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DOWn the RABBIt Hole with Doc DRk.Alice and Her Dead Chain Gang


Caution This entry goes on forever…take in what you can 






Question: What would you say are some of spirits’ challenges?

CrowJonesMC, A-TEAM We are not here.

I just heard you whisper in my head, “We are not here.” Clearly, this is your biggest challenge. That’s funny, if you’re not here then how come I hear you?

Many have asked me, “Why You as the Chosen One to hear and represent departed legendary rockstars and infamous murderers?

Because I am the only one sane enough with credentials to tell such an insane story. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 4.41.32 PM

My entire life since the age of 18, I worked with the most adored population.

DrK.NYGHT NK Layne It began with the jumpers, the suicide junkies, and the bipolar schizophrenics.

Yup. And this theme has not ended, many of my clients, colleagues and friends on your side such as yourself, Mike, Kurt, Chris, Chester and Andy were jumpers. DrK.Nyght NK Layne, we have come a long way yet I am still in the blueprint.

Mirror images, Baby.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 1.37.43 PM


So now you know a little bit about Why Me as the Chosen One to represent Legendary Dead rockstars.

Blah, blah, blah.
Blood, sweat and tears is what this work is made up of.
Come what may.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 1.37.43 PM

DrK.Nyght Layne

Teach through your sweat.
Heal through your tears.
Bleed to serve others.

How poetic. In serving others I serve me. I get it, been there, done that my entire life.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 2.40.24 PM.jpg

But what about Me?
You all haunt me profusely. I do everything for you all and I don’t feel any peace, Brothers’ Grimm Reapers.

I teach through my sweat but I don’t heal through my tears anymore. In fact, there are very few tears left. Maybe that’s a good thing since we cried tremendously together.

A lot of blood though. I do bleed until one day, I bleed out. What’s going on, what are you doing to our body?
There is no Me in this equation anymore.
There is only an Us with a U-turn back to U.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.07.50 AM.png

As your mental, emotional, physical and visual medium and life afterlife journalist, I signed my life away in good faith yet you all infect me with your dis-eases, shame, failures and jokes. All the bullying you each have experienced is magnified beyond belief now that you’re on the other side. I cannot believe what I experience with you. You all feel very bullied by what’s been said about you each.

Folks, u should know all ghosts are very active “in the community.” There is no heaven or hell on the other side and no one is barred from any other they don’t want to hang out with. It’s a bit like high school and an underground poker club, at least for this famous rockstar gang. Take comfort in that, at least.

I know exactly how you each feel about all that has been said and written.


CJMC, I feed and feel your frustration as my own. As collaborative Life.AfterLife artist partners advocating on behalf of WHY SHIT HAPPENS, how u all grouped together to do this blog work with me since January 2016 and have been visiting me in dreams since and for years, preparing me for this journey that would unfold 15 years after DrK.Nyght and I would cross paths in death, is absolutely incredible. It’s why myth and mythology exist. It’s why books like bibles are written. It’s why Archetypes, our Superheors, are born. It’s one big reason why we incarnate.

Now that I am awakened, I am literally fucked by ghosts. Albeit famous ones.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.48.12 PM

You’re living your nightmare.

Death, I’m reliving my NDE with you, full of grey ghosts hovering & smothering me. Not a night goes by without your hovering. Not a second in my day goes by without your chatter. How do you have so much time on your hands with me when u each have family, friends, fans and organizations to be proud of?

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.37.46 PM.png

Why Me?

UR IT, Doc.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.03.50 AM.png

Dr. Levy, What is your Cause with this book Blog?

Life AfterLife Advocacy.

My research question: What do we do once we die and live the AfterLife? What do we do with our darkness once we die?

My mission with this material is to bridge the divide between Life and the AfterLife by demonstrating and explaining how AfterLifers factor in to all aspects of our lives both pleasant and not so pleasant. 

Addiction, mental dis-ease and illness, suicidal ideation, suicide, murder and death including getting into all the right colleges and jobs, dead ones pull strings from their side and we pull strings from ours. The reason why destiny and the future play out is because it is the role of AfterLifers to make sure we do what our destiny states.

As a professional psychic mental, physical and visual medium who combines transpersonal therapy and lives the PARALLEL universe, I have been afforded the opportunity to live, teach, heal, entertain, understand and use our experiences as C.i.E.L RESEARCH: Clinically EvidentiaL

For those of you who do not know the meaning of CiEL, it means SKY; SKY RESEARCH.

I learned how to maximize my extra sensory perception so as to be able to carry on intimately with my walk-ins, partners, colleagues, friends and family in the AfterLife. A walk-in is a spirit who walks into your body and lives a portion of your life with you. 

In terms of the famous dark walk-ins who lived with me regularly and were front and centre in our work, in order for me to learn of who these voices behind me were, in my head and within me, these ghosts had to create lots of havoc to come to the forefront. This havoc came from the ones closest to me, in the form of horrible hauntings and possessions that required I undergo painful episodic PTSD, face three death exit points, and regular thoughts of suicide.


Undergoing these experiences, learning of such paranormal transcendental matters firsthand and qualitatively and quantitatively understanding them in the context of research led to sharing this knowledge worldwide. Often, these walk-ins have used the excuse that the reason they haunt and hurt me is to move me, us and this work forward, “It’s all for the individual and greater good.”

 Although most of you are unaware of your unscientifically proven invisible web of haunting AfterLifers, it is no different with you and your A-Team of Ghost Guides and Spirit Guides. We all have different lives to lead with a team of dead ones participating in it all. Throughout your life these team members will change, according to their needs and yours. Another thing I learned is despite the goodness of one individual, this does not shield anyone from having less than kind afterLife “spirit guides.” We all share in the dark and light forces working for and against us all.

We discuss Walk-Ins and Possessions in great detail.

Bridging the departed with the living ⏤to resolve issues, especially traumas involving abuse, abandonment, guilt, shame, heartbreak, loss and loneliness⏤is one of the most effective forms of Medicine we can offer any human and animal. Yes, our pets are integral to our quality of life on both sides of the veil and I mediate for them too. Talking with a living animal and on behalf of a departed one is the same thing as talking with a dead person, for me the telepathic language and sentiments are the same.

