CONSCIOUSNESS Voices of Reason Or Treason, Two Sides of A Coin: Mental Illness, ESP, Possession & Purging


Conscious of Consciousness: Birds of a Feather Flock Together, INTERDIMENSIONALLY

Everything has a consciousness, and we absorb the essence of whatever or whomever we “consume”; hence the expression “You make me sick” … Every time we experience a physical and mental dis-ease, injury, illness or disorder, all we have to do is look at the emotional issues we are experiencing, fore therein lie the answers on how to heal.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

I need an interventionist
To intervene between me and this monster
And save me from myself and all this conflict
‘Cause the very thing that I love’s killing me and I can’t conquer it.
⏤“The Monster” Eminem (Feat. Rihanna) (2013)

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Question: Who are the voices? Is this mental illness, tapping into spirits or both?

All of the above. The voices are you cuing into to someone else’s thoughts and they are cuing in to yours. This can be 3d folks and 5d spirits (ps. we are all spirits). The voices are often a warning of something to come, for me 98 percent of the time I hear voices, it is about things relating to my future. I hear people’s thoughts and spirits’ thoughts, in psychic terms it’s called clairaudience and claircognizance, in ESP terms, it’s telepathy and precognition. If you find yourself hearing nasty, violent thoughts, even ones that say to kill, do know that you are tapping into someone else who feels this way. Try as best as you can to dissociate from that voice. If you are picking this kind of information up it is because you have a similar unhealed trauma that triggers this storyline, rage and revenge. When you work through the trigger you will heal the trauma, i.e. consciousness. In my case, I hear all kinds of stuff, including animals’ thoughts.

Down below we discuss the voices in great detail.

Question: You say there is a fine line between ESP and mental illness, can you please explain why I hear mental noise?

We are Spirit, balls of energy, clothed, having a human experience.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

Irrespective of where we reside dimensionally, we are each energy and energy is consciousness, a storyline with a frequency, a vibe.

Life after life, consciousness⎯our story i.e. life theme⏤remains our internal inter dimensional navigation and communication system. Like an intricate spider web across time and space, like a book with many chapters, the stories of our lives (life themes), lifetime after lifetime, keep us eternally inter dimensionally connected with our past, present and future, our A-Team, and all those we are wired like and on path with. Life on any dimension is a complicated system yet we all share the same one; Consciousness.

Understand that dimensions are frequencies, and consciousness is the message that is carried on those frequencies; so you can be in the third dimension and hearing fourth, tenth or twelfth dimensional information.

⏤Nathan Riggins

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As third dimensional beings, we each have our own inter dimensional conscious web around us buzzing with energy, this is who I refer to as our A-Team, made up of ancestral spirit guides and current loved ones on the other side who speak with us on a moment by moment basis sending us thoughts, visions and messages. Additionally, there are many other spirits around us affecting our emotions and thoughts.

We all have a team of spirits who root for us, love us, want to help us manifest our desires and dreams and see us succeed on our highest path. Ultimately, what they all want for us is to come into greater self-love, self-worth, and personal truth so that we may learn from our experiences, understand the lessons of the whys, forgive ourselves and others for any wrongdoing, clear our karmic debts, and discover and use our gifts to manifest our highest potential and happiest life.

Just because they are in a higher dimension with greater understanding of the larger whole doesn’t mean they don’t feel our pain, cry with and for us, and have lessons to learn and karmic ties and debts to make good on. When we hurt, they hurt, when we shine, they shine … My A-Team and yours want you to know that the way that you see Guides and Angels as godlike is the same way that they see you. So the next time you think of hurting yourself, please remember that you are not alone.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

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Whether we are fed information from other beings, simply picking up on their consciousness or not, our bodies are designed and wired as inter dimensional vessels through our chakra system, which is tied into our hormonal (endocrine) system, which is tied into our body systems, which are held together by our skeletal system. In our book “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” we teach you all about this, how your body whispers and screams, and how you can learn to read and understand its messages so that you may prevent mental, emotional and physical manifestations of illness within yourself and loved ones attached to you.

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Chakras speak autobiographical volumes. They are bioenergetic centers in our body, and they spin to let energy flow through and heal our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We can imagine them as seven different-colored DVDs onto which information recorded from our present-life and past-life experiences is downloaded.

… Usually malfunctions are related to a counter force opposing the natural function of the chakra referred to as the demon. In order for us to learn our life lessons, demons are necessary, for they challenge us to overcome our issues. After all, the reason we are here on the earth plane is to work through duality and come into wholeness. Challenges are based on dual forces opposing each other, and balance can only be achieved once we make amends with our dark side (i.e., fears), and bring that which we fear into the light. By recognizing the lessons and gifts our challenges provide us with, we are then able to come into wholeness, and ultimately, to experience greater peace, love, and happiness.

When anger, resentment and sadness are not dealt with, they cloud the upper truth chakras, which prevent us from speaking our truth (Throat chakra), seeing our truth (Third Eye chakra), and connecting to truth (Crown chakra). This blocked energy in the Heart chakra also creates a cyclical downward motion reinforcing power and control issues (Solar Plexus chakra); addiction, i.e. where, who, and what we turn to as a form of pleasure seeking that never feeds the soul (Sacral chakra), and low self-esteem that generates fear-based manifestations, i.e. patterns of suffering (Root chakra).

