SCHIZOPHRENIA:Dr. Levy, Can you share a case where your client heard voices and you were able to help them heal the situation?

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The only way to know the Dead is to live with them and have them live in you.

And, Yes, they are watching.

They see and participate in Everything.

I hear people’s thoughts and AfterLifers’ thoughts, in psychic terms it’s called Clairaudience and Ciaircognizance, in Extra Sensory Perception terms, it’s Telepathy and Precognition.

InterDimensional Voices If you find yourself in a paranormal battle hearing nasty, violent thoughts, even ones that say “I hate you” or “kill,” do know that you are tapping into someone else’s thoughts. It could even be a tv program or radio announcement that will present itself in the near future in an environment you find yourself in. The Voices often reference future information.

The stories of our lives are haunting. If you are picking up uncomfortable information it is because you have ghosts and 3d folks who are haunting you sharing a similar storyline and/or unhealed trauma. When you work through the trigger you will identity and possibly heal the trauma, i.e. the consciousness.

Paranormal Trauma If the noise and information become too overbearing, you will need to work through the psychosocial triggers with a paranormal therapist such as myself to discern and identify who the noise is coming from, why, and resolve the conflict.

DARK AFTerLifers In my experience, cleansing a home of spirits will not bring you peace of mind because AfterLifers don’t leave until their jobs are done and they and you are resolved. Sometimes this resolution happens in life and sometimes only in death.

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Question: Can you share a case where your client heard voices and you were able to help them heal the situation?

In short, a mother was concerned about her young adult son who had been hearing negative noise for quite some time. The voices got as bad as hearing people’s murderous thoughts.

I was able to explain to him his telepathy and whose thoughts he was picking up on. I was also able to explain the future information he was accessing and what to do with that.

I explained to him some of the departed people talking with him, and how his ESP gift was to serve him in his future career as a filmmaker.

That day, he left our session knowing the next best steps to take given the road map we presented him with.

He never ended up in a psychiatric ward, which was the place he was heading just before he had one session with me.


Question: What is Paranoid Schizophrenia?
In its simplest of terms, it is a combination of hearing voices, seeing visions, being given information, watched and inhabited by invisible ones, and unhealed trauma turned PTSD. In Western Medicine, the voices are not understood as having anything to do with the paranormal and that delusions of grandeur, such as the person seeing themselves as special or in telepathic contact with famous people, is indeed not the case.

Well, I am here to debunk this theoretical definition as much of my career involves working the famous dead and living, I do hear and feel lifers’ and afterlifers’ pains, passions, perversions, sense of humours, judgments, fears, jealousies and intentional vengeance. which has been extremely harmful to me. And yes, I also get to benefit from what they each are good at, and this brings me great joy.


Question: What is Paranormal Schizophrenia?
Paranormal Schizophrenia, a term I coined, refers to a person who is telepathically and empathically receiving too much information from those within and around them and does not know what the information means, what and who it pertains to, and who it’s coming from but is aware it’s coming from outside sources. This parasitic noise creates tremendous confusion for an individual and is often the cause for why people take drugs, prescribed medication, harm themselves and others, including ending their lives.

The difference between paranoid schizophrenia and paranormal schizophrenia is that the person has evidence of their ESP gift such as those who work between the veil and receive repeated confirmation that the information they receive is correct and not delusional.

As telepathic, empathic precognitive and postcogditive beings, we are always receiving dimensional and inter dimensional information but most of the time you won’t ever notice this and be able to separate your own thoughts from others. And even if you do, if you are suffering from any severe emotional and mental imbalance i.e. unresolved trauma, you may misinterpret the messages of the consciousness(es) speaking with you.


It’s extremely difficult to detect telepathy and spirit communication unless you are trained in both. For one, many humans will not be honest with you about their true thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to you, and second, physical manifestations by spirits aka AfterLifers are not easy to create, although I experience them daily.

Therefore, the easiest ways that Spirits can communicate with us is by blending their thoughts and feelings with ours. This way they can influence us without us needing to know why, who or how. This is the way they get their point across and intervene in our lives. This is called MERGING CONSCIOUSNESS.

For those unaware of their telepathy and more sensitive to noise, merging can create a lot of dissonance and mind confusion and spin you into a state of PTSD. If this is happening to you, you are being haunted.


 Dr. Levy offers her Paranormal InterDimensional Consulting Services to professionals and individuals requiring her particular knowledge, experience, expertise, skills & gifts:

PARANORMAL TRAUMA Working with haunted AND POSSESSED individuals for understanding, healing and conflict resolution.

PARANORMAL PSYCHIATRY-PSYCHOTHERAPY Diagnosing and providing therapy to people suffering with MENTAL DIS-EASES and illnesses such as depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar, and schizophrenia. For those with schizophrenic tendencies, Dr. Levy is able to find out who the voices belong to and what is going on.

For enquiries and to book a Consultation, please contact Dr. Levy by email:

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