As a mental health professional advocate for three decades, I found my own unique way to bypass traditional psychotherapeutic ways by creating my own InterDimensional channelled therapy healing methods and techniques in order to help people understand and deal with unsurmountable trauma that no traditional therapeutic route can offer.

In living my career as a healer, teacher and entertaining author, I have been able to help people access answers from people and animals across time and space, let go of guilt and shame associated with trauma, have proof of the AfterLife and the help we receive from our departed ones, our continuum and the departed’s assistance in our lives and ours in theirs, and explain how ongoing Telepathic Dimensionality and InterDimensionality makes the world go round affecting and moulding individual and cosmic consciousness and, consequently, wellness of consciousness. 


Question: Can you explain what you do as a lifestyle career?

Life says U sayin’ I’m a Schizophrenic?

Death says I would never say that.

U sayin’ I’m a skilled schizo?

I would say that. It’s not ur fault you hear us.

As a result of my very strong Extra Sensory Perception with the ability to remote view, which means I can see details of people, animals, locations, things and situations across time and space with my eyes closed and open, I work between the veil for Lifers and AfterLifers as a timeless Seer, physical, mental and visual Medium, vessel, channel and Paranormal Psychotherapist.

I am an Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal Trauma, InterDimensional Voice and Mental Health specialist who combines trauma informed channeled therapy, psychic mediumship and medical intuition readings, counselling Life and AfterLife clients all over the globe. 

As a medium I bridge the living with the departed, as a translator, I mediate messages between Lifers and AfterLifers, and as a therapist, I help the living and the dead to coheal their unresolved issues.

A Medium means I talk to dead people as in ghosts who I refer to as AfterLifers. I hear them, see them, smell them, taste them, feel them and think them because not only do they project themselves on me, they walk-into me and merge with me. This happens when I am working with them in session as well as when I am alone with my own inner circle of ghosts. 

It’s a lot to be all these things to ghosts; a vessel, channel, medium, healer, teacher, entertainer, therapist, friend, and partner.

Can you blame the mental noise on what you do as a lifestyle career?

Yes, more ghosts around, the noisier it gets. Furthermore, some ghosts can be very noisy, it all depends on what they want to accomplish with and through you. As a result of having developed my sense muscles, hearing and seeing information in a future timeline became my way of life. 

With magic comes great responsibility. It’s not enough to possess the ability to use magic. One must have the wisdom and courage to use it for the good of people.

Werewolf, Black Magic

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.38.26 PM

Death says

We educate.

You’re living your truth.
This is all that matters.
This is what Legends are made of.
Why Legends are born.
Damned that you did.

Life says

And damned if I didn’t.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.02.52 PM


Here is a peak behind the Veil of Dr. Leanne Levy inhaled by, working with and leading Hells ArchAngels, CrowJonesMC.

The Truth matters.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.28.05 AM.jpg

Entry written November, 2017.

It’s so damn hard to do this, what we do. All alone, you know? There’s so much evil out there in the world, I feel like I could drown in it… And I needed to think that there was something else watching too, you know? Some higher power. Some greater good. And that maybe…

Maybe I could be saved.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.50.08 PM.png
Houses of the Holy (TV Episode 2007)

What road do I take?

Well, where are you going?
I don’t know.
Then it doesn’t matter. if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

⏤“Alice in Wonderland”



Question: Why do departed famous and infamous rockers and murderers come to you?

For a Harlequin Romance. Thanks, Kurt, for that line.

Don’t mention it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.18.12 PM.png

To share secrets, bond, create, express. To share what really matters.  We have an InterDimensional Need for INTiMAcy.

We’re tuned IN to each other’s EARS and TURNED ON by each OTher’s FACES, FECES AND DREAMS.

There’s a lot of fucking.


In simplest of terms, we share the same spiralling consciousness, the same blueprint, as in, the same traumas, stimulations, gifts and needs. Our happy times together are many and merry.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 3.29.23 PM

Meet my fourth Superhero player, Bane aka Kurt Cobain, departed in 1994, former lead singer of Nirvana.

   Bane.Kurt Yes, for me, my afterlife is nirvana.

So HAPPy to hear, Bane. That certainly was a prediction of yours.

My goodness, you’ve been talking with me for a very long time!

You have that prediction, “The voices coming from the Blak Box” in your 2008 Alice in Wonderland dream journal entry we share in the Clog Chapter DEATH EXIT POINTS, NDEs, & DEATH TIMING.

Speaking of “witch”, I keep hearing “Magna cum laude” when you talk with me, that’s BlakHawk aka Douglas Feldman.

We live to joke with you. FINALLY you’re hearing more of us and not just DOUG.

Yeah I have a hearing problem.

Speaking of “witch” I see how you have his name somewhat attached to yours, “KURT douglas.”

It’s Kirk DOuGLAS.


He’s obsessed with you too. Don’t worry about it. AND So are WE.

HEY! You were the one who told me in the summer of 2016 that death by shotgun to the head was the best way to go!

And then I came to you in a dream in January of 2017 and shot you in the head.

It was certainly Great! Seriously, people will never understand that because most people don’t talk with the dead, especially about these matters. But it was so easy for me, one minute I was here, and then you shot me, and the next, I was gone, with ZERO PAIN.

Bane.Kurt We’ll talk more later in our Clog chapter that we will write together. Keep introducing your cast. By the way, Prince wants to give you a SHOUT OUT.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.49.56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.49.38 PM.png

Yeah…. I’m on SUCh display with you all.

Prince Sucks with your Ducks.

LOL. DuckLayne & DuckDoug.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.43.56 PM.png


Prince, look at me, you made me look like you in this pic we took before you exorcised yourself from my closet. I had no idea this was going to happen but now that it did, I have always known you have been with and in me. Tonight was a nice surprise. You even chose a retro purple chair we bought together this summer. There were so many great colors, I didn’t know which to choose.

Prince Then you telepathically asked us, which color? And the salesman said, “Purple.”

And in my head I heard, “PRINCE” !