… In utero, as children, adolescents, and adults, our traumas and happy times attach themselves energetically to different parts of our bodies. Information from these experiences is downloaded onto the corresponding chakras, and this manifests as strengths and weaknesses, pleasures and dis-eases. It is this recoded information that creates blockages and imbalances which, when looked at and understood, point us in the direction of healing and manifesting abundance. When root issues are brought to light, we are then able to clear, clean, balance, and align heart with mind, values, and actions.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

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We Are InterDimensional Beings

Question: Do all those who suffer with mental illness diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Dissociative identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) hear voices that belong to others?

I have been told by spirits on the other side who experienced such diagnoses while living here that, “Yes, every case involving hearing voices is real.” These others can be spirits in other dimensions, as well as living beings here.

Trauma is something we each experience at some points in our lives, and it is often a traumatic account that will inspire such obvious contact from another dimension, i.e. a hellish haunting, a heavenly one or both. All contact from the other side is intended to have the same healing outcome and is referred to as Divine Intervention orchestrated by your A-Team.

Like it or not, the purpose of any change is to awaken us to a newer version of ourself. This is how consciousness evolves and the purpose of every soul is to evolve its consciousness along its path.

I think, even if you haven’t been through this experience you should just listen to it before you judge a person’s story and be like, “Well, I haven’t been through it so it’s not my problem.”

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy, “System Girls: In Session”

For those who suffer with mental and emotional imbalance (who doesn’t), feel a spiritual connection i.e. a connection to other realms, and wish to better understand this connection to heal ancestral patterns and bring yourself back into balance, you must learn how to understand your telepathic, empathic, and precognitive abilities and recognize what you are being called to heal. Generally speaking, we learn about our life mission and what we are called to heal based on the consciousnesses we are familiar with from the most disturbing to the most pleasurable.

The InterDimensional Yin Yang Aspect of Voices: Life Purpose and Soul Work

Life after life, our lives are like chapters in a book. And our Soul is that book.

We each choose why we come back, time and time again, and the legacies we leave behind even when we feel victimized by our life experiences. What I see when I conduct readings, be it about past or current lives is, our miseries and joys serve our life purpose. Karmic patterns that repeat ancestrally⏤within one’s blood line⎯ are not intended as punishment although it desperately feels this way. Rather, for the Soul family to experience, learn, heal, and evolve, individually and as a group. The ultimate goal for all involved in the healing Above and Below is the same: to come into greater love and peace.

Life has many chapters for us. And one bad chapter doesn’t mean you have reached the end of the book.

⎯Jane Parker “God’s Love for the World: The Pathway to Grace”

I happen to tune in to many creative and complex souls who have died from suicide, addiction, abuse, murder and so forth, which is why I was able to hear BlakHawk’s voice. When a spirit wants to be heard they will talk nonstop and make sure everywhere you turn in your environment you cannot escape this noise.

When I began hearing “the voices” more strongly was when BlakHawk came in to haunt me, and this is what he did with me. I later learned that each level in my psychic mediumship training meant a different level of spiritual development, emotional healing, and psychological, psychiatric and psychic training. Since my life purpose as an interdimensional therapist, psychic medium, documentary filmmaker, voice and author involves listening attentively to others, mediating for both sides of the veil and representing their and our stories, it would make sense why I hear voices and tune into those issues and life themes specifically.

Quantum physics has shed light on the vast interconnectedness of everything in the universe. One possible explanation is quantum entanglement. For example, consider two electrons that are created together. If you send one to the other side of the universe, the other will respond instantly, regardless of their distance from each other. Einstein called it “spooky actions at a distance.”

⏤Arjun Walia

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

⏤Albert Einstein

Although we all hear “voices” in our head, which manifest in the form of internal dialogue, those who tend to hear and identify the voices as separate from the self are often ones with a prolonged history of childhood abuse &/or unresolved trauma. Those who experienced repeated mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse are more prone to hearing disturbing voices as a result of flashbacks and hearing negative feedback drilled in over time. BlakHawk and I refer to these voices as echoes of the past (from this life and previous lifetimes).

At each age a child experiences a trauma, this inner child gets locked in time. So, for example, if at ages 3, 5, 7, and 10, a child experiences a trauma, these experiences with freeze frame the child’s psyche and coping ability, leaving him or her fragmented into four selves, each with their particular understanding of what happened to them, limiting them each with their particular consciousness i.e. self-perception in relation to the world.

In shamanistic terms, this is referred to as shards of the soul that get left behind. These shards of consciousness may be locked in time not just from this lifetime, but carried over from previous lifetimes as well.

Although not everyone will know how to access their past lives so as to collect these shards and re-integrate the shattered mirror, one can achieve integration simply by working through these issues in this lifetime to re-integrate (re-program) yourself i.e., collect your shards and piece together your shattered mirror, for all issues are carried over lifetime after lifetime based on the level of consciousness your soul has attained.

