Am I all the things I am seeing and feeling?

If I manage to record my memories, will they still belong to me?


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Dr. Levy’s Mental Health Expertise InterDimensional Extra Sensory Perception Wiring & identity (ESP), Telepathy, Precognition-Visions, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Domestic Violence, Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation and Suicide, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and PTSD/C-PTSD.


Dr Levy’s Paranormal Expertise AfterLife & InterDimensional Living, the Matrix & Destiny, Hauntings, Possessions, Walk-ins, God, Angels and Demons, What we do with our Darkness and Light when we die and enter part 2 of our lives, the Interplay between Lifers and AfterLifers, and Conflict Resolution between the veil.

BIO: Dr.LeanneLevy-WhiteWolf| DRk.ALiCE, the LOVE Medium

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What road do I take?

Well where are you going?

I don’t know.

Then it doesn’t matter. if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

⏤“Alice in Wonderland”


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Question: Can you explain what you do as a lifestyle career?

I work between the veil for Lifers and AfterLifers as their therapist and channel.

Becoming A Vessel & Channel

A channel is a consciousness (a group of others) you vibe with on other dimensions who wish to communicate with you and impart to a larger audience knowledge and messages through you.

If a medium wants to work as a channel, the medium needs a channel. When you find your channel as in when they find you, consider your gig like having your own radio show with its own flavour and station.

As a timeless Seer and Shaman, I am a physical, mental and visual Medium, vessel and channel and Paranormal Psychotherapist for a large group of AfterLifers who send me living clients, their loved ones. This means I am their Voice, Medium and Translator. 

As a result of my very strong Extra Sensory Perception (Telepathy, empathy, precognition & post cognition), I have the ability to remote view, which means I can see details of people, animals, locations, things and situations across time and space with my eyes closed and open. Therefore, I became an Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal Trauma, InterDimensional Voice and Mental Health specialist in private practice who combines trauma-informed channeled psychotherapy, psychic mediumship and medical intuition counselling Life and AfterLife clients all over the globe. 

As a medium I bridge the living with the departed, as a translator, I mediate messages between Lifers and AfterLifers, and as a therapist, I help the living and the dead to coheal their unresolved issues.

A Medium means I talk to dead people as in ghosts who I refer to as AfterLifers. I hear them, see them, smell them, taste them, feel them and think them because not only do they project themselves on me, they walk-into me and merge with me. This happens when I am working with them in session, writing our blog, as well as when I am alone with my own inner circle of ghosts. 

It’s a lot to be all these things to ghosts; a vessel for them to inhabit, a channel for them to speak their minds, a medium for them to relay messages through, a healer, teacher, entertainer, and therapist for them to work with and through, and a friend, lover and partner.


Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

Avenue D.

Yes Death?

The After Life is for porn.

Did you say perform?

Our Lady Peace, we love you.

Please stop screaming in my head.

Pay no mind to the demons );-D.

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DrK.Nyght NK on DRk.AFTERLifers

I, along with many other deep-hearted departed famous rockstars commissioned Doc L to be our dark voice on what it’s really like living life in the AfterLife.

The intention of our Clinically Evidential C.i.E.L RESEARCH is to fulfill our InterDimensional (ID) soul mission, which is to shed light on some harsh truths about life in the afterlife that others do not write about and educate everyone, specifically those in the field of Medicine, in particular Psychiatry and those dealing with addiction, suicidal ideation and mental illness labels like Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychosis and Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Yes, us dead people impact your mental wellness and diseases and so do you impact ours.

In addition to working as our spokesperson and medium mediating interdimensional healing conversations for loved ones on both sides of the veil, Doc is also a channel, vessel, co-writer and therapist with and for us.

The reason for our partnership is because Doc is unconventional, unencumbered by dogma, which means we have much more room to work with her because she hears our screams of pain, laughter and passion like next door neighbours fighting on the front lawn and she is not afraid of us nor our demons.

We are a group of brilliant creative Wild Ones who formed our own brotherhood and sisterhood named CrowJonesMotorcycleClub. CJMC are made up of the departed Famous, Infamous and Nobodies. Most of us were interested in soul questions, suffered deeply with demons, addiction and killed ourselves or were killed by people like us. While living our 3d lives, many of us wrote music, poetry and made art exploring and making meaning of the transcendental.