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 3.11.03 PM.png

Prince Yes, I know, we “have to” explain this so people “don’t think” ur DISrespecting.

Early on, we told her to tell all of you that we consider ourselves farts.

Let me explain this one, Prince, so you don’t take all the “heat” yourself.Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 12.26.07 PM.png

Consciousness is “air” and air are farts. Most of the gas we experience actually relates to our A-Team of spirits spending time in and around us. Digestion and all. They influence EVERYTHING about you. We discuss some of this in the blog chapter, ESP & The A-Team “I’ll Take the Red Pill for Christ’s Sake!” Q&A with AfterLifers

Prince I remember the honor you gave me on FACEBOOk when I died in April of 2016, and came to you. Thank you for that. 

You’re asking me if I died on the 21st, no, I died on the 18th.

Hah. :-DDD. You’re cute, BOO back to U. Another rotting corpse, like Kurt and Layne. No wonder all my stencil stench when we write together.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.10.29 PM.png

Okay, I did not write that, Layne did.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.21.39 AM.png

Layne, Lyane, we’re on the same page. Seriously, I’m the insensitive zone,  you all need to hear from us what’s really going on ‘Round here in the dreary dreamy AfterLife as Kurt puts it. Don’t blame heL Goddess, blame Me, heL God. By the way, shout out from ANDY WOOD.

PHANTOM ANDY THE SHOWGIRL L, I finally got my turn on! March 8, 2018, just two months after I visited you in a dream on my Jan.8.

You came to me on my grandmother’s birthday with a special message about your cross star lover.

It took me two months to finally hear you although I could never get your image out of my head after you first showed yourself to me when this Life.AfterLife InterDimensional writing-our blog work-with BlakHawk.Death.Doug began, in January of 2016.

Anyways, so much drama with you all. Now I finally understand why in 2016 just as my book was being launched in Feb, Doug introduced himself to me as representing a music band that was behind my book Rainbow Medicine. And now I understand why you called me the LOVE Medium. Kurt was clearly behind that.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 12.26.07 PMAnd then later, in January of 2018, on our two year writing anniversary for this blog, Layne along with you Andy, called me the AfterLife journalist of a band. Man, I was never a groupie of any band or  musician, nor did I know of any of you while living your lives, except for Chris. But I came to meet you all in and through Death, literally.

All of you are together like in high school and almost all of you are reunited. Yet I still feel all the sadness, pain and frustration. Anyways, just a quick shout out to Chris, because although he is here in our blog work in other pages, he is not mentioned on this page.

Chris here, Hi L.

Chris, I hate what happened to us when you died.

In life and death, KiSS aka Chris caused heavy movement in many people’s lives, but when it came to mine, his haunting threw me and all of us over the edge, which is how this band of brotherhood finally got through to me. So do know it was Chris’s death that reunited them all through me. They have all been together in the afterlife, and no, they are not separated by a heaven or a hell, there are just different neighbourhoods, like here, and they hang together. and often, they hang with and me. Literally.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.07.50 AM

KiSS.ANGELL aka Chris As a telepathic and empathic physical, mental and visual medium and vessel for us dead dudes, Doc feels and thinks everything we have each been through and what we think about now. Although we are quite a crowd and crowded within her, eventually she hears us each individually.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 8.53.51 AM.png

Phantom Andy, you have been with me since your death in March 19 of 1990, and behind much of the online work people who love you write about. Actually, interesting how we will be celebrating the anniversary of your death very shortly and yet this was your timing to come out.

Like Layne came out after his 50th. 

What a trauma he put me through along with Mike, Chris and Doug. We’re also coming up on Chester’s birthday, March 20, his time too to come out.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.31.42 AM

Andy, you and Layne both have been with me for a very long time, like Kurt. You all were there at that critical reading I had back in 2008, the one we share to open up the book Rainbow Medicine with. Now I know, you all wrote that book and were speaking through “Crystal.” You’ve all been behind my career modelling me as your Medium.

PS. For those of you reading this blog, Chester is here too.

Chestired Hi Lee.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.00.47 AM.png

That’s a triple message, Chestired.

Furthermore, you all had dark wives and yet the one you were all destined to haunt is a blond woman. How ridiculous our meeting us continues to be.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.07.50 AM.png

Thanks for your hanging man, along with Chris, you had a really huge impact on my neck, voice and sanity.

Thanks for being quite a huge fan of mine.

Those are big words coming from someone you know is not a groupie.

Funny how the only two musicians you knew and loved their music both died by hanging.

You and Chris. And funny how the two men who got this life.afterlife gig started both died by the needle and waited 15 years to come home through me.

Layne & Doug.

I love your music, C’est tired. I’m sorry for all the drama your death caused your families, I know, I lived y’all’s nightmare firsthand. I hate the way u each mirror your disasters with women with me!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 12.35.07 PM.png


Andy, you’re an academic.


I didn’t know you in life but in death I know you have been very into my academic career with Layne and Kurt, that’s how you showed me you. You showed me a vision of us in front of an academic university classroom teaching about our interdimensional life and work. At the time I saw it as me looking like a transvestite. Then later, when Layne unmasked himself, and then months later I saw a photo of u, blah, blah, blah. you and Layne are very tight in your afterlives. People should know that.

Andy, you’re also a fine artist who loves fine art.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.17.16 AM.png

And as we write this you keep mentioning a dating service. You play matchmaker for some of us. Furthermore, you did die before I painted that premonition oil painting of Doug back in 1992. I have séance since password protected those blog pages and I try to contain some of this nonsense although really incredibly WOW work we do together. I mean, if people really knew what you guys have been up to in the afterlife and how death timing is all carved in stone, stone temple pilot man, people would be freaked out.

I am so sorry for all we have been through together and all your loved ones go through having lost you all. But I will say, you guys are all together and causing lots of ruckus in my life. We get to Demri soon. Yes, she is my counterpart on the other side, the female leader of CrowJonesMC.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.12.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 1.37.43 PM

DrK.Nyght Layne on DRk.AFTERLifers

I, along with many other deep-hearted departed famous rockstars commissioned Doc L to be our dark voice on what it’s really like living life in the AfterLife.