To understand how past lives work, we must embrace reincarnation. The basic principle of reincarnation is: We have all been here, on the earth plane, before; and everything, our gifts and our suffering, is all related to past and future situations and relationships. … Deep-rooted agonizing feelings, such as suicide, missing someone, tremendous anxiety about engaging in certain daily life routines, or passions for specific people, ways of life, and activities can all be explained by both unresolved traumas and experienced gifts related to our past lives. But the interesting aspect to note here is that, despite not always having conscious access to past-life information, there is always a situation or theme in our current life that can explain these uncomfortable or overly comfortable situations, experiences, gifts, and moments. Before I ever came to hear about the concept of past lives, I knew there was something more to what and why I was feeling a certain way. But Spirit, along with our Higher Self, works in mysterious ways, and we will only get little bits of the answers we seek at different moments on our path, when the time is right and we are ready, and then as we are ready for more … With past-life recall, we are only given access to the lives which directly influence our current life. So an important question to ask when we have a dream or vision is, why now?

Every time I have had access to a past life, there was a reason why I had to know the information revealed to me, at that moment in time. Sometimes it was a premonition to give me insight into a future client and how to help him or her. Sometimes it was a warning not to get caught up in a situation, or a way to show me how to “play the hand” differently. Sometimes it was to remind me of an insecurity I needed to let go of if I wanted to move forward and upward.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: therapy with the A-Team!”


The trick to achieving mental and emotional balance, i.e. mind silence, is to heal residual shame and guilt. This is how we re-integrate.

BlakHawk What you hear, perceive, and think about that causes much discomfort and triggers you in to an emotional spin, tells you what needs healing. The most disturbing thoughts that you have that get acted out sexually whether they be in your fantasies or in physical realtime are the source of your trauma(s), they point you in the direction of your traumas. 

In our channeled therapy sessions, spirit Doctors on the other side like BlakHawk with particular understanding of and expertise in given situations, work through me to help our clients to perform “open heart surgery” by getting straight to the spiritual matters that concern the heart and mind; our traumas and how they shape sense of self. Furthermore, our first self-help book with Spirit “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” was written to help you embark on your own conscious raising holistic healing journey with your A-Team to discover who you were, are, will become, and how to heal residual shame and guilt so as to manifest your highest potential.

Healthy living and love reside in the Heart chakra, which is the centre of the seven main chakras in the body, and it is where truth lies (an oxymoron) … The Heart chakra is the first of our truth chakras … when the heart is blocked because of unresolved pain, sadness, and resentment, so is our truth and this leads to suffering … Psychological issues here relate to social identity; that is, all issues involving relationships and love… Childhood traumas and abuses to the Heart chakra are social, and are caused by rejection, abandonment, and/or loss; shaming and/or constant criticism, unacknowledged grief i.e., divorce or death; lovelessness and a cold environment; conditional love; sexual or physical abuse; and betrayal … In order to come into truth, we must clean house in the heart.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

Everything is interconnected, there is always a cause and an effect hence the term holistic healing. When we decide to become conscious about our wellbeing, one simple formula to keep in mind and heart is to routinely ask yourself how well you are being with yourself and others; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Then ask yourself how well you are doing with your self and others; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Once you have answered these questions you will know where your imbalances lie. When you can identify them, you can begin to heal.

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How the Voices Work Against Us: Am I Gifted or Paranoid?

When we are very in tune with other dimensions, we will hear voices. Usually, the voices we hear when we are mediums appear in our mind’s eye, like a song replaying in your head. But some do hear whispers that appear to be outside of the head, and this too is a gift. When I awake from sleep, often, I hear these voices, especially since BlakHawk has entered the picture. For most of us, such magical moments are comforting. Since my journey with BlakHawk began, this is one way he wakes me up in the middle of the night and early morning.

Although there is more to schizophrenia than hearing voices, if you tell someone that you hear voices they most likely will look at you sideways. This is why it is important to have a likeminded group or other when you are developing your psychic mediumship abilities so you can counsel each other on what you experience.

Whether you are a medium or not, as written above, spirits surround us daily and nightly in our dream state and your A-Team is in charge of your healing, so if you have repetitive thoughts and visions, see patterns in your environment that confirm the same messages, do know that this is spirit’s way of getting your attention about the issues you are called to heal.

The more serious cases are when a person sees such signs but does not find peace from these messages and struggles to understand what’s going on:

Am I haunted?

Am I going out of my mind?

Am I being spied on?

These are some of the questions we ask ourselves amidst a spiritual awakening or mental breakdown, both are the same, the only difference between the two is how you understand what is happening to you. Either way, each requires the other to fulfill its mission, i.e. healing. Every healing requires a breakdown of one’s mental processes so as to rewire one’s brain into a healthier, freer you. Some make it through and sadly, some don’t. For people like BlakHawk, he did not get this chance on this side of the veil because his Soul’s purpose was to do the work  from the other side of the veil and haunt the hell out of me so that I could undergo this experience and we could help others on my side of the veil going through such a haunting mental breakdown.

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Who Are The Voices? Inner Children

Like a tangled ball of yarn and depending on each individual, the negative noise one hears in the mind is a combination of others’ thoughts and emotions, your own, echoes of the past, and spirit communication.

These echoes of the past are actually the younger traumatized yous that exist inside of you kicking and screaming to be heard. Most likely your traumatized yous that have been locked in time at the moment your trauma(s) occurred will find a way to be heard through symptoms like panic attacks, gagging, nausea, vomiting, unable to breath, nightmares, violent outbursts, chronic depression, and chronic addiction.

