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Question from the A-TEAM: Can you please explain to our loved ones the concept of time and our physical manifestations to help them recognize, believe and have confidence in our signs?

We live in different time zones, which means those in the spirit world are ahead of time and therefore can physically manifest much in our reality that to us seem almost impossible to comprehend when we witness, experience or hear of such phenomena. They have great ability to manipulate energy in our environment, which means they can create physical anomaly of all kinds.

A-TEAM What you experience as synchronicity, for us is science.

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For example, they can coordinate much to cross our path. They can place people on your path, manipulate them to do things, say things, feel things, and think things. If you listen closely when you speak with someone, if there is a message a spirit has for you, they will use the person you are speaking with to say something to you through this individual. It may simply be a word that will resonate or cause you to react, or a physical movement that will make you think of something or someone specific so as to get your attention about the matter they wish to alert you to. They can also cause you to turn your head to notice something written on a sign or a passing vehicle. They will influence you to look up in the sky or down on the ground simply to notice a sign they have placed there for you.

Anytime and anywhere, spirits are always standing by to speak with us and when we listen closely and are in tune with our A-Team, we will be able to decode much of their communication. Because I am very in tune with mine, they make me laugh and cry everyday by sending me messages through others, both animals, nature and humans alike.

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A-TEAM If you play with runes, oracle or tarot cards, or scrabble letters, we know the questions you will ask beforehand and the answers you seek, so we are the ones who actually shuffle the cards with you and make sure the ones that pop, fly out of the deck or selected from the bag address your concern.


But given all of this, they also know when to teach you a lesson by mirroring back your concerns if they feel you are being lazy or have crossed a line. They have a huge sense of humor and purpose in that way.

Guilty as charged.

They want you to know that because we are all laden by our upbringing, how we will interpret their messages are always clouded in some belief system that will slant perception and interpretation, therefore they wish to remind you that although it’s nice to believe in angels as the bible describes them, most likely, those that surround you and speaking to you and through others are your departed ones. So the next time a person tells you that they see a particular archetypal angel with you, most likely it is a family or friend appearing in a costume to send you a message, which that symbol represents to you. To understand their message you will need to decode that symbol, i.e. the costume, set design and overall feel of the message.

Decode the symbols you receive based on their personal meaning to you. But remember, behind the character lies a personal message to you from a loved one.

b959002214733e0ead5c6364c443d042I also experience how spirit clients will write through me as I type our conversations such as Capitalize or mix up letters to spell certain words so that I will recognize their personal stamp, voice, and/or request to edit or insert something. As I write this chapter, one member from my A-TEAM made sure I wrote Capitalize with a capital C, and even though I did not capitalize this C, he did, so I leave it.

Why did you do that?

Because I’m trying to make you laugh ;D

And with one hand using sign language, he just signed to me “C U, V” decoded as “See you, Peace ⎯V”.



Spirits will make phone calls through others just to make sure that your caller ID has the message they wish to impart to you. They will text you, email you, play songs for you, cut off a phone line during a conversation, make you turn on the TV at a particular time to watch something, and even mark your body, simply to make sure you become aware of that which they wish you to become alerted to.


Some find this haunting and extremely confusing while others find it comforting and amusing. This will largely be determined by both the purpose and intention of the spirit and the person doing the interpreting. When you are being haunted receiving messages like this is terrible.

"The bad news is that the voices in my head have started text messaging me."
In cases like hauntings or simple warnings from departed loved ones, they will find many ways to warn you of bad news. Email headlines, text messages and music are some ways they reach out. 

But when you know you are in comfortable departed company, it’s the greatest feeling and gift in the world.

When it comes to electronic information, you will need to interpret the email subject headers and/or content you receive to make out the message, as this is one big way they love to contact us. They use all forms of visual technology as spirit communication tools, you just need to become comfortable recognizing patterns.

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Here is a funny little story to demonstrate this.

One day, while outside walking my two doggies, someone in spirit wanted me to give a loved one a message/reading so how she managed to accomplish this was while we walked by each other, our dogs got entangled in our leashes⏤she also has two dogs. This woman immediately recognized this as a sign. We parted ways, but because it was too cold for me to continue on my regular path, I told the spirit world that I have to go home, and so I turned around. But they had other plans. While about to make a left onto my street, waiting at my corner was the same woman with her dogs. So, we decided to walk together for the next hour.

Close to the end of our walk it came out that I was a psychic medium when she mentioned The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. She said, “You know, based on the reading Theresa gave my friend that I witnessed, I believe in this stuff!” She then proceeded to ask me, “Is my mom here?” Of which I responded, “Yes, I was waiting for when I was going to be prompted to share this with you.” I then proceeded to give her an on-the-spot reading as her mom jumped me⏤entered me⏤and proceeded to have me feel, see and say everything she needed to tell her daughter within this short pre-arranged by Spirit rendez-vous.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 12.21.44 PM.pngDuring this reading, her mom made me giggle, she was a very bubbly woman. She had me tell her daughter she was aware that her granddaughter lost one of her diamond earrings, that her husband sold their favorite couch, and about the operation her daughter’s father in-law had just undergone. She also showed me that she loved to wear false eyelashes by making my eyes very present to her daughter. I said, “Your mom is in me looking at you like this, can you understand why she is placing such an emphasis on her/my eyes as these are currently not my eyes who are looking at you.” She laughed, “My mom loved her false eyelashes!”

Her mom also told me to tell her daughter that a written communication was going to come in shortly, and just as I relayed this message, with a laugh that was not mine, a beep on this woman’s email went off, so I exclaimed, “That’s a message from your mom, she is hysterical!” I said, “Read the subject header carefully to decode her message, it read “Your lucky meal.”

Just after we parted, I realized that much of the message her mom delivered through me had been about her daughter’s health, healthy cooking, and green smoothies she was drinking before bedtime. However, there was cheekier insight into this.. The first thing I heard her mom say to me was the expression “if you snooze you lose.” Although I shared this with her daughter at the beginning of her reading it was not until at the end when I put two and two together that “your lucky meal” also meant it was her lucky day that she bumped into me and received a free reading because she didn’t snooze lol ;-D.

We share this story so you can see how you too receive this form of email communication and most likely have never even considered reading into it as spirit communication. Going forward, you will. The spirit world would like me to end this chapter with a message saying, “I am wherever you are, so pay attention!”

Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM
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