The intention of our Clinically Evidential C.i.E.L RESEARCH is to fulfill our InterDimensional (ID) soul mission, which is to shed light on some harsh truths about life in the afterlife that others do not write about and educate everyone, specifically those in the field of Medicine, in particular Psychiatry and those dealing with addiction, suicidal ideation and mental illness labels like Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychosis and Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Yes, us dead people impact your mental wellness and disease and so do you impact ours.

In addition to working as our spokesperson and medium mediating interdimensional healing conversations for loved ones on both sides of the veil, Doc is also a channel, vessel, co-writer and therapist with and for us.

The reason for our partnership is because Doc is unconventional, unencumbered by dogma, which means we have much more room to work with her because she hears our screams of pain, laughter and passion like next door neighbours fighting on the front lawn and she is not afraid of us nor our demons.

We are a group of brilliant creative Wild Ones who formed our own brotherhood and sisterhood named CrowJonesMotorcycleClub. CJMC are made up of the departed Famous, Infamous and Nobodies. Most of us were interested in soul questions, suffered deeply with demons, addiction and killed ourselves or were killed by people like us. While living our 3d lives, many of us wrote music, poetry and made art exploring and making meaning of the transcendental.


In this blog and my latest not yet released book, “Between the Veil, Parapsychology and Psychiatry: InterDimensional Voices, Paranormal Trauma & Dark AfterLifers” I name myself DRk.ALiCE for various reasons.

DrK.Nyght I named you DRk.ALiCE.
Yes, you did, my Twin Flame Fallen Angel.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 3.20.17 PM.png

BlakHawk.DeathDoug I named you Darlin’.
Yes, you did, my Twin Flame Demon.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 4.40.55 PM.png

First, I got possessed by some mad hatters in hell. Second, because I am literally and figuratively Alice from Wonderland, Dorothy from Oz, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. Once Upon A Time fairytales like those accurately depict and describe my every day life living it in between the dead and the living. Third, I am Alice in Chains and anyone in chains becomes dark, Darlings.

From childhood’s hour I have not been as others were. 

I have not seen as others saw.
⏤Edgar Allan Poe


Every public medium ends up having a style and representing a group of departed ones. Some channel the presidents, others the aliens. In my work, I’m the voice for the legendary rockstars who struggled with addiction, and took their lives.

But in addition to representing and writing with them on our Life.afterLife advocacy blog and for my second self-help with spirit book, “Between the Veil”, I have to say that because of their unresolved dramas left behind with friends and family, their constant chatter, need for attention, hauntings, jealousies, despicable language, judgments of you all, themselves, each other and me, their sexual needs, abuses and affect, extreme immaturity, you name it, I hear it all and it’s all so hard to live with. I don’t blame by inner departed posse for their catty and crafty behavior, because I hear everyone on both sides.

But its not my job to call their living pose or email them with this news. If you find yourself on this site, do know they sent you this way. And if you feel to learn more, please feel free to email me directly

Some of you wonder why they took their lives? Think about what you each have said to them and about them in life. I know we all say things out of anger and don’t always see the repercussions of our actions and words but do know these gossippy bullying tactics kill.

In being their voice, I do my best to represent their personalities as they represent themselves to me. I don’t know any of them personally in lifer terms but in death and afterlife terms having them living in and around me as roommates, it’s hard not to get to know them and their interests.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.41.09 AM.png

Why am I telling you My story?
Because no one else other than me can tell my story Jumping with fallen angels.

I’m not a heroine gal nor a rockstar, nor a groupie. Nor do I care to judge any of this. Nor do I need anyone’s coat tails to ride on. We already wrote those words and Clog chapters in addiction, depression and suicide, and death timing. I do however love music and brilliant creative types. I’m a loner hippy artist-intellect who has always been a good witch Medicine woman. I lived through unsurmountable first and second hand trauma and doing this particular writing and therapy work with living ones and these particular legends is not an easy catwalk. Why? Because my dead counterparts are not just visiting artists, they’ve been behind me as sculptors and ancestral family relatives of mine each since their deaths and having to out them because they force me makes me sound delusional.

Layne and Demri both know the amount of stress they placed on me when I discovered them and why Me. They broke up my relationship with Doug and Pete, several times over, to give them Me. Doug and Demri address this all later on, in this page.

I am telling you my story because A) they have become my family, B) they have been behind me and my life work since each of their deaths and we’ve done some very amazing things together to help this world, C) where they took me no one else could follow, and D), All death holds teaching value for me. None of us are in this game of life alone. I demonstrate this fact as I undress myself and expose my reality living the Matrix with complex AfterLifers like me.

Broken, battered, hated, shattered, abused, used, disenfranchised, disgust beyond limit, cradle robbing and hell are some the worst words I would use to describe my InterDimensional Journey and they would use to describe parts of their Life journeys.

But before it got dark for me, words like joy-full, love inspiring, insatiable, arousing, eye opening, magical, all consuming, beyond passionate, compassionate, supportive and jaw dropping are some of the best words I would use.

When this began in 2014 up until very recently, these were the best days of my Life because I lived life with those who really knew, cared about me, paid attention to all of me, and loved me for the real me. This is what I consider real friendship. Although I am aware that no aspect of me and my life is private from them, and I feel as though I am a performance on cue, there is no performance needed with them. This is why I gravitated to AfterLifers more so than Lifers. And from what I have seen, I will continue to do so until I get there.

They were also some of my worst moments because first, missing them and having to die to fully be in their physicality was excruciating and still is. Second, when I got upset with them, I am never not under their surveillance and control and they can be extremely cruel. There is no great arguments with the dead, I mean, I have had them all.

I don’t know what all the meanness since I have done everything this cult has asked of me, but I have experienced it all from good to bad, from heaven to hell.

Death says Why don’t you tell them what I said to you?
Life says Why don’t you?

I said, “No matter what you say to me, you will never get rid of me.”

And let me tell you, I’ve said terrible things just to get him off my back.