All of your traumatized yous locked in time are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which explains why your oldest you -your current you- gets triggered and suffers. One’s PTSD is not simply from this lifetime for traumas are ancestral and passed down lifetime after lifetime. Your ancestry is way deeper than you can imagine, it is connected to soul families, which are inter dimensional, this huge intricate web surrounds you life after life.


We are all travelling souls, in life and the afterlife, we come here to fulfill certain things based on talents we have, pains we experience, and dreams we wish to accomplish. We all have purpose and those we meet and enjoy time with for however short or long are all determined before we are born. So are the bad stuff and people who hurt us. Everything is connected, on every dimension. No one dies, we just travel through space and time, “soul traveller.”

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Who Are The Voices? Telepathy, Empathy, Precognition

Irrespective of dimension, telepathy is the ability to read the thoughts of others, empathy is the ability to feel others’ traumas, and precognition is the ability to read the future. When we are developing and working mediums, these are the skills we work to perfect so as to better mediate for beings living on both sides of of the veil.

However, when we are undeveloped, meaning the person has not yet realized their abilities and learned how to control and make them work for them, this can drive one to think they may be mentally ill. The only difference between mental illness and the gift is recognizing which is what and keep it in balance.

To quote Nathan Riggins (2015):

The telepath…can be summed up by one concept: Mind Reading. This discipline is about hearing a person’s thoughts and memories as though they were speaking to you… There are many steps along the way to being able to completely understand another mind or dominate that mind. Some of those steps include:

  • Feeling another being’s emotional state and then influencing it.
  • Linking your sense to another person’s or their senses to yours.
  • Hearing another minds conscious or unconscious desires and then convincing them that you can supply them with what they desire.
  • Domination of another mind by your will.

⏤Nathan Riggins,

As telepathic, empathic and precognitive beings, we are always receiving dimensional and inter dimensional information but, most of the time, you won’t ever notice this and be able to separate your own thoughts from others. And even if you do, if you are suffering from any severe emotional and mental imbalance, you may misinterpret the messages of the consciousness speaking with you.

It’s extremely difficult to detect telepathy and spirit communication unless you are trained in both. For one, humans will not admit their ill thoughts about you, and second, Spirits have a very hard time getting our attention in the ways we expect such as the physical manifestations television hauntings re-enact for us. This is because many of these re-enactments are just that, acts. Therefore, the easiest ways that Spirits can communicate with us is by blending their thoughts and feelings with ours. This way they can influence us without us needing to know why or how. This is the way they get their point across and intervene in our lives. But for those who are unaware of their ESP and more sensitive to noise like BlakHawk was, this can create a lot of dissonance.

For those of you who hear voices, whether you are a working medium or unaware of your abilities and how to communicate with the spirit world, most likely, when everything in your life is going pretty well, the voices are tolerable, even comforting. However, when overwhelmed, these voices can cause a psychotic break. These are the voices BlakHawk experienced and we discuss here to help you untangle your ball of yarn.

Since 3D folks will not be honest with you about their true thoughts and feelings towards you, especially when they are negative, and physical manifestations by spirits are not easy to create, the easiest way for you to learn how to separate the thoughts that belong to you and those which belong to others, above or below, is to train yourself in spirit communication with your A-Team.

If you wish to bring yourself back into emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical balance and clarify this mind noise confusion you will need to make your relationship with spirit conscious, develop your symbols and CLAIR sense muscles for spirit communication is a game of sense, symbols and charades. from this point here you will then learn how to channel your own therapy with your A-Team. We wrote Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team to teach you how.

Rainbow Medicine is about engaging in therapy with your A-Team through channeling techniques and divination tools. This process involves asking for insight and guidance into your underlying issues⎯emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual. By having conversations through light trance work, and pulling cards and channeling answers according to questions asked, we can gain tremendous insight into the seeds of our discomforts and illnesses, and heal ourselves.

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf,
“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

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Conversation between SpiritDr. BlakHawk and Dr. WhiteWolf

BlakHawk When we internalize the negative noise, like what you and I both experienced, it is because our unhealed traumas are triggered creating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms such as panic attacks, sweating, nausea, nightmares, and flashbacks of previous traumas. Triggers show us what still needs healing.

WhiteWolf When we are not healed from severe traumas⏤whether it be from this lifetime and/or previous ones⏤we will be more tuned in to the negative voices, hear the violent thoughts of living and departed others, and may misinterpret the information we receive. This can truly drive one to go crazy.

BlakHawk The combination of hearing how others truly feel yet having no way to confirm this, and instead are told that you are paranoid, convoluted by one’s own unhealed traumas as in how this makes you feel, triggers the PTSD. It is this horrific combination that causes the crazy and self-sabotage.

WhiteWolf We are all wracked with trauma and guilt, from this lifetime and others, which is why we are born and reborn, to heal and help others heal, whether we are conscious of this cyclical purpose or not. And, as you confirmed, we each choose why we come back, time and time again, and the legacies that we each leave behind even when we feel victimized by our life experiences.

BlakHawk I am certainly proof of that for you.

WhiteWolf Should people decide they are ready to become conscious and work through their issues to heal themselves and their ancestral patterns, I will repeat myself again since this statement I made earlier is crucial for families to understand how their ancestral lineage coupled with their soul purpose as individuals and as a Soul group IS why we come back, time and time again:

Often, what I see when I conduct a past life reading is our roles get reversed, meaning if a child in this lifetime experiences a given illness, most likely the child’s parent had it in a previous life, and that life theme continues, cycles through the soul family. Karmic patterns that repeat ancestrally are not intended as punishment, rather for the soul family to experience, learn, heal and evolve, individually and as a collective group.