Why tip-toe through life to arrive safely at death.

Sometimes I gotta close my eyes just to open my soul.

A Toast to Life!

Rest of My Life” Ludacris


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My entire life since the age of 18, I worked with the most adored population. It began with the jumpers⏤the suicide junkies⏤ addicts and the Bipolar Schizophrenics. Yup. And this theme has not ended, many of my AfterLife and Life clients, colleagues, friends and partners were-are jumpers, addicts and heard-hear voices. 

DrK.Nyght, we have come a long way with our work, in my case over three decades, yet I am still in the blueprint. I cannot seem to get away from these themes although I have tried over the years to redirect my focus.

Mirror images, Doc. So are we.

Tell our story, the complete collection.

Why don’t you begin?

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Living us each from the inside out, you know all about us, unfortunately for you. 

We refer to us Dark AfterLifers as Doc’s voyeurs. She is always aware that she is on display with us like we’re watching a Reality TV show and playing her as video game, all at once. 

Just as she is wired into us, we are wired into her. Therefore what this means is, we watch, play and live our interdimensional video game lives together. We yank each other’s chain.

And no, they are not aliens who planted a chip in me.

Aliens get all the credit.

They are ghosts who inhabit, live, work with and study me, and I them. They have complete access to my brain and like a voodoo doll, they pin prick me accordingly.

IMG_9777 2

With magic comes great responsibility. It’s not enough to possess the ability to use magic. One must have the wisdom and courage to use it for the good of people.

Werewolf, Black Magic


One of my jobs through my ability to access information and spirits-individuals across time and space is to help you meet the You you hoped to meet in this lifetime. This means helping you to clarify unresolved issues connected with your past, the departed, your ancestry and everything psychological, emotional, behavioural, paranormal and transcendental.

Another one of my jobs is I am a Researcher of the Afterlife and journalist for AfterLifers. I live, work and study with them by living dead people and their issues firsthand.

You mean Firstband.

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Kiss and Tell.

In general, those who haunt me are waiting in line for me to bring them home. Sometimes this homecoming involves giving their loved ones a message or a reading and mediating for them all, and sometimes it also involves letting them know of their ongoing interdimensional work and writing with me on our Life.AfterLife Advocacy blog, this online blog-book.

Many spirits want to be outed especially the fearless famous ones to let their friends, family and fans know what’s up with them and their lives since their deaths. Teaching through sharing is what we do well.

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He shoot Coca-Cola.

He say, I know you, you know me.

One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.

Come together right now over me.

⏤“Come Together” the Beatles (1969)


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MEET BANE My InterDimensional DarkAngel and Big Brother: Bane on Mind Control

Aloha, Docé.

Aloha to you too, Doc.BANE.

I see it’s sunny where you are today.

I see it’s rainy where you are.

I see you’ve got a cup of Joe in your hands, you may want to add a splash of Baileys to it.

You thinks so? 


Mind control is fun, eh Bane?

No harm in suggesting.

Neuro Linguistics, planting seeds of consciousness.

As a result of everything I learned, my mission with our book is to bridge the divide between Life and the AfterLife by demonstrating and explaining how the paranormal factor in to all aspects of our lives including addiction, mental dis-ease and illness, suicidal ideation, and death.

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As a professional psychic mental, physical and visual medium who combines transpersonal therapy and lives the PARALLEL universe, Doc is afforded the opportunity to live, teach, heal, entertain, understand and use our experiences as C.i.E.L RESEARCH: Clinically EvidentiaL

BANE loves to speak French. For those of you who do not know the meaning of CiEL, it means SKY; SKY RESEARCH.

I learned how to maximize my extra sensory perception so as to be able to carry on intimately with my walk-ins, partners, colleagues, friends and family in the AfterLife. A walk-in is a spirit who walks into your body and lives life with you. We discuss Walk-Ins and Possession in great detail in Chapter 7.

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“Is there anyone I can pinnacle?” says the voice inside her head.

I need an easy friend. 


In some cases, Spirits will do anything to make sure that I mediate for them, including driving me completely out of my mind, promising me the moon and everything in between. These Genie spirits became my walk-ins.