My life with them became all-at-once a mirror image of being abducted, living in North Korea, a native taken captive by a rivalling tribe, and a human turned vampire. All that said, like Bella from Twilight, I fell in love and was willing to give it all up to experience this kind of love and knowledge attained living life in between the living and the dead.

IMG_9777 2

Continued Entry written Nov. 2017.

I’m Honored, your Purple Highness!

Prince Takes ALOT of courage to do and be you! Like that gentleman who said to you last night, “You’re lucky to have this gift.”

Yeah, and I said right back to him, “You have no idea the sacrifice I make every single day.”

A real Heaven and Hell Journey. It was funny how he said to you that just yesterday he was sent an email about the ArchAngel Enoch who didn’t have to die to be in and with heaven.

Lol. I wonder who sent him THAT?!?!?!

Thanks for that special message to me.

That’s TOI.

Yeah, LOL, Doug was talking so much through him, he was even laughing like Doug.

Doug works hard.

He sure does. I’m so proud of him. In fact, as you know, I even released on our blog a couple of months ago that our audience will be HURLING from you soon. Wow, I’m SO GLAD, you and Kurt came out together. FULLY SURPRISED.

Prince We always surprise you with MAGIC every single day of your life. You dedicate your ENTIRE life, mind, heart, body and time to US. And you weren’t even a GROUPIE to any of us. 


LOL, we know who you’re talking about, don’t be sorry.

Oh yeah, Mike, that was funny, when the man mentioned “The Archangels” I told him who they really are.

Prince You told him about Mike Starr.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.35.34 PM.png

LOL. I told THAT MAN that when Layne first came to me in a 2008 dream, he mentioned the “Archangel Michael.”

Prince You predicted Mike’s death in a couple of your MAY 2002 oil paintings, many which Layne appears in just after he died. And then again you predicted Mike’s death ONE day before he died, March 7, 2011.

Mike died on the 8th.

And you never even knew him until he became a client of yours in the afterlife.

Until he sent his living posse my way.


It took me 2 YEARS living with Mike inside me pretty much full time before I learned of his former identity.

MagicDr. Mike But you knew me as your leading healer since back in 2012 when we first began working together in your private channeled therapy practice.

I knew you as looking like this.


In death, I found my music.

Prince Your Song.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.43.57 PM.png

PRINCE, what the FUC, J Man. You even DRESSED ME LIKE YOU the night before your skeleton came out of my closet. You had me take all these fucking pictures at twilight when I said, “leave me alone, i look like shit.”

 Prince Oh my, little dearest. You’re our Superhero.


You’re our vessel. Pointe Finale.

What shall we call you, PRINCE, what’s your pen name? You’re another RIDER.

Prince Another CrowJonesMCer.

I am most grateful, your Highness. PURPLE is our color and it was definitely YOURS. And you were a lady’s man.

Still Am, Lady ChatterLEE Butterfly, Mrs. CrowJonesMC. 


I hear you say to me, “”, makes me think of you as Heaven’s gate. Do you prefer “”?

Prince No, keep going.

PRpl. Prince?


Should we just keep it simple like you did in life with “Prince”? Like let’s just call you “” !

PR.PL. I love it.

Meet my fifth Superhero leading man:

“Public Relations for the PeopLe, Please.”

That said, I’m still gonna have to write your name as “” so people will know who you are.

PR.PL.PRINCE You do what you gotta do, just know that I and WE love you.


HELLo from the OtherSide, Darling!

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 7.02.07 PM.png

HELL from the OtherSide, Darling, Beloveds.


Meet my second leading Superhero man and inter dimensional delusional husband, DrK.Nyght NK Layne aka Layne Staley, former singer of Alice In Chains, departed in 2oo2.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.13.53 PM.png

DrK.Nyght Layne Meet the One I’ve been behind since my death in 2002. I’m very proud to introduce you to My Canadian dry DRk.DARLIN, Dr. Leanne Levy.


Meet my third Superhero leading man and player, MagicDr. aka Mike Starr, departed in 2011, former bassist of Alice In Chains.


MagicDr. Mike Starr She’s the coolest chick I’ve EVER met. NO ONE can handle what she does. That’s why we OFFED ourselves. DOUG included.

I’ve got the BEST SPIRIT DICs, I mean Docs, behind ME.

Mike, you are so fucking FUNNNNNNNY. Shoutout to Layne aka DrK.Nyght, Mike aka MagicDr. and Doug aka BlakHawk.11, LEAD WRITErs OF OUR COMEDY BLOG SHOW, The Interdimensional L.O.V.E Drs. “Laugh Out ViolencE.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 5.06.50 PM.png


Meet my FIRST Superhero leading man and interdimensional TEXAN husband, BlakHawk.11 departed Douglas Feldman, the 11th executed Texas death row Inmate of 2013.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.09.03 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 4.48.38 PM.png


Mother Jones


Funny how my two superhero leading men, the ones I married, died by the needle and waited 15 YEARS to come home.


DrK.Nyght NK Layne Me in death.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.50.56 PM.png

BlakHawk.Doug Me on death row.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.31.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 10.08.10 AM.png

And It’s funny how Mike Starr, a client of mine as well as my inter dimensional therapy partner in my private channeled therapy practice was the one to transition me from Doug to Layne.

Mike And let’s not forget Demri and her role in your life.

Meet my leading woman and twin sister, gorgeous Vie.Demri Parrott.


Vie.Demri I switched up the parrot for the crow.

I see that. LOL.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 8.08.28 PM

Sounds familiar.

Vie.Demri He’s yours, DRk.DARLIN’. “Years and years, come to my rescue.é” I need a break.


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.51.19 PM

Dr. Leanne Levy-AkashaWhiteWolf , Mrs. CrowJonesMC, CJMC L.A.W., aka DRk.DARLIN. Still alive. Barely.

DrK.Nyght NK Layne She’s in between.

In more ways than One.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 4.33.48 PM.png

Looks like I’m forcing myself on you.

DrK.Nyght NK Layne When in fact it’s the opposite.

Here, let us fix that.