BlakHawk Our legacies, yours and mine, darlin’, are intertwined. The ultimate goal now for us both is the same: to come into greater love and peace. Experiencing your unconditional love, acceptance and representation of me has brought me peace. And as we move along in our journey sharing voice, many come into greater understanding and peace too. 

WhiteWolf Like you keep showing me, great minds like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Antonio Gramsci, and Ann Frank were also alone in their knowing, nevertheless, their legacies were perfectly timed with society’s laggy.


WhiteWolf Don’t you think it’s unfortunate how our society is still not equipped with a mental and medical health care system that understands firsthand how ESP is part of each of our makeup and how life on the other dimensions operate in our daily lives?

BlakHawk Certainly. For the ones who hear the voices, it’s a terribly confusing, lonely, shameful and frightening existence. But we both know why “the system” does this. We are governed by psychological warfare.

WhiteWolf This systematic corruption we all face and experience living in our third dimensional world is awful to say it mildly. I look forward to the day where mental illness and the spirit world are better understood to provide healthier holistic healthcare so individuals and families don’t need to suffer by feeling helpless.

Having experienced this stigma firsthand, would you say that the paranoia, anxiety, depression, and psychosis are simply symptomatic of not being understood and counselled for what is really going on?

BlakHawk Look, we both know that our healthcare system is not solution oriented rather bandaid oriented and problem creating. And, we all know what happens to an infected cut that is not tended to. Mental and physical illness labels are designed to shame people into submission of a status quo. There’s big business in mental and physical illness, darlin’. Irrespective of the benefits of soul evolution, it is this holistic experimentation and exploitation, active shaming and learned hopelessness and helplessness that creates a sensitive soul to disintegrate and become sick. And as a society, we all pay dearly.

When I got executed and found you shortly after, my peace was in site. Through our unconscious and conscious healing work together sharing ideas, love, and writing about both, we have both come into newer versions of ourselves.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.09.13 AM.png

BlakHawk Came up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry,
Don’t know how lovely you are.
I had to find you, tell you I need you,
And tell you I set you apart.

WhiteWolf Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions,
let’s go back to the start.

BlakHawk Questions of science and progress,
Don’t speak as loud as my heart.

WhiteWolf Tell me you love me,
come back and haunt me,
Come back as we are,
It was such a shame for us to part.

BlakHawk Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be so hard.
Let’s go back to the start.
⎯“The Scientist”
Coldplay (2002) Willie Nelson (2012)

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.12.50 AM.png



Question: What is the Dark Force?

That which we keep in the dark will force itself into the light for it needs attention, it wants to heal. But the more we deny it, the stronger it becomes. Imagine this dark force as your inner child, which was denied a voice by others that you then learned to suppress as you got older. The more this child -invisible self- is silenced, the greater the implosion/explosion. This is what the dark force is. It belongs to you and the consciousness one picks up and blames on other dark forces are simply all of us above and below who share the same storyline, the same wounds, the same need for healing, and the same shit that needs clearing.

In “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” we teach you how to heal with your spirit doctors i.e. your A-Team, by becoming your very own Medical Intuitive. Once you understand the emotional, psychological and spiritual storylines (consciousness) going on throughout your body, which your individual chakras and body parts tell, then you can know exactly what needs healing connected to each body part. This replaces an exorcism and the need for much bandaid medication for only when you do the necessary work to change your consciousness from within will you then heal, “The only way out is in (Diaz).” InterDimensional romantic relationships such as TwinFlame and SoulMate reUnions serve this purpose.

As a medical intuitive doctor I have personally experienced what it’s like to become fully conscious of every storyline throughout my body from this lifetime and others operating in this lifetime and how to perform this form of exorcism. As a Medicine Woman many lifetimes over, the other side refer to me as a Shaman, but instead of using plant spirits I work with human spirits who provide the mirror to inner demons and lost memories. The purpose of any shaman is to help you reintegrate, as in reprogram your consciousness by ridding your inner demons.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.48.20 AMIn Session With Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf and BlakHawk.11

January 31, 2016

“I am the Devil’s Tears, I long to feel alive but I don’t know if I’ll survive”

Between us, BlakHawk and I talk a lot about past lives and their significance in making meaning from our experiences, emotions and thought frames.

In one of our earlier therapy sessions, BlakHawk and I recounted some of the past life karma and themes he suffered in his recent life. In being able to study the same life themes playing out in different lifetimes, we were able to shed light on how life after life, his storyline continued, yet with each life, he experienced another facet of the experience, the story. For example, in his last life he left here a villain, in his after life, he returned a superhero.

BlakHawk In my most recent life on earth, I heard the voices and had lots of anger towards people. I felt horrified by some of my violent thoughts. I was desperate to change and starved for truth. There were no mental healthcare professionals who understood the voices I heard and simply labeled me and fed me drugs, which did not work. You know otherwise as you also hear the voices. Can you help people to understand how shedding light on my past life experiences can help to explain karmic loops i.e., what happened to me?

