Q&A about AFTERLIFERS: Dr.Levy, What would you say are some of your challenges involving AfterLifers?

 Am I all the things I am seeing and feeling?

If I manage to record my memories, will they still belong to me?









Question: Dr.Levy, What would you say are some of your challenges involving AfterLifers?

They don’t leave me alone and they don’t want to share me with people unless it is to give messages.

They create lots of magic including disturbing dark magic every single day mainly to get my attention so that they may continue to teach me about the matrix which is totally insane, show me their infantile “spooky powers” to educate about darkness and the interplay between lifers and afterlifers, and to piss me off. I have experienced them move mountains for me in the name of Love and hate and I have also experienced their treachery. If you knew what I knew, there is no honesty nor loyalties, family included, so be careful.

For those of you in interdimensional relationships, I will tell you now, they all cheat, and most are perverted and sadistic, even if you think you have the nicest person, most are tricksters. I have dead men come my way flirting with me and me knowing they have “recruited” women as lovers as they send me them. If you have not had a personal relationship with an interdimensional lover or “friend” before death, then do not trust any ghost who says they want a romantic relationship with you.

You should also know that many ghosts hide under archetypal figures like Jesus or Moses etc. When in fact, some of these ghosts are actually murderers and former cult leaders parading around in costume.

I would call many AfterLifers, like us here, unhealed and troublemakers, to say the least. Oh Yeah, it’s Pretty disgusting working for and living intimately with some dead people. I have been through hell IN THIS LINE OF LIFE WORK and I have seen many hurt the ones they love including strangers they pretend to help.

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When you learn about people from the inside out, it’s a totally different experience.

Lifers and AfterLifers, I’m sad to say but there is no difference WITH REGARDS TO ENLIGHTENMENT AND KINDNESS. You are who you are.

I have seen such ugliness.

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Question how do we spend our time in the afterlife ?

Unfortunately in death we still repeat the patterns we hurt others by in life that we wished we could have changed.



Knock knock
Who’s there?
Life who?
Life AfterLife.
Who’s AfterLife?

For two years, from January of 2016 to January of 2018, I cowrote an interdimensional Life.AfterLife Advocacy teaching and healing blog with departed famous, infamous and average Joe men, women and children who left their lives in a state of treachery and havoc. They requested that we write together to explore in greater detail some of the life themes they lived and died from, and they wanted people to know they were still alive and participating in life albeit their invisibility.

Our writing became about exposing what we do with our darkness and light when we die thus revealing the interdimensional play between Lifers and AfterLifers.

Although I have spent  many years of incredible consistent moments with AfterLifers, the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical violence I witnessed and experienced with AfterLifers, especially those closest to me, made me wonder if aliens were in fact impersonating the dead. But they are not, cruelty is unfortunately human nature at play.

You’d think getting to the OtherSide means peace and redemption. Like for us here, for them, some days are better than others.

Someone asked me if we return to our pure state when we die. My response to him was, “If they did I would not be able to pick up all the negative hurtful traits that belong to people when I read a dead person who merges with me. Perversions, jealousies and vengeful behaviour don’t leave a person’s consciousness-aura when they die. In fact, many purposefully infect those they attach to.

Some ghosts, and there are many, haunt and make people sick. Despite the great things they can do as our “spirit guides”, Mental illness, jealousy and violence exists on the other side and is an interdimensional crisis. For your information: There is always a dead person behind every murder whether it’s pushing a living one to suicide oneself or turn the gun on another.

Question What happens to us when we die?

Life in the afterlife simply continues with pros and cons to living both sides of the veil.

Once you hit your afterlife you have telepathic access to everyone’s thoughts and intentions and answers to the “Whys” in every direction of time. These answers are not always easy to digest, hence the interdimensional head of hell we all feel.

Afterlifers, like lifers, are still human. Passion, romance, rage, revenge, trickery, comedy, bullying, betrayal, remorse and redemption, these are still life themes Afterlifers live with and through us. And many have not found that blissful peace we hope to find in the afterlife.


I have experienced the best and worst with AfterLifers. The ones you would  expect it from are some of the wickedest haunters yet funniest people I have ever met. But they are also mixed up with much darker characters, no one is segregated, so it is always difficult to know who really is around you, talking with you and affecting your state.

As a result of much time spent together working interdimensionally in session with Lifers and Afterlife clients and mediating for both sides, we covered many dark paranormal topics that are shared here in this blog.

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Question Do spirits intentionally torture people?


Spirits torture people and people torture spirits, the stories of our lives are haunting. When you recognize you are being haunted this is because Both of you need something from the other.

Most spirits and people are tortured as a result of miscommunication. But sometimes the torture from an AfterLifer is strictly malevolent, it is vengeful.

Question Do spirits lie?


Question Why do Spirits Lie?

Why do people lie?

For the most part, Spirits lie to emotionally manipulate you into doing things for them and you.