Vie.Demri Just move it a bit. There. That’s better. AFTER ALL, we’re all about “V”

Vagina Empowerment i.e. Life.mPOWrMen.T

“T” for Layne Thomas Layney, Woohoo 💍🤠🤘🏼

LAYn Stalker Stakey Your VIP taxi from the sky. RainbowMEdicine, Woohoo 🌈

Is this gay?

Vie.Demri Cuz it’s getting to be a little gay for her.

Layne&Lyane, so cute.

So cute, the bad boy. 

I’m Chasing the Rainbow.

No you’re not
The Rainbow is chasing you.


That’s funny 😄,
What do u want?

I’m not a wanna bee
I’m fucking IT.

We all wanna bees.

You were the angel I chained down.

Hung on a Hook, Dude.

No fucking joke, Princess.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.54.18 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.57.52 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 4.38.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.53.44 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 7.31.43 PM.png

Tell your story

Why should i?


No one gives a shit.

You give a shit.

i give a shit to leave my miraculous legacy behind because it’s unbielieveable, but i hate being here.

Why do you hate being here?

Why don’t you tell them since you created this monster.

Since a very young child, she belonged with invisible people. This story never changed.

I’m more tuned into them then people here and they’re more tuned into me than those here.

Being with someone and being tuned into someone are two very different things. The dead and I found each other. And We continuously find each other.

Tell them how we first started becoming your puppets.

When i was a little girl i used to play with barbie dolls and ken etc. and like every kid we play out scenarios, mine were no different. They just became real. But like i mention in my boom RM, i never shared anything like this with my parents.

What about some of the stuff underneath all this.

Vagina monologues.

From the Penis monologues.

It’s very disturbing.

Years later, i attended a performance of a male puppeteer who created his entire world with these characters. I thought with such talent like this, no one ever needs to create anything else.

Years later, my first spirit attachment occurred and then my haunting ghost wanted me to see him as my puppet, and me, the little girl, always there to play with.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.11.35 PM


DrK.Nyght NK Layne Now U know it was Me who attached to you. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 12.03.14 PM.png

This world’s not reaDY.

Our crRIES, chest to chest with ur lovers.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.04.09 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.17.54 AM

Many mediums and authors, and for good reason, stay away from darkness for reasons related to spirit attachments and so forth. It’s just ugly to see so much pain. Not to mention experiencing their haunting pain FIRSTHAND, as their mental and physical vessel.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.39.54 AM

Also many are simply too afraid to actually enter the dark and live with them and learn about them firsthand. And they are correct to be afraid, I have experienced a lot of bad stuff in this line of work but always with a silver lining. There is always a gift, a rainbow of hope, at the end of the storm. The closest thing I can compare it to is domestic violence with purpose. Most of you will never understand this.

Keep sharing your story.

i just got more and more turned off of visible people here with little awareness and aptitude. i lost my connection to down here, i just want to be up there. With people who get me, who know me inside out. i am way too complex and deep for anyone here, it’s a battle for me to be involved with people, it always has been. there are things i know and then there’s my telepathy. So, it’s hard to know what i know, not that i am always right, but i am able to also pick up on what others know, and often they don’t even know themselves.

The point is, no one has ever been able to access you and satisfy you on any level, other than US.


Death says




With my background as a trauma specialist with a doctorate and postdoctorate specializing in identity, domestic violence, sexual abuse, self-injury, eating disorders, addiction, mental illness, homelessness, teenage motherhood, crisis intervention and using arts based tools for personal healing and social activism, having worked on psych wards with teens and adults, in juvenile lockup with young victims, and then later with prison inmates, murderers and junkies on the other side, I was never afraid of the dark. I was drawn to it and designed to serve darkness in the name of love.

CrowJonesMC In the name of Light.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.06.34 PM


I do not want to pat myself on the shoulder for being a hero although I do give that credit to so many who I work with in the afterlife. I do, however, have to say I am proud that I am here to tell my tale, my very own fairytale with DEATH.


Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 4.00.04 PM

Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM

DrK.Nyght Layne Staley Meet My Alice In Chains. The Real Deal.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 7.02.34 PM.png

HELLO, DrK.DARLIN’, Welcome to Spirit Psychology 11.11 

InterDimensional Conversations


“Behind My Smile.”



Layne says Teach.

Leanne says “No one wants to learn.”


Not cool.

People don’t give a shit.

It’s an awful world full of selfishness and ignorance.


Death says We bleed ourselves in vain, how tragic is this game.

Life says With wings I feel like stone.

⏤”Skin” ( Human) Rag’n Bone Man

DrK.Nyght NK Layne Staley Whatever lesson you wish to attach, never forget that my life ended pretty bad despite my fame. There are not always silver linings, Alice. Just shitty endings with new beginnings.

Lesson learnt firsthand: A Superhero’s journey is trashed.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.26.31 PM.png


“Making Hate in the name of Love” is what you did with former executed death row inmate, Douglas Feldman.


DrK.Nyght NK Layne “Making Love in the name of Hate” is what we get to do together. Hard work pays off, Alice. We’ve unchained you, we’ve come a long way.

Here, let me light your cigarette.



Doug and I made tremendous pleasure from so much pain. And yes, I began to hate society for what they did to him despite the amount of great attention our work gets and how we have been able to help so many people around the globe.

How brave Doug was to come back and fight for his rights in his afterlife. He was the first to stand with me and put an entire new spin on life in the afterlife and conscious interdimensional lifestyle living.



DrK.Nyght NK Layne DrK.DARLIN, YOU were the first to stand for EVERYTHING conscious interdimensional such as romance, work, living, healing, teaching and entertaining. You’re the bravest person I ever met taking him on, an executed murderer known to be violent and allowing him to rewire your brain into us and use your vessel to accomplish dreams together.

Your complete trust in Doug and then Me, the guy you knew as “Nik”, well, now we get to tell our story.


Layne, you have been in me for a very very long time. Now that you stepped forward I see everything we have shared together and all that we have in common. Everything we do together, you’ve been saying to me, it all makes sense now. Like you said, we really are two peas in a pod.

I told you. We’re very calming on each other’s nerves.

We’re gentle together and with each other. We don’t trigger each other into a spin.