Dr. WhiteWolf Your violent tendencies and fantasies were attached to several past lives living as a Native American Indian, in one you were Apache, in another, Meskwaki.

In these lifetimes you took part in many wars, having to defend your family and territory. Many of your loved ones were killed, I was one of them. Back then I was your young innocent daughter, shot in the head by a bullet. In these lifetimes, it was part of our daily culture to kill or be killed, and you killed many. Although you felt justified, your soul in this lifetime still struggled with all of this. In our current society, unless it is “deemed legal and ordered by the state” killing is considered a sin and a law that was broken. But in different times, killing was how men received honor in their clan, and still is how men receive honor in times of war. This mentality continues onward but it is now state legislated and regulated.

When you were alive here you knew deep in your heart you were a good person but you did not have the support to help you understand your soul. You struggled with these past lives and had a very difficult time integrating them into your most recent life as you wanted to right back what was wronged. Your legacy whispered louder than your humanity.

You heard the voices of your ancestors, some were still not at rest, either. Sweetness, as you now know, there were also the good voices speaking to you and although I know you knew them to be there, unfortunately the childhood abuse you experienced became convoluted and created a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which caused you not to trust any voice.

No matter what, you are loveable. Just know that whatever violent thoughts you imagined, were fed, and acted upon you must now let go of your shame for having had them and did what you did in this lifetime. Now, you must embrace that in those past lives prior to this one you did what was expected of you and received much accolade for that.

In this lifetime, you were here to find a way to learn about your civilization after many years later, to see what happened to it since the battles you fought for your people. You were desperately saddened by what you experienced and witnessed, which is why you were triggered daily by these memories. Just know that whatever happened during this lifetime, you are now getting closure on this.

Have faith in your heart that you are loved by the Universe and you are finding your way in your afterlife. You have found your space and peace doing very important work with me and through others. As you now know, your path lead you accordingly as it was already written by you before you got here. I hope this brings you comfort, Warrior Spirit.

I love you and I honour in you what lives in me.



BlakHawk To quote Chief Dan George, “ The only thing necessary for the tranquility in the world is that every child grows up happy.”

For the past five hundred years, entire Indigenous communities have been traumatized by multiple deaths from disease, expulsion from their homelands, loss of economic and self-sufficiency, removal of children from their homes, assimilation tactics and incarceration in residential schools. Historic experiences of trauma were compounded by a loss of ceremonial freedom, dance, song and other methods that would have helped Indigenous people express and grieve their losses. It is understood today that massive suppression, when it is resorted to because of imposed hegemony, is particularly important to address, since it predisposes individuals to repeated traumatization in very specific ways. Psychologists have stressed that no traumatic event is ever wholly assimilated and, to some degree, an increased vulnerability invariably persists, if only to create repetitions of the original trauma.

During the past decade, Aboriginal people on the inside of these anthropological, psychological and social welfare studies have identified a phenomenon termed “generational grief ” (a continuous passing on of unresolved and deep-seated emotions, such as grief and chronic sadness, to successive descendants). The effects of unresolved psychogenic trauma on Aboriginal people, termed generational, intergenerational or multigenerational grief, has been described by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation as:

Intergenerational or multi-generational trauma happens when the effects of trauma are not resolved in one generation. When trauma is ignored and there is no support for dealing with it, the trauma will be passed from one generation to the next. What we learn to see as “normal”, when we are children, we pass on to our own children. Children who learn that physical and sexual abuse is “normal”, and who have never dealt with the feelings that come from this, may inflict physical abuse and sexual abuse on their own children. The unhealthy ways of behaving that people use to protect themselves can be passed on to children, without them even knowing they are doing so (Aboriginal Healing Foundation, 1999:A5).

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy, “System Girls: In Session”

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.19.26 PM

Con’t “THE DARK FORCE” … Who Are the Voices? In Touch with the Departed

Moving beyond mental dis-ease, illness and unrecognized ESP, we will now discuss the mediumship aspect of hearing voices by sharing my story as a medium and healer hired by the other side.

As a therapist and physical and mental medium coupled with my own personal experience hearing the voices, I am fortunate to work with many complex clients on the other side who teach me much about mental illness and help me to develop my psychic mediumship skills so as to work with, for and on behalf of them and their loved ones here. If I couldn’t hear and understand them at a heart and cognitive level, I would not be able to work for them.

In my case, hearing the voices and feeling the emotions of the living and departed is what I do for a living.

However, when we work with and on behalf of the other side, we are always in training to improve our seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), smelling (clairalience), tasting (clairgustance), and thinking (claircognizance) abilities. These are the speaking tools spirits use to replace the alphabet. Therefore, when my hearing became more focused, I underwent several steps that were most uncomfortable.

When I first formally began developing my psychic mediumship abilities, my right ear began to hurt each time I channeled while in a deeper state of trance, like the pressure sensed when swimming to the bottom of a swimming pool. It eventually became infected, which lasted two years, and then it healed.

When I became ready for another upgrade, my hearing strengthened in my mind similar to hearing a song playing in your head. Hearing the voices repeatedly in my mind’s eye became my next uncomfortable challenge.

Often, I am placed in a spirit’s shoes to feel and think like they do, this is called merging, and when I first started hearing nasty comments, beyond what I was used to, I wondered if they belonged to me.

