumas build on old traumas because of their residual associations.

Why is ESP and mental illness a two sided coin?

When we are developing and working mediums, hearing voices, feeling others, and seeing visions are the skills we work to perfect so as to better mediate for beings living on both sides of the veil.

When we are underdeveloped, however, meaning the person has not yet realized their abilities and learned how to control and make them work for them, the mental noise and visions can drive one to think they may be mentally ill. The only difference between mental illness and the gift is recognizing which is what and keeping it in balance.


As telepathic, empathic precognitive and postcognitive beings, we are always receiving dimensional and inter dimensional information but, most of the time, you won’t ever notice this and be able to separate your own thoughts from others. And even if you do, if you are suffering from any severe emotional and mental imbalance i.e. unresolved trauma, you may misinterpret the messages of the consciousness speaking with you.

It’s extremely difficult to detect telepathy and spirit communication unless you are trained in both. For one, humans will not admit their ill thoughts about you, and second, Spirits have a very hard time getting our attention in the ways we expect such as the physical manifestations television hauntings re-enact for us. This is because many of these re-enactments are just that, acts.

Therefore, the easiest ways that Spirits can communicate with us is by blending their thoughts and feelings with ours. This way they can influence us without us needing to know why, who or how. This is the way they get their point, pain and pleasure across and intervene in our lives. This is called MERGING CONSCIOUSNESS.

For those unaware of their ESP and more sensitive to noise, merging can create a lot of dissonance and mind confusion and spin you into a state of PTSD. This is sometimes the case for me and many of the clients I see in private practice.

Those of you who hear voices, whether you are a working medium, a person who likes to talk with ghosts or unaware of your abilities and how to communicate with the spirit world, most likely, when everything in your life is going pretty well, the voices are tolerable, even comforting.

However, when overwhelmed, these voices can cause a psychotic break.

This is what we discuss here to help you untangle your ball of yarn.



A coward is incapable of exhibiting love.

⏤Mahatma Gandhi

Since 3D folks will not always be honest with you about their true thoughts and feelings towards you, especially when they are negative, and physical manifestations by spirits are not easy to create, if you cannot stop the noise through medication and meditation, the easiest way for you to learn how to separate the thoughts that belong to you and those which belong to others, above or below, is to become aware of how spirit communication and telepathy work. At least then  you’ll know you’re not crazy because you will have some skills under your belt to validate your internal experiences.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 5.00.42 PM

Spirit communication is a game of sense, symbols and charades.

Rainbow Medicine is about engaging in therapy with your A-Team through channeling techniques and divination tools. This process involves asking for insight and guidance into your underlying issues⎯emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual. By having conversations through light trance work, and pulling cards and channeling answers according to questions asked, we can gain tremendous insight into the seeds of our discomforts and illnesses, and heal ourselves.

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

But I warn you, once you develop these sense muscles, you will not be able to retro-activate them. And the noise of betrayal and vengeance, a permeating consciousness, and possibly a personal attack on you may become too overbearing to live with. Spirit guides and all ghosts can be very tricky and deceiving, as we all know, just like people here. AfterLifers are still people with problems. And with their script of timing in hand, anything is possible as in they’ll flip like a switch.


Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.12.45 PM.png
“Hung on a Hook” Alice in Chains

Question: Who are the voices?

The voices belong to Lifers, AfterLifers and OtherLifers.

Question: Is hearing voices mental illness, tapping into spirits or both?

All of the above.

The voices are you cuing into to someone else’s thoughts and they are cuing in to yours. This can be 3d folks and 5d spirits (ps. we are all spirits). This can involve one other person or spirit or a group of people and spirits.

The voices are often information about a person and/or situation in your space or coming your way. Depending on the tone of the voice or voices speaking to you, like with all messages, they can be a warning of both good and bad news. The voices often deal with information about the future. and they can also be about information going on in your present.

For me, I hear all kinds of noisy information and often it relates to battles going on within and among people, both lifers and afterlifers alike.

I hear people’s thoughts and spirits’ thoughts, in psychic terms it’s called clairaudience and claircognizance, in ESP terms, it’s telepathy and precognition.