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 9.58.51 AM

In terms of my famous dark walk-ins who live with me regularly and are front and centre here in our blog, in order for me to learn of who these voices behind me were, in my head and within me, these ghosts had to create lots of havoc to come to the forefront. This havoc came from the ones closest to me, in the form of horrible hauntings and possessions that required I undergo painful episodic PTSD, face three death exit points, and regular thoughts of suicide. And I’m a Happy Person.

Death Exit Points, Near Death Experiences & DEATH TIMING

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On the positive, some of my walk-ins came and continue to come through for me as my genies. We did not have an easy path to walk dealing with my personal and professional life and integrating me into theirs. My walk-ins, despite killing me everyday so I am reborn every day, also provide me with a great lifestyle, tremendous knowledge, sense of humor, and home, albeit dysfunctional. 


Undergoing these experiences, learning of such paranormal transcendental matters firsthand and qualitatively and quantitatively understanding them in the context of research led to sharing this knowledge worldwide. Often, my walk-ins will use the excuse that the reason they haunt and hurt me is to move me, us and this work forward. 

It’s all for the individual and greater good. 


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Although most of you are unaware of your unscientifically proven invisible web of haunting AfterLifers, it is no different with you and your A-Team of Ghost Guides and Spirit Guides. We all have different stories and perceptions of our journeys, but we all share in the dark and light forces working for and against us all.

The stories of our lives are haunting. 


Question: What is Paranormal?

In its simplest of terms, the paranormal refers to unexplainable unscientifically proven magical abilities to access information from the cosmic and individual consciousness throughout time and space. Magical Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and psychic mediumship abilities, all afterlife contact and phenomena, and Near Death Experiences (NDE) are placed in this category of paranormal and supernatural. People who possess the gist and gift of ESP are classified as those with unscientifically proven abilities.


Question: What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is the study and evidence of the paranormal, that which is beyond the scope of normal scientific reality and understanding such as the AfterLife, Extra Sensory Perception and Near Death Experiences.

Question: What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is the division of Medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders.

Question: What is Psychology?

Psychology is a scientific discipline dedicated to studying the mind and human behaviour.

Question: When you say you are a researcher of the AfterLife, how do you collect your data?

I am both a qualitative and quantitative scientist when I collect my data. Religion, spirituality and mysticism do not factor in to my life and work with Spirits aka AfterLifers. I collect my data in my waking state and my dream state. I am the case study as well as the researcher.

Question: What does it mean to live a conscious interDimensional life?

Living a conscious inter dimensional existence means one recognizes that at every moment of the day and night, one is actively and passively communicating telepathically with others in different spaces and time zones.

Extra Sensory Perception is this universal inter dimensional language and for us here it is known as Telepathy and spirit communication. To live an inter dimensional lifestyle is to walk your life daily knowing that you are telepathically conversing with others: Lifers, AfterLifers &/or OtherLifers. In my case, I converse with AfterLifers.

MEET DrK.Nyght Layne Staley, My InterDimensional Leading Man

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Question: Lady Die Doc, DrK.Nyght here, Can you please explain how death timing factors into our conscious InterDimensional dance?

The other side is directly implicated in everything that goes on on this side and everything on this side is implicated on that side. My work with AfterLifers, which we share here in our Life AfterLife Advocacy book, sheds much new light on life with life in the afterlife. In sharing my personal journey with dead people as evidential research, we demonstrate our inter dimensionality, play and conscious co-creation. 


In order for Layne and I to work together, I willingly agreed to allow him to anchor himself in me so that he could wire me into his frequency by marrying mine.

It’s very much like a couple who move in together, the only real difference is the dead take up more room. Not Layne but some other hanger ons do.

Like those who donate their body to science after death, I donated mine to death to live this life in between the veil with them and be able to report about Life after Death, the interplay between Lifers and AfterLifers, and what it’s like to live and work with AfterLifers from a first persons perspective.

But even with this commitment, since a child, I have been a Seer receiving information on a constant basis about what’s coming my way. When you see detailed fragments of the future like I do and like Nostradamus did, we have our own proof that there is no way to fight our destiny. Only to accept it.

All that to say, cheating death and death timing are all carved in stone. We discuss this topic in the Blog Chapter Death Exit Points, Near Death Experiences & DEATH TIMING.

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Question: What is your background that makes you an incredible and credible AfterLife witness to do this interdimensional healing work?