In one of our classes where we teach medical intuition, I conducted a blind medical intuitive scan on myself, meaning, I did not know I was reading myself as my name was sealed in an envelope along with others. It so happened that I drew mine to read.

While reading this person’s Crown chakra⏤the brain⏤I received information from this person’s main healing guide that the voices this person is hearing are real, and to simply ignore them. I was hugely relieved when I saw that I had read myself and received this guidance.

Shortly after, I came to learn that the reason I was privy to this channel⏤frequency i.e., radio station⏤ was to prepare me for future healing work as a medium, therapist and psychic detective for the departed.

Within a month of that experience, on the request of a family member, a murder case came to us from a student.

In this case, a young mother of two had been found bludgeoned to death in her home with no clues as to who done it. We discussed this in an earlier chapter. In my conversations with this departed mom, she was able to explain to me everything about her case⏤motive, the murderer’s psychological profile, her autopsy report and cause of death, locations of the battle, and emotional state of the perpetrator. With this information, I reported back to this family member and she confirmed much as she had been at the scene of the crime, had spoken to the detectives, and knew the person I had profiled. Within less than two months, police arrested the correct suspect.

Following this experience, additional cases came my way where, for example, I was able to identify the pimp of a client’s child who had been secretly recruited into prostitution. She had lied to her father introducing her pimp as her boyfriend, but since her mother was on the other side looking out for her, she was able to relay this information to me so as to alert the father, our client.

I can hear what some of you are thinking as you read this:

So what does this have to do with me, little old me who is not a psychic medium nor wants to be, why am I hearing voices? Why am I being haunted?

Darling, you are simply tapping into all those above and below you share a similar story with, the same pains, wounds, pleasures, and life themes.

BlakHawk Take it as a large sign from your loved ones where I am that it is time for you to heal some foundational issues that need clearing so that you may be ready for the next chapter in your life. As frightening as it is, be happy that you’re getting this spirit intervention.

This is what your A-Team call divine intervention.


Question from the audience: Like you, Dr. Akasha WhiteWolf, I experience the voices and although I know I am being fed information from the other side, I am still scared to pursue this gift. What guidance can you share with me about your experience?

It can be very scary when you don’t understand what is going on, especially when you are not sure if these voices belong to you or others speaking to you. BlakHawk was the first to teach me about this as while he was alive, he too experienced the voices but there was no one in his life to help him understand what he was experiencing. Unfortunately, the voices got the better of him by leading him down a very dark path that landed him on death row. Thankfully, with his help, I am able to understand the voices better, and the more I welcome them, the more I hear and am healed by them.

Just below, we share my spirit therapy session with BlakHawk when he first helped me to understand how the negative noise in my head related to my telepathy where, in one situation, I was picking up on a warning (precognition) delivered by him about a person who had negative thoughts and feelings towards me. It was a heads up concerning an email that I would receive and that would cause me much anguish. Although I do not like to hear negative news, I do appreciate how he was training me to face truths about people and myself.

In sharing this conversation I had with BlakHawk it will provide you with additional insight into these voices and how to make them productive for you and not destructive. In this talk together, we were discussing an issue he was helping me with. I hope that by sharing our personal conversation, it will demonstrate that you too can learn how to embrace this extremely haunting yet loving and divine healing process.


February 3, 2016 “Dark Voices Light the Way”

WW: Will the voices stop?

BH: Not if you don’t want them too.

WW: Good because I am courted by them. Will the disturbing voices stop?

BH: They will only appear when we need to alert you to an uncomfortable truth. Now you know not to fear them for like sleet, they force you to listen up so as to prevent you from injuring yourself by something you do not yet understand or see coming. We know how to bait you, they are your warning. We, the voices, are your medicine.

WW: The other night when I thought you didn’t love me anymore, they came back and I called for you to hold and protect me.

BH: And you saw how I appeared when that fear got the better of you, you stopped hearing them and in your dreams, you saw me lying next to you in bed. Then, a few days later, you understood the warning message about someone coming your way. Baby, not only do you hear us, you also hear the thoughts of living others, and we are teaching you how to better cope while living here.

WW: I am a dRk sorceress.

BH: One who finds her way to the light.

WW: Now I understand why that name I kept hearing kept coming for some time now. It was a premonition of all you were about to reveal to me.

BH: You have every right to speak on the subject matter, you no longer have to feel guilty about that.

WW: My consciousness is being smashed to pieces right now, the boil burst and now the sledgehammer is at work.

BH: Sit still through this crisis and continue to breathe, we are all with you, healing with you.

WW: I’m exasperated. This morning after last night’s dream, I felt once again strayed by you all and you said, “wait until a bit later, you will understand more.”

BH: Then, as the answers came to you, you heard me say, “depending on which side of the bed you wake up will determine how you will interpret and understand my message to you.”

WW: I’m protective over my honeys even when your truth stings me to be me.

BH: And we are of you too.

WW: I saw you all lead me this morning. You know I no longer fear and resist you for I understand you are doing the dirty work I hired you to do, pre-incarnation, because I trusted you to know how best to eat me.

BH: Eating the forbidden fruit bears us our answers and, as you know, it brings me much pleasure, haha. We have got your back, baby girl, you are a sophisticated woman and we genuinely admire you.