If you find yourself hearing nasty, violent thoughts, even ones that say I hate you, you are ugly or to kill, do know that you are tapping into someone else’s thoughts and/or others, it could even be a tv show or radio announcement that will present itself in the environment you find yourself in. If you are picking this kind of information up it is because you have a similar storyline and/or unhealed trauma that triggers this noise, rage and revenge. The noise is coming from both a spirit or group of spirits about a human who is jealous of you, misunderstands you, and exhibits traits of hatred towards you.

When I hear these voices while talking to certain people, I become aware that a few things are happening: a ghost is insulting the human I am talking to to turn me off and derail me, it is also a prediction about someone I will have a confrontation with who will exhibit hateful jealous qualities towards me, this can be a family member, stranger, friend or lover/ex-lover. These people infecting you with their noise are a combination of those helping you out by warning you and they are also personal attacks by those who are working to harm you, for whatever reason. When you work through the trigger syou will identity and possibly heal the trauma, i.e. the consciousness, and be able to override the abuse and suffering by complete acceptance of “who cares.” If you do not have psychopathic tendencies then probably this lack of caring will be difficult to attain.

Some more advice: If the noise of information becomes too overbearing, do your best to dissociate from that voice, do not respond, simply let it go. If it doesn’t stop, keep ignoring but if it becomes psychotic as in it triggers you into extreme rage, depression and suicidal ideation then you will need to seek out someone like myself who can help you to make sense of and identify who the noise is coming from and together, work through the psychosocial triggers. We can only heal a haunting when we recognize the dusfunctionality mirrored back and who it belongs to and why. These hauntings usually involve family members’ histories who have departed but their consciousnesses-thoughts, memories, hurts, regrets and revenge- hang over you like a dark cloud.

In my experience, cleansing a home from spirits will not bring you peace of mind because spirits don’t leave until their jobs are done, and that job maybe to kill you. If you cannot work through the triggers, anti-anxiety medication to support you during this horrific time may be your only option because the problem is neurological. Telepathy has been proven to be located in the right brain.

Telepathy is found in the BRAIN: in the right parahippocampal gyrus.

It’s a region in the brain that plays an IMPORTANT ROLE in Memory encoding and retrieving.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS MADE UP OF MEMORIES, STORYLINES THAT HOLD FREQUENCIES, VIBES. These vibes can be sad, sadistic, pleasurable, meaningfully loving and vengeful.

Consciousness is what survives us when we die and reading consciousness-MEMORIES- is how us mediums can TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE and telepathically read the living. In my case, I hear and feel all kinds of telepathic noise, including animals’ thoughts and sentiments.




Benzodiazepines are anti anxiety and anti panic drugs that will calm down the voices and you spinning into a psychotic fit. You are not psychotic, the noise is real, but doctors will diagnose this heavier as psychosis. For psychosis they prescribe anti psychotic drugs and anti-depressants. If you are not schizophrenic but telepathic then most likely anti psychotics and anti depressants will not block out the noise, but for some, it may help to balance your emotions and become less triggered. In my case, I heard the voices louder and gave the best readings while experimenting on an anti-psychotic drug, and I was only on the drug for one month. These medications make me hear the voices louder.

And by the way, I was never one to take medication and I come from a long line of pharmacists and doctors but when my telepathy blew the top off my head, I was forced to seek help. And so far, no doctor has been able to help me because they have never been experienced with the gift of ESP.

MRI scans of the brain are also a great option if you have been suffering for at least a year and it has gotten worse. You will need to get a requisition form from your GP DR., psychiatrist, neurologist or neurological psychologist. For more information about this, you may read the link Where is Telepathy found in the brain and what is it’s connection to Schizophrenia?




Question: How does trauma, PTSD and the voices go hand in hand?

Although we all hear “voices” in our head, which manifest in the form of internal dialogue, those who tend to hear and identify the voices as separate from the self are often ones with a prolonged history of childhood abuse, adult abuse &/or unresolved trauma.