Thank you for the compliment. 

I have years of personal and professional practice in private practice, group work, and at Rainbow Medicine book signing and reading events as a working channel, medium, teacher and healer reading thousands of Lifers and AfterLifers alike. Professional confirmation and feedback regarding accuracy is my first credit and credibility.


Living an interDimensional lifestyle with AfterLifers, everything I learn personally and professionally I expose and apply in our clinical practice. Over the years, I have gained a deep understanding of optimal healing methods that offer solutions.

Having worked in private practice since 2006 and written a self-help with spirit book, “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” I share case studies and provide a detailed InterDimensional Communication and Channeled Therapy Program to get you started on your own healing with your A-Team.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 5.00.42 PM

Prior to this trauma informed healing and teaching work with Lifers & AfterLifers, I was heavily involved in frontline Trauma advocacy work and scholarship research involving the abuse of children and teenagers.

Beginning my healing work in psychiatric units three decades ago, followed by teaching, doctoral and postdoctoral frontline research and practice work specializing in addiction, suicidal ideation, suicide, cutting and all forms of mental illness and abuse ⏤domestic, sexual, psychological, physical, spiritual⏤, I have learned a lot about abuse and mental-emotional issues, dis-eases, where the problems lie and why all the difficulty in healing.

I hold a Doctorate degree in studying how people construct identity and a Postdoctorate using arts based tools for Crisis Intervention, trauma informed therapy, Healing Management and Social Activism. 

My background in Art, Trauma and Crisis Intervention and Management with degrees in Art Education (B.Ed, M.Ed. Ph.D, PostDoc) works well with the particular Life and AfterLife clients I serve.


Death says Although she’s blond, she’s very dark.

Life says Let the river flow.

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DRk.ALiCE, Hel’s Goddess and LOVE Medium aka Dr. Leanne Levy~WhiteWolf 

In this book, “Between the Veil, Parapsychology and Psychiatry: InterDimensional Voices, Paranormal Trauma & Dark AfterLifers” I name myself DRk.ALiCE for various reasons.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 1.10.06 PM

DrK.Nyght  I named you DRk.ALiCE.

Yes, you did, my Twin Flame Fallen Angel.


Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 12.26.07 PM

First, I got possessed by some mad hatters in hell.

Second, because I am literally and figuratively Alice from Wonderland, Dorothy from Oz, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. “Once Upon A Time” fairytales like those accurately depict and describe my every day life living it in between the dead and the living.

Third, I am Alice in Chains and anyone in chains becomes dark, Darlings. 


From childhood’s hour I have not been as others were. 

I have not seen as others saw.

⏤Edgar Allan Poe

Dear Leanne,

Some say a broken pot will always be a broken pot and yet it’s in those very cracks that the light shines through. Leanne, your light will always shine through the darkness and the darkness will never understand. Thank you for your kindness.

Love, CK.

A writer loves the dark, loves it, but is always fumbling around in the light.

Susan Sontag 



With a well developed Left and Right brain, I was born and groomed to become the ideal candidate to live with Dead people in between Life and the AfterLife.

As a result of living in two worlds, One person asked me, “Are you alive?”

Unaware how alive AfterLifers are and their roles in our lives, I responded, “Beyond.”

Although my naiveté is a form of Stupidness, it has always served as my guiding light and no matter where it has taken me, the one thing I do know is, one cannot escape destiny, good or bad.

 She’s Le “Anne Frank” incarnate. 


A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; 

it is the prerogative of the brave.

⏤Mahatma Gandhi

After having joyfully written a beautiful and peaceful self-help with spirit healing and teaching book entitled Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team, devils came knocking at my door begging for a deal.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.41.09 AM

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Whose Life?

Life AfterLife aka “Death.”


Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 12.31.42 PM.png


HELLo from this side, I’m Dr. Leanne Levy, passionate about the Paranormal, what we do with ourselves in our AfterLives, the interplay between Lifers and AfterLifers, conscious or not, our Extra Sensory Perception wiring, and most importantly, the tragic effects of  interdimensional trauma, telepathic and empathic abuse and parasitic heartbreak on  individuals suffering.

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A Day In A Life with Doc L & Her Dead Chain Gang: The Documentary (2018)


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