TELEPATHY, EMPATHY & CLAIRVOYANCE: DR. Levy, How Do You Hear and See Spirits?

Dr. Levy, How do you hear and see Spirits?

I hear spirits many ways, like words, conversations and songs playing in my head. Some like to sing to me as a way of telling me something. Some talk to me through the songs they have me listen to. Then when I found out I was haunted by rockstars hearing music in my head took on an entirely new meaning for me. 

AfterLifers talk into my head and often I hear them loud, sometimes I hear voices, sometimes their thoughts, expressions. The talk comes in the form of chatter, visions and auditory sounds⏤spirit communication and telepathy is like playing charades. The charade is a way of constructing sentences and storylines and they come through in the form of actual visions, dates, significant numbers, names, touches to certain parts of my body, emotional and psychological sensations, thoughts, vibes, smells, tastes and so forth. 

I am wired into the AfterLife frequency and their Lifers here and my brain is poked accordingly by AfterLifers as a form of interdimensional communication and direction. We have a language together and it encompasses telepathy, empathy, precognition, post cognition and access to individual and cosmic consciousness.

When we are very in tune with other dimensions, we will hear voices. Usually, the voices we hear when we are mediums appear in our mind’s eye, like a song replaying in your head. But some do hear whispers that appear to be outside of the head, and this too is a gift. When I awake from sleep and throughout my 24 hour day, I hear whispers and see visions, and smell and taste people, situations and animals.

For some of us, these divine abilities are regarded as magic and comforting. For others, it can be scary and torturous. For me, I live both sides of the gift.

IN TERMS OF SEEING THEM, They show me exactly what they want me and their loved one to see. In terms of feeling them, I feel their ailments, psychological state, sense of humour, advice, personality and so forth.

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