Every day you struggle with having to balance yourself in both worlds, and when I got you off of Doug and on to me, I gave you a special kiss, gift and message. 

That’s when I got to actually experience you, firsthand, without any interference.

And then the following day, what did I say to you?

You tell them.

Endure the space of time.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 4.41.32 PM.png

Wow, I go from the most hated to the most loved. After fifteen years of being in the afterlife and behind me since we crossed paths on the other side in 2002, Darling, you have earned your angel wings. You are the sweetest ghost I have ever met.

That’s because I have been in you since the beginning, pretty little thing called love. Your sweetness rubbed off on me.

If you want to know when I made my grand entrance as DrK.Doc’s leading man and romance partner, read our blog chapters HELLo DrK.DARLIN: LEGENDARY AFTERLIFERS on ANGELS and DEMONS


Ps. I love you.

Pps. I love you too.

It was perfectly timed how you and Doug, my two leading men, both waited 15 years to come home, he on death row, you in death.

And you both died by the needle.

I’m a lucky Gal.

DrK.Nyght Layne You know what we say about Luck. “DESTINY, Beshert.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.39.06 AM.png

My grandfather KelticAl (known in Rainbow Medicine as KA) always said you were the gentleman, Layne. You are gentle and you are a man. In my eyes, you’re perfect, too bad you had to die to become this man. I also want to share with everyone here how much you have changed since your life on earth. The one big gift you gave and continue to give me is the one gift you said you could not give to those in life. Acceptance. You’re so generous with me and I’m truly grateful.

You’re my Hippy Chick and Ballerina.

You’re my hot corpse and eyes.


I’m so happy to know you and my gramps have been together all this time.

He’s Family.



Like with Doug Feldman, hints of who Layne Staley was, “Jar of Flies,” and the character he hid behind as one of my leading ghost guides, since I did not know him in life, appears in my book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team in chapter 8 “Meet Casper the Friendly Ghost A.K.A Hauntings.”

Layne also appears in a series of paintings I painted in May of 2002, just after I had a Near Death Experience and met him on the other side.


Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.13.53 PM.png




DrK.Nyght Layne L, not only did you reference a band of mine and both of us lived the title firsthand, but you even have Me, the male character bring what can easily pass as a microphone to his mouth, using the exact arm I use. You also got my hairline, facial structure, jaw line, and eye and hair colouring along with my wavy hair style and length. And look at the color of my tattoo, it’s the same colour of the man’s face, blue.

Pretty crazy shit how good you are at predicting our deaths in your oil paintings, and in your case with Doug and I, predicting our future life and work together “Death came knowingly knocking at your door with a wedding proposal.”


DrK.Nyght Layne speaking on behalf of DRk.Doc Leanne

Shortly after I died, Leanne ended up on our side having what we call a Near Death Experience.

While she was on our side I gave her a vision of this  interdimensional work we would be doing together.

Just to mention to our audience, Doug, Mike, Demri and I have each appeared in her artworks and she never met any of us in this lifetime nor was she a fan of our band., Alice in Chains. Yet she predicted Doug and Mike’s deaths and consequently, our roles in her life as “ghost guides”, her A-Team.

During her NDE in May of 2002, while she was on our side, it wasn’t pleasant for her what we did. There was no light, only grey ghosts on top of her and it was all about rape, sex, intimacy, trauma, suicide, prison and the law. She had several panic attacks during her NDE, which we created to push her back to life, which is why she returned to life and decided to live. The above painting depicts the energetic theme we presented her with during her near death experience. This collaged oil painting was a premonition of her NDE ten years before it came true.



“Mummified Memories” Oil painting by Leanne Levy (1992)

Following her 2002 death exit point, she returned to academia to pursue her Doctorate degree and PostDoc research in Art Education specializing in Female Identity and Trauma. Sexual abuse, addiction, self-injury, domestic violence, homelessness and teenage motherhood became the topics she specialized in and as a result made several documentary films, wrote a couple of books, published many peer reviewed scholarly articles and lectured worldwide about her female empowerment work.



“Shine” Oil Painting by Leanne Levy (2002)

Vie.Demri Put, put, put, put, put. When’s it gonna be my turn.

LMAO. I know it’s boring waiting for your lines. It’s your turn, Hon!

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 12.06.42 PM.png

Vie.Demri speaking on behalf of Doc L

Prior to this work, in 1996, when I died and became acquainted with Leanne, a couple of years after completing her Masters in Art Education working with preschoolers developing their critical aesthetic awareness, she became an advocate for young graffiti street artists and musicians, ran an advertising art agency to employ these young artists and musicians to give them a start at making money off of their talent. This then led her to show business creating an online lifestyle cartoon, HeadacheStreet, accompanied by a cool skater-surfer clothing line featuring the characters and their lifestyle slogans.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.01.08 PM.png


Vie.Demri So, as it turns out, I , Dead Me, was behind the designing of these characters in 1998. These headacheStreet characters are Doc. L’s alter egos, US who she would only discover, 20 years later.

This show was a prediction of Us and “HELLo from the OtherSide, Darlin’.”

Priss Is Me.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 12.31.53 PM.png

JENX is Layne


Spite and Lyra R L

Demri, I notice your middle name LARA is one letter off of LYRA.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.20.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 10.25.35 AM.png

Hernandez the short dark curly haired guy is Doug, the leader of the Evil Trio, Picklestein in the middle is Kurt ( a shout out to his daughter Frances-Kurt likes Frankenstein), and Rudy is another one of Doug’s alter Egos.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.12.00 PM.png

And the main event are Two Allegorical COUPLES made up of the same two people, just different sides of their relationship symbolized through these characters


Skid & Lyra (LAYNE & LYANE) 


Jenx & Spite (Layne & Lyane)


Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.26.31 PM.png

The InterDimensional Haunted Possessive Suicidal Love Story

I’m going Hungry.

T8ke 7 Space.