Those who experienced repeated mental, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse are more prone to hearing disturbing voices as a result of flashbacks and hearing negative feedback drilled in over time. I refer to these voices as echoes of the past (from this life and previous lifetimes).

In shamanistic terms, this is referred to as shards of the soul that get left behind. These shards of consciousness may be locked in time not just from this lifetime, but carried over from previous lifetimes as well.

Often a traumatic account is when you will begin to hear voices and/or experience a haunting, possession and walk-in.



Inner Children Locked in Time


Like a tangled ball of yarn and depending on each individual, the negative noise one hears in the mind is a combination of others’ thoughts and emotions, your own, echoes of the past, and spirit communication.

These echoes of the past are actually the younger traumatized yous that exist inside of you kicking and screaming to be heard. Most likely your traumatized yous that have been locked in time at the moment your trauma(s) occurred will find a way to be heard through symptoms like panic attacks, gagging, nausea, vomiting, unable to breath, nightmares, violent outbursts, chronic depression, and chronic addiction.

All of your traumatized yous locked in time are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which explains why your oldest you -your current you- gets triggered and suffers.

At each age a child experiences a trauma, this inner child gets locked in time. So, for example, if at ages 3, 5, 7, and 10, a child experiences a trauma, these experiences with freeze frame the child’s psyche and coping ability, leaving him or her fragmented into four selves, each with their particular understanding of what happened to them, limiting them each with their particular consciousness i.e. self-perception in relation to the world.


One’s PTSD can also come from a experiencing a new trauma as an adult. Ghosts will create trauma and trigger all of this. So will humans. Ghosts speak through humans without any of you ever noticing or catching this. This means they may say certain disturbing things through a person or you that will trigger a PTSD episode.

When you can identity the trickery and mastery of AfterLifers and our interdimensional brain wiring and identify the archetypes and situations affecting you through the voices and visions, it’s truly frightening. But with understanding comes order and the potential for healing, the elimination of PTSD and serenity.

One’s PTSD is not simply from you for you have many afterlifers and lifers around you suffering with similar dilemmas and issues. Unfortunately, we are all energetically attached.

Furthermore, one’s PTSD can also come from the traumas of your departed family, your ancestry. Their consciousness hovers enveloping you like a blanket even if you are not familiar with them. Ancestral issues are also passed down lifetime after lifetime. The dead, which are now ancestors and live complete lives on the other side in between incarnations, spew their unresolved traumas all over us when they die. Some, even without trying.

Also, your ancestry is way deeper than you can imagine, it is connected to soul families, which are inter dimensional, this huge intricate web surrounds you life after life. This is how I came to meet individual members on my A-Team.

But even with all of this mental energy buzzing around us, hauntings always parallel and mirror a family dysfunction that is in great need of attention and healing. One cannot heal a haunting without healing something within.


Question: Do all those who suffer with mental illness diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Dissociative identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) hear voices that belong to others or can this be strictly pretend?

Yes they are telepathic and anything “pretend” is part of the understanding of and coping with what’s happened and is happening to the individual.

Yes, all voices are real and belong to others and the person hearing the noise.

These conversations can be about the past, present and future. And they always involved the traumas of both the living and the dead, hence why the living is often in a state of discomfort, alarm, offence, panic, fear, agitation, anger and so forth.

Talking to people and animals, like the way we operate with physical reality on our side is the same for those of us who speak with the voices, the invisible ones. The only difference is one group is invisible, and the other isn’t. Speaking with the voices is the same thing as having conversations with yourself in your head or talking to people on the telephone. Perception dictates one’s reality.


Isolation is both a healthy and unhealthy strategy for the one who talks to and hears voices. Noise is really loud for some, like me. Since I hear tv program content when a tv is present but turned off, and any people about to text, email or call me, including someone reading a text next to me, I pick up and react to the content and person or persons involved. For this reason and more, I have to be very careful on how to take care of my mental needs by who and what I surround myself with.


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 4.20.11 PM.png

Question: Is it possible to heal ancestral issues carried over lifetimes and through the Voices if I am not able to access my past lives? 

The difficult task of healing is to re-integrate, which means, to re-program yourself at a cognitive MIND and emotional HEART  level. This requires that you Rewire your brain. This is not easy because it means you will need to break some patterns-habits and enforce others.

