My Psychic Mediumship Readings

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She’s a special medium…she hears our screams of pain, laughter and passion like next door neighbors on the front lawn. And she is not afraid.

My mediumship readings are all about addressing the issues you are most concerned about through speaking with departed ones. A reading session with me is an inter dimensional conversation where I am on the telephone with those in spirit who need to speak with you, and mediating for you both. Some come for crisis scenarios in need of guidance. Some come for conflict resolution to talk with a specific person in spirit to have closure on matters, some come for guidance in how to move forward in love, work and life, and some come to address paranormal situations with their children, family members or themselves.

Hearing “voices” and experiencing a walk-in, haunting, or a possession are some of my specialities.  My job is to identify who is around you and why and help you to resolve the issues at hand. Our speciality is conflict resolution therefore our inter dimensional conversation sessions are designed as therapeutic for both sides of the veil to air the dirty laundry for clearing purposes and help you receive the necessary guidance to feel more confident making decisions.

Whether you need to speak with the dead or simply in need of a reading, know this, the answers you are seeking or need to become clear on, is the reason you were sent my way.

$225/2 hrs.

  • READING WITH COUNSELLING This session includes a reading and counselling and is designed for anyone coming in to discuss a situation in your life and/or considering channeled therapy. $225 /2 hrs.

Phone sessions are how I give readings for international clients, and onsite sessions are available for Montreal clients and those visiting.

  • GROUP LECTURES & READINGS AT YOUR HOME-EVENT Mediumship Messages “HELLo, I Need to Speak with You!” I offer a group talk about the spirit world and Life.AfterLife, and readings at your home. You may also incorporate individual readings for your guests and a channeling workshop. These events are ROCKIN’. Please enquire about options and my fee at this link EZ MEDIUMSHIP TRAINING
Je suis de plus en plus consciente de la présence de mon A TEAM et de leur pouvoir de me guider, projeter et de m’aimer ! et ça, c’est grâce à toi et a ton message du RM! En étudiant dans ton livre 
Merci infiniment et amour éternel à vous tous!!! TRANSLATION: I am becoming more and more conscious of my A-Team and their guidance, protection and love! And that is because of you and the reading you gave me, and your message in Rainbow Medicine! As a student of your book, thank you endlessly and my eternal love to you all!!! Ana


MEDIUMSHIP Spirit Communication: Mental & Physical Mediumship delivering messages from passed over loved ones (people and pets)

PathFinding questions about life, love, purpose, and healing

Predictions questions about future

Medical Intuition health issues with humans & pets and issues between humans and their pet children

Hauntings, Walk-Ins, Possession identifying spirits around you, and delivering their messages, explaining why they are with you

Telepathy questions about how someone thinks and feels about you: merging with an other whether living or passed on, and identifying key information that you are privy to know

Psychic Detective Work questions about Crime, lies, affairs, untold endings of how people died


For International Clients

Please send an email with your Reading, Counselling or Therapy  Request and best availabilities day/eve/time for our phone session to You will receive an email reply from me within 24 hrs. Once we have agreed to book our session, I will send you a paypal link where you may purchase your session.

For Montreal clients, to book your onsite session, you may leave your TEXT and phone message at 514-887-7718 or email me directly at


I look forward to mediating for you and your loved ones (-;O;-)

xox Dr. Leanne Levy aka AkashaWhiteWolf, the LOVE Medium

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One thought on “READINGS

  1. Hi Leanne
    Wow I’m so glad that I met you and when you asked me if I know a Peter well guess what after leaving you the second time driving home I remembered that a friend of my parents was a Peter who was definitely an alcoholic and hung himself in his basement I was in my late teens and remember my parents talking that his son age 16 found him. But for June maybe that’s the month he died this I don’t remember but my heart feels so good now just knowing that now I have a true friend and with your guidence with anyone that departed will make my last years to have a peaceful and loving life. Someone for sure guided me to meet you a beautiful person and I’m honoured to become friends I want a session with you asap as you know somewhat my situation and I know you r. Probably very busy but if you can I would be very grateful to you. Please let me know how to proceed
    I wish you all the very best success and I will start to read ur book tonite and also I will tell people that I know that would be happy in contacting you. Waiting to hear from u soon. Just in case u don’t remember I bought another book for the young guy named jake who does sampoos at the hairdresser
    Thank you Leanne. God bless you and I thank whoever wanted this meeting to happen
    Love always

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