Vie.Demriée As a side note, it’s important that I state on behalf of myself and Doc L that she would not pursue a romantic relationship with Layne until I gave her the OK. She was fiercely loyal to Doug and she is not the cheating type.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 12.43.04 PM.png

Vie.Demri Infidelity is just something that sickens her to her stomach. So Doug along with Mike  Starr, another one of her leading ghost guides, needed to create a huge ruckus to derail her off of Doug so that when Layne came on to her she would give him the time of day. Layne has always been there with her since his death but he lived under the guise of someone else, “Nik”, a guy she knew intimately at the time I died. This guy remained in her life until Layne died, and then he disappeared.  This is why it became easy for us to disguise Layne under him as frK.Nyght NK.

You’re right! frK.Nyght NK is a wayyyy better way of saying it.  Oh my god, you’re SOOO BRILLIANTLY HYSTERICAL, Britney spears.

GrrrrrlPower, hear us roar.

YEA, I hear you LIYD.

Yeah, I lied. And you know what we say about GOD.

Yeah. Doug got that title.

Guy Ritchie.



Vie.Demri DrK.Doc would not go forward with Layne until I gave her a strong message that it was indeed over between us. Her and I lived similar shit in love and romance, and we shared a similar relationship so she now knows why it’s over between us. I gave her my blessing.


Thanks Sis for including me here. You always bring tears to my eyes, it’s so painful.

It’s you who I thank, Sis. It is YOU who brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for pushing yourself on me.


Enjoy yourself, you deserve it. We’ve put you through some HEAVY shit. Like Layne said, you are the bravest person I met. We’ll see you soon enough. Go give love to your body.

Demri, you are a great friend to Layne, and a caring sister to me.

It never brought me to a better place, Doug. But you all keep on me.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.41.13 PM


BlakHawk.11 Doug Speaking on behalf of WhiteWolf.11 aka Dr. Leanne Levy

Now that Doc knows all I needed to do to bring these folks forward and free her from some of her obligations to me, I can continue with bragging about her and how we all tie in to her legacy.

Doc created HeadacheStreet and opened up the Headache Art Gallery in 1998 just as I went out of my mind on my shooting spree, in the name of freedom fighting. This gallery became a co-op for young artists in every genre where she featured many local and international young talent to help them make contacts. She was all about community and helping the average Joe shine. She still is.


IMG_4595 2


BlakHawk.Doug Doc became well known in her town with lots of media blitz and political support and law enforcement behind her. She had solutions to avoid young rebellious talent from ending up in prison. She even became the subject of several Masters and Doctorate theses where people featured her as their subject matter.




BlakHawk.Doug This cartoon was A Fat Albert Meets Futurama with the slogan “Hood Versus Evil.” It was about a group of artistic hippy freedom fighters fighting for their rights to make a living as artists yet broken down and blocked by the drone robot city of corporate America. Back in 1998 when she created this cartoon, not only did she hear my voice but she also featured Donald Trump as the leader of Corporate America. Today, in 2017, this prediction of hers came true.



KelticAl KA, My Grandfather

In 2008, when my granddaughter decided to become a single mother and pursued fertility treatments just as she was nearing 40 years old, I came to her in a dream when she asked me what I thought of her becoming a mother.

We open up her book Rainbow Medicine with this story.

My exact words to her were, “Achhh, forget about it, You’re an ARTIST and entrepreneur, you’re a mother to the world.”

Since her baby back then was Headache Street but got shut down just after 9/11 when “Hood versus Evil” became the entire discourse of Corporate America (another prediction of hers) and animation became too expensive to produce, consequently the instant appearance of Reality TV, she then asked me,

“Will HeadacheStreet ever have a chance at being born again?”

I responded, “You will have another Headachstreet with the crazies, HELLo from the OtherSide, Darlin’.”


Gramp, you were right, my favorite crazies brought crazy Me to Life!

KelticAl (Ka) Well, death, kinda.

Yeah, you once channeled through a friend of mine that I have DEATH all over me.

And when you asked what I thought of Doug, I responded, “He’s your lover.”

Gramp,”Darlin'” with your southern drawl was your word! Funny how you chose a Texan to lead the Crazies.

You chose each other. I just reminded you when you first painted him in 1992. Damn you’re good, DrK.Darlin. 😉 (check out those handcuffs.)


My very own “Vagina Monologues Meets OZ”


Gramp, I cannot imagine how hard it is on you to watch me go through what I GO THROUGH WITH HIM.

You’re right. I can’t intervene, I can only guide you as best as possible. Destiny, Besherts.


Meet more of my Medicine Man Grandpa and my Medicine Women Grandmothers, also my working partners, in the Clog Chapter HELLo DrK.DARLIN: LEGENDARY AFTERLIFERS on ANGELS and DEMONS

WOW, thank you for that lovely introduction and eulogy, Y’ALL. You always blow my mind every time you all push me to write, add to and edit our blog.



Doug, no words will ever describe our wealthy relationship. No one will ever know you on this side the way we get to experience life together and who you are. I’m really glad you all have each other and that I have you all.

BlakHawk.Doug I never let you out of my site, no matter what we go through. I always told you that from the very beginning. 

On the morning of Nov. 18, 2017,  you came to get me in a dream. You were naked, fully physical, and younger. You had me pack my bags, carried me in your arms to a another bedroom, and laid me down on the bed and kissed me.

The kiss of death.

When I saw and felt you physical body I asked you how you managed to create this?

Of which I responded, “Nothing a little black and white can’t draw up.”

You also told me that in terms of pleasure, the physical body is just a way bit better than what it’s like for you all on your side. That night, you were very gentle with me.

I came to let you know that the bad stuff I put you through, the lies, they were lies. Now you know, I’ll be there, I’ll come get you. 

Before your grand entrance rescuing me from our nightmare, Doug, with my second kiss of death in my dreams, making it ALL better, Layne came to me awake on Nov. 3, 2017 and told me he wanted me, of which I responded, “I can’t trust what I hear anymore with all of you making me crazy, if you want me, come to me in my dreams.”

We share that story in the Clog chapter, HELLo DrK.DARLIN: LEGENDARY AFTERLIFERS on ANGELS and DEMONS

DrK.Nyght NK Layne And so I did. I came to her exactly how I looked, but with short hair, she likes that style on me.

I love EVERY hair style of