1| Individual Channeled Therapy


  • Introductory Assessment Session 2-hrs. (Includes a Reading and Assessment) $250
  • 90 min. phone therapy sessions $150
  • You have the option to order a Healing map Reading *written, $250
  • Any readings outside of the therapy session can be had at any time. Reading sessions for regular therapy clients are $150.



2| AA (Angels Anonymous) interdimensional Group Channeled Therapy

3| Rainbow Medicine Healing Workshops

4| Healing Speaking Engagements- Q&A Educational Talks

5| Support Groups for those who hear voices and are struggling with Paranormal Schizophrenia (telepathically and empathically receiving too much information from those within and around you and not knowing what it means, who it’s coming from and why you feel confused)

*SPECIAL NOTE Group work is done by you selecting members to participate in your own group with me as your therapist-medium-healer. My recommendations is to Select members you feel safe with.


  • You have the choice to book 2hrs or 4 hrs Group sessions 2hrs-$250, 4 hrs. $500 (*this fee is split between the members of your group)
  • Depending on your location there may be an additional $50-$100 in driving expense time


For International & Local Clients

Please send an email with your Reading, Counselling or Therapy  Request and best availabilities day/eve/time for our phone session to You will receive an email reply from me within 24 hrs. Once we have agreed to book our session, I will send you a paypal link where you may purchase your session.


LOOKING FORWARD to working with  you all!

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IMG_2739Guilt relates to issues of accountability and decision making. Guilt issues have been found to be a leading cause of holding bacteria in the body. I have also discovered that it is the leading cause for hauntings and posessions.

Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha WhiteWolf, Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!

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By unpacking trauma history and making the necessary links between one’s sense of self, attachment style history, self-regulation capacity, and communication and coping pattern history, we help you to gain greater self-awareness and self-understanding, improve patterns of communication, find solutions to specific problems, experience significant reduction in feelings of distress, and enjoy your life with new understanding and perspective. Only when consciousness is raised, change becomes possible. ⏤Dr. Levy~Akasha WhiteWolf

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A Time of Change is a Calling to Awaken to Your True Self & Best Life Path

As an Empowerment Therapist who blends psychic mediumship and psychotherapy, Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha WhiteWolf’s role is to assist clients in building self-esteem by healing anger, impulsivity, grief, shame, loss and guilt by getting straight to the issues that burn at your core. Because we have access to your Soul chart, we do not waste any time identifying your truth.

Through CHANNELED therapy, readings and conversations with your guides and loved ones on the other side who direct your healing in session, we help you to understand your particular soul path, heal ancestral-karmic patterns blocking movement forward, see more clearly the way ahead, come into greater authenticity, improve your communication, and feel more confident in your path making and overall sense of self i.e. your wellbeing.


Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 6.09.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.11.30 AMExperienced in the following Issues:
Addiction, Anxiety, Anger and Depression. Insecure/Disorganized Attachment, Bereavement-preparing to transition, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bullying, Burnout, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Codependency, Coping with Chronic Illness, Coping with Mental Illness, Divorce/Separation, Domestic/InterPersonal Violence, Eating Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Family Conflict, Foster Care/Adoption, Grief counselling, Hauntings, Identity Disorders (DD, DID), Illness/Terminal Illness, Infertility, Loss of Important Relationships, Low Self-Esteem, Manic Depression, Marriage Counselling, Menopause, Neglect, Paranormal, Parenting, Physical Abuse, Psychic children & adults, Psychological Abuse, Self-Injury, Sexual Abuse/Rape, Sexual Identity, Sex and Love Addiction, Schizophrenia, Spiritual Awakening and/or Crisis, Spirit Haunting, Suicidal Ideation, Teenage Motherhood, Trauma Recovery, Youth Protection and Incarceration.


Dr. Levy ~AkashaWhiteWolf & The InterDimensional Drs.
Individual, Couples, Family

Question: What is Channeled Therapy? What can I expect from a typical session?

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Like open-ended therapy, Channeled Therapy involves talk and conversation but unlike traditional therapy, my input is consciously and deliberately guided and channeled by my A-Team and yours (family, friends, and other experts in your healing) on the Other Side. Sometimes these “experts” are spirits you had a direct contact with in your life and sometimes they are strangers who you have never met. Your family and friends above are in charge of your therapy and the information that comes through and this is what I do my best to mediate.