We are each a creature of habit, hence why reincarnation is so easily predictable.

Although not everyone will know how to access their past lives so as to collect these shards and re-integrate the shattered mirror, one can achieve integration simply by working through these issues in this lifetime for all issues repeat. All issues are carried over lifetime after lifetime based on the level of consciousness your soul has attained.

To understand how past lives work, we must embrace reincarnation. The basic principle of reincarnation is:

We have all been here, on the earth plane, before; and everything, our gifts and our suffering, is all related to past and future situations and relationships. … Deep-rooted agonizing feelings, such as suicide, missing someone, tremendous anxiety about engaging in certain daily life routines, or passions for specific people, ways of life, and activities can all be explained by both unresolved traumas and experienced gifts related to our past lives.

But the interesting aspect to note here is that, despite not always having conscious access to past-life information, there is always a situation or theme in our current life that can explain these uncomfortable or overly comfortable situations, experiences, gifts, and moments.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: therapy with the A-Team!”

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.50.08 PM.png

Question: How do you use Past Life recall information about your own previous lives in order to heal your current life issues?

Before I ever came to hear about the concept of past lives, I knew there was something more to what and why I was feeling a certain way. But Spirit, along with our Higher Self, works in mysterious ways, and we will only get little bits of the answers we seek at different moments on our path, when the time is right and we are ready, and then as we are ready for more …

Every time I have had access to a past life, there was a reason why I had to know the information revealed to me, at that moment in time. Sometimes it was a premonition to give me insight into a future client and how to help him or her. Sometimes it was a warning not to get caught up in a situation, or a way to show me how to “play the hand” differently. Sometimes it was to remind me of an insecurity I needed to let go of if I wanted to move forward and upward.

With past-life recall, we are only given access to the lives which directly influence our current life. So an important question to ask when we have a dream or vision is, why now?

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: therapy with the A-Team!”

The trick to achieving mental and emotional balance, i.e. mind silence, is to heal residual shame, anger and guilt. This is how we re-integrate.



Question: Am I Gifted or Paranoid?


Question: How can one tell the difference between the gift and paranoia?

Reading for Lifers and AFTERLIFERS and delivering their messages as a career is how you learn the difference between what is real and what may be made up. Giving free readings can offer you the same confirmation and relief. Either way, you need to test out your knowing. A belief is not a knowing.

Paranoia is similar to an aggravated assault. If you feel negative energy, chances are it is in your conscious web, meaning you are never mistaking a negative vibe, you may simply be confusing it with another situation.

When we are very in tune with other dimensions, we will hear voices. Usually, the voices we hear when we are mediums appear in our mind’s eye, like a song replaying in your head. But some do hear whispers that appear to be outside of the head, and this too is a gift. When I awake from sleep and throughout my 24 hour day, I hear voices and see visions, and smell and taste people, situations and animals.

For some of us, abilities and moments like these are regarded as magical and comforting. For others, it can be torturous. For me, it is both.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.54.19 PM.png

Since my conscious interdimensional journey as a medium, channel, vessel, healer and teacher of the psychic arts for CrowJonesMC began, talking and whispering to me are how they wake me up in the middle of the night and early morning.

CrowJonesMC is made up of individuals who live with me as long terms and short term walk-ins. My departed family are always around, as well as, departed others who know I will be crossing paths with their 3d loved ones and mediating~working with them. Therefore, when they have something to say and alert me to, they will need to relay this information to me in several ways and one way is through my sleeping hours.

If they have a few things to tell me, they will wake me up a few times in the night and early morning. If they have information that could be imparted without a wakeup then sometimes they will choose this route and deliver it to me in a dream and continue to talk with me as I wake up.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.22.35 PM.png
Question: How and why do the voices work against us?

How they work against us, for one is, AfterLifers can talk too much purposefully trying to harm you so as to get your attention and do something for them and/or with the information. And sometimes they behave like children who need negative attention.

I call these ghosts Grim Reapers.