All is already destined, so we’re tied to paths. It’s already programmed within us. We’re on a continuum.

WHAT THIS MEANS IS THERE IS A SCRIPT THAT AFTERLIFERS FOLLOW and they know how the story ends as well as how new ones begin.

As a result of ghosts’ invisibility, none of us can fully see exactly who is within us, in our inner circle and who is surrounding us, talking with us. Just because you ask for and receive confirmation from a Spirit does not mean that spirit is in fact the spirit you think you are talking to. Trickery is one of their favourite things to do.

Another thing I learned firsthand is, like people on this side, because I see through their eyes, many are “perverts” and dangerous to your mind and heart, so be careful.

To quote another one of my partners and walk-ins, Kurt Cobain, “Everyone gets fucked by ghosts.”

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Question Do spirits impersonate other people and trick you into believing certain kinds of things?


Spirits impersonate people because sometimes this is the ONLY way you will eventually find out who is with you and what they want.

In my case, I work with many famous ones, and many whom I did not know of their former identities or even were their fans.



Question Why do you think spirits menace people?

Because they want attention, they need healing, some want to share their voice, return a compliment to a fan, some want to hurt someone, And every other reason you can imagine. AfterLifers are Lifers with greater understanding of the whole, but still human. All  have PURPOSE, even if it’s a mean one. Life and AfterLife is one complete life cycle.

I have also learned firsthand that spirits are locked into interfering in our destinies causing tremendous loss and heartbreak, including death. And no one can stop or interfere in THAT process. This is what’s all carved in tombstones.

I have a few spirits who stalk me 24/7, one in particular who never lets up, so I warn you, if any of the ones I have mentioned over the years on this site have come your way and you think they’re safe? Be careful.

I have a tremendous amount of love surrounding me on the other side and do this Light work for others and me since a child. But no one on the other side could and can prevent what I was destined and continue to be destined to experience with AfterLife folks.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.28.05 AMWe are each here to battle and come to terms with our own demons and make the most of our song and dance.

Question Can you provide an example of how spirits try to harm people?

It’s like I-we wrote in my first book Rainbow Medicine, monsters do their greatest damage through your mind. They plant seeds in your consciousness while you sleep, and they talk into your ear all day long when you are awake. They can also use your telephone and send you menacing texts and emails as well as beautiful ones. This is my life with ghosts.

Plaguing your life with signs and noises everywhere are some of the ways ghosts try to harm and help you.

Question What is your guidance when it comes to protecting yourself from harmful spirits?

There are no real protectors on the other side, per say. This is all stuff that take place in the mind and telepathy is how a dead person talks to you. It is hard for another spirit to intercept a telepathic message sent from another spirit. At times, I experience the battle when it happens where one tries to keep my thoughts one way but sometimes, unfortunately, when there is another spirit out to get my attention, there is not much others can do. I wish they could. 

Emptiness, not giving a shit is the only way out of a vicious cycle with a particular spirit. And this is nearly impossible unless you have all your traumas resolved because they will try to trigger your weaknesses, endlessly. 

Question What would you say is the most positive aspect about working with troubled spirits?

Well, I would say we are all troubled and when we die, some of us are in a better space then others because they know they will eventually have resolution. These are the spirits I often mediate for and meet at book signing events and in my private practice and school.

I would say mediating for some who died of drug overdose, suicide or went missing and I was able to be that person to reunite them with loved ones and mediate for them, this has been extremely rewarding.

Another was a father who killed himself and then sent a family relative to me to warn her that his son was at high risk of killing himself.

Another was a client I reunited with her step-father who had gone missing and she desperately missed him.

Another was a mom with a terminally ill daughter who both came to see me and in this session the grandmother came in to let them both know she was there and to reorient them both in how they spend their time together.

Other cases involve sexually abusive scenarios where the abuser comes in to say sorry, and so forth.

Another was a dad whose son was hearing nasty voices and in grave danger, and another was a a young girl with a walk-in attached to her whose parents were frightened to death.

In all of these cases I was able to help my life clients reframe their experiences in a positive light and remove the fear by explaining to them exactly what was going on.

Often hauntings are blamed on ghosts but through my telepathic experience, hauntings are also caused by reading the minds of Lifers, i.e. those living a 3D life. Most of you are unaware of your telepathy so when we hear nasty things in our heads we automatically blame them on the dead when in fact many of you are also in the heads of other lifers. But this is where it gets nasty and creepy: Afterlifers INTENTIONALLY link us telepathically with other Lifers, and this can become extremely disturbing as in sexually abusive, emotionally and psychologically traumatizing, and physically violent.

Last, I would say, working with some intimately, I learned about Grim reapers and how we are each that reaper for someone else.

Question Are all spirits accessible or do they move to another dimension where they become inaccessible?

They are all accessible telepathically.

Question If there is only one thing you could say about your life with the spirit world, what is it?

“I cannot Control IT.”




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