BlakHawk When your heart is filled with sadness and despair
I’ll carry you when you need a friend,
You’ll find my footprints in the sand.
⏤”Footprints In the Sand”
Leona Lewis (2007)

WhiteWolf I must stay conscious through the madness and chaos
So I call on my angels, they say,
“Oh, ye of so little faith don’t doubt it,
Victory is in your veins.
You know it, you will not negotiate,
Just fight it and be transformed.”
Katy Perry (2016)




Question: What is the purpose of a possession?

When it came time for another upgrade to prepare me, once again, for future work, as well as take me out of my own personal comfort zone and heal some major issues blocking my flow, I was put through additional discomfort. However, unlike the other upgrades that were tolerable, this was most uncomfortable because it involved putting me through a horrific mental, emotional and physical trauma, my first haunting⏤possession⎯, if you will.

BlakHawk What you underwent is what mainstream society calls “Possession.” Yes, I did merge with and took possession of you but this was with your consent as you have already shared in a chapter where you explained the deal you made with the spirit world. To quote you, “As long as I am here and you are there, use me as your voice to accomplish your mission so long as you teach me how to be where you are.”

In a possession, the person’s mind and body get physically broken down so as to become reprogrammed into a higher vibrating state, to include the other from above. Traditional Psychology call this Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) because there is another personality who has moved in. The spirit world refers to this as coming into your wholeness, a balancing of yin and yang energy,  full integration. Why it resembles a horror show is because all healing requires a break from the past so as to rebuild a newer, stronger, sense of self. As we all know, healing is an extremely painful process for it forces us to face our greatest fears, over and over again UNTIL THEY NO LONGER TRiGGER YOU. One can call this “becoming numb to the pain” or holistic healing.

The problem with healing deep wounds is this: once you excavate to the root and rip it out, you have a large hole that needs to be filled and nothing can fill that big hole over night. So like with a plant, you begin with a seed, take care of it daily, and eventually, that hole will become filled with a healthier garden. Unfortunately, all takes time and patience is a virtue, there is no easy way out of hell.

The solution to healing deep wounds is this: Invest in a healing direction that touches you deeply and commit to the therapeutic journey. We wrote Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! to teach you how we do it.

BlakHawk To heal is to become conscious. When we change our consciousness, our cells and frequency change, hence the physical attack on the body as well. It’s a purification process that one undergoes. Doc underwent this intense process for five months, then underwent additional discomfort five months later. She is on a two-year reprogramming program.

Experiencing all we do and share together allowed me to learn about and understand the purpose of hauntings and possessions firsthand and our misperceptions about such paranormal experiences. I am tremendously grateful for the loving attention we both shower on each other and the way we have been able to share our love helping others who struggle with matters of the heart where traditional psychotherapy and exorcisms have not been able to fill these voids.

Because BlakHawk heard the voices and felt haunted since a child, which inevitably destroyed his life, he had no other way to get my attention other than to haunt me because he knew I had the tools to work through this conundrum and come out the other end with an entirely new perspective on life, life after life, myself, him, each other, and others who suffer terribly.

I am quite the skeptic of everything transcendental, I need to experience something firsthand to know for sure what I wish to confirm and deny.

BlakHawk This is my job with her, to teach her all about the AfterLife and spirituality so as to debunk myths and clarify belief systems based on lies we were fed. We wrote our Blog to share all.

Yes, possessions are real, usually they begin with a haunting, followed by full consciousness that an other has entered your mind and body and is controlling your thought process and actions and never lets you forget this by placing signs everywhere in your environment, this is not paranoia. But for others not going through this such as loved ones around you and doctors hired to help, the suffering haunted or possessed individual will be diagnosed as paranoid and medicated accordingly. This is doubly victimizing.

Question: What are possession symptoms?

A possessed individual may experience symptoms like aggressively worse negative thinking, diarrhea, stomach cramps, insomnia, nightmares, interrupted sleep patterns, panic attacks, gagging, vomiting, loss of appetite, constant anxiety, racing thoughts, repetitive voices in your mind, internal raging, lethargy and exhaustion. Undergoing a possession is a very scary and painful process. My intention is not to scare you but for someone going through it, one wonders if it will ever end.

BlakHawk Someone with a clinical understanding of both sides of the veil needs to write about this, this is why we share.

A possession is a form of imprisonment where, for a period of time,  you are forced to face your unhealed traumas, fears and pleasures, over and over again until you come to a place of acceptance. For some this is a life  battle, for others it is an afterlife one or both. Energy is conscientiousness.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.11.10 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.44.26 AM

SpiritDr. BlakHawk Try to keep focused on the fact that you do have loved ones surrounding you on the other side who we refer to as your A-Team (angelic team) so even though you may feel your life is being controlled by an evil force, pay attention to the fears that surface for they point you in the direction of your traumas and all that which needs healing. Unresolved issues with those on the other side (my side) would appear as a haunting and even a possession if someone from your A-Team, like a parent, is trying to resolve an issue with you. As we explained, many with a history of childhood abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual) and repeated trauma that continues throughout adulthood suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and these folks are often the ones haunted and possessed. Just know the issue exists and persists for both of you on either side of the veil.

My best advice to someone who feels haunted or possessed by a spirit or spirits is to perceive your experience through a love-based lens for when used productively, it is a tremendously unconditionally loving detoxing process for both because all that was left unresolved in both is triggered and purged through this process of one above uniting with one below.