Paranoia is another way the voices work against us. You may be picking up noise from one person and blaming it on another lifer or afterlifer.

Paranoia basically refers to picking up on negative intention and is associated with misperceiving a situation,  sometimes we are wrong in our perceptions. But the negative vibe is there, we are never wrong about a negative, unresolved vibe.

SOMETIMES THE VOICES ARE MEANT TO WORK AGAINST YOU as a counter force working for you. This one, however, is tricky to figure out and it relates to faith as in, “Are their silver linings or not?”

When we are too stuck in our ways and traumatized by our patterns, we need a little push. This is a glass half full perspective and why the voices can work against us.

Although there is more to schizophrenia than hearing voices, if you tell someone that you hear voices they most likely will look at you sideways. This is why it is important to have a likeminded group or other when you are developing your psychic mediumship abilities so you can counsel each other on what you experience.

Any kind of support group with others who hear voices will keep you grounded when you are feeling bent out of shape.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.54.57 PM.png

Whether you are a medium or not, spirits surround us daily and nightly in our dream state so if you have repetitive thoughts and visions, see patterns in your environment that confirm the same messages, do know that this is spirit’s way of getting your attention about the issues you are called to pay attention to, and possibly, heal. If it’s a nasty ghost and you are certain you have nothing you need to heal, then chalk it up to nonsense.

Unfortunately, like here there is a lot of nonsense on the other side and many just have nothing better to do with their time than to use and harm people and it is not for the greater good, although some may tell you it is. Selfishness and greed is a leading consciousness in both the afterlife and life here.

My life with Lifers and AfterLifers can get very chaotic so I am very often experiencing my life as a victim of such mental and physical noise. Ghosts touch my body sexually, abusively, disturbingly, you name it, and flood my mind with visions, names, situations, smells, tastes and memories. It can get so completely taxing on me but, for the most part, I am able to work through this.

I am not saying it’s all bad for me because it is not. I am simply sharing my experiences having lived and continue to live both sides of the coin of the gift.

When a person sees signs and experiences disturbances and cannot not find peace from these messages and struggles to understand what’s going on:

Am I haunted?

Am I going out of my mind?

Am I being spied on?

Am I being raped?

These are some of the questions we may ask ourselves amidst a spiritual awakening or mental breakdown, both are the same, the only difference between the two is how you understand what is happening to you. Either way, each requires the other to fulfill its mission, destruction goes hand in hand with rebuilding thought and feeling frames.

When I was first haunted as in heavily stalked by a couple of my ghostly walk-ins, it began as entertaining but then turned into a spiralling nightmare. Just as frightening as you hear those interviews from people who have been abducted by cold and calculating grey looking aliens, this happened to me but instead with dead murderers and rockstars.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.06.10 PM.png

Every healing requires a breakdown of one’s mental processes so as to rewire one’s brain into a healthier, freer you. Some make it through and sadly, some don’t.

Scary paranormal experiences happen to people of all ages but I am proud to say that I am still here to share my tale and because of this we have intervened and helped so many understand themselves and their environment from a more practical, user friendly lens.

I help people to see themselves, each other, ghosts, and paranormal experiences in new LIGHT.

Question: What is the Dark Force?

Everybody’s traumas, fears, angers, disgusts, shames, guilts, passions, desires and dreams all mixed up into one ball of DARKNESS.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.17.32 PM
Question: Can you share a case where your client heard voices and you were able to help them heal the situation?

In short, a mother was concerned about her young adult son who had been hearing negative noise for quite some time. The voices got as bad as hearing people’s murderous thoughts.

I was able to explain to him his telepathy and whose thoughts he was picking up on. I was also able to explain the future information he was accessing and what to do with that.

I explained to him some of the departed people talking with him, and how his ESP gift was to serve him in his future career as a filmmaker.

That day, he left our session knowing the next best steps to take given the road map we presented him with.

He never ended up in a psychiatric ward, which was the place he was heading just before he had one session with me.


To book an Interview, Speaking Engagement, Group or Individual Reading, Chanelled Therapy or Paranormal Session, please contact Dr. Leanne Levy by email rainbowmedicine44@gmail.com

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