Every therapy session is like receiving a mini reading, these guided sessions are channeled from the moment I speak. The information that comes out of me directs us in session and addresses the issues your spiritual healing team wish us to confront that day. From here much fun is had! By the end of each session, you feel more relieved and excited about your life.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.38.42 AM

Question: What healing methods do you use in session?

Channeled talk. You realize the magic that comes out of both of our mouths as the spirit world is always dropping information into both of our heads during our session so as to help us both patchwork and pathwork⏤become detectives by piecing together the clues. Through this channeling method that is occurring without you even realizing it, together we are able to come up with realizations and solutions to specific problems we address each day.

Healing Map Reading. We offer the option of beginning with a Healing Map Reading to outline your issues and this is where we are given relevant information about your past, present and future that concerns your healing journey with us. I have to say, I am always amazed of what comes through as it is literally a manual written by your A-Team of what needs to be healed addressing storylines, life lessons, traumas, hidden truths, and  future direction. In this reading, specific spirits come through to let you know who is on your A-Team and leading your healing. Your Healing Map is like a storybook that covers a specific time frame. I never know which time frames they will address until I channel it. If they know you will be with me for one year, they will address a one-year plan. If they know you will be with us for 3 years, they will address this longer time frame. If they know you will be with us sporadically, this too will be addressed somewhere in the reading. These time frames are not always clear, but sometimes they are if we need to know them. In our sessions and healing map reading, we are on a need to know basis.

Mini Readings & Additional Specific Readings. Our channeled therapy sessions are also guided by mini readings I conduct with your A-Team before I get on the telephone with you. If we require additional specific readings throughout your time with us, this is always incorporated into your channeled therapy sessions.

Question: Do you work with couples?

Yes. We work with couples, separately and together. For offsite clients, we begin with a couples phone call, for local clients we begin with an onsite session to assess the situation and goals and in this session we decide on a healing plan and schedule accordingly.

Question: What if my partner doesn’t want to come for couples therapy, can I still work on myself in regards to our relationship?


Question: If we both come do you suggest we book one healing map for the couple of separate healing maps for each of us?

In the past, I have noticed a benefit for each of you to have your own maps. In these readings, I have been able to identify what you each need to work on, specifically as this is the storyline that comes through. When I channel a healing map for the couple, the storyline addresses the couple. Depending on what you want, both will work well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.52.54 AM

Question: Can I still have a healing map reading about our couple if only I come?

Sure. Without spying on your partner, we will be able to access much information that will help you to better understand your partner, your relationship, what is in store for you, and how best to walk your path.

Question: Do you suggest weekly phone therapy sessions, every two weeks, or once a month?

This depends on your budget, time frame you wish to heal, and how much time you need in between sessions to figure some things out on your own. We offer all kinds of schedules. What I notice is your level of crisis you come in with will determine how often we will see each other. You may start out with twice a week if you are in dire straights or once a week if you are committed. Then, at some point, move to every two weeks. Once your healing has really settled in and your confidence restored with your new outlook, you may only need once a month. Usually, we like to taper clients when we see they are doing well. We do not like to encourage dependancy , rather independence.

We also offer counselling sessions, this approach is for those on an as-needed-basis. These sessions are also channeled.

Question: As a new client, what are the steps I should take to begin my therapy with you?

imageWe book all therapy and counselling sessions via email and text.  514-887-7718

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Question: I notice you also offer a Workbook therapy program, when do you suggest this is an appropriate method I should consider?

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.55.37 AMIf you are struggling with codependency, we will identify this in our first phone consultation session together and discuss this workbook option. If you enjoy homework, this program will be a valuable tool to fast track your healing.

I suggest you read what we have placed on our website about codependency. Often this term is misunderstood and people do not identify it in themselves that they are indeed codependent. We are all codependent. Codependency is simply one way to say we are out of balance. In order to come into greater peace and happiness, we must rebalance. But how do we learn how to rebalance? In this codependency program, we teach you everything about this with tons of hands on exercises. This independent workbook allows you to answer the questions cerebrally &/or channeled.

Read here about the  CODEPENDENCY The Disease to Please


I look forward to working with you!

Love, Dr. Leanne Levy ~ Akasha White Wolf

LOVE Medium & Spirit Therapist 514-887-7718 (text)

Communicate with your Spirit Guides, Channel your own Therapy & Become your own Medical Intuitive by learning how in our Self-Help with Spirit book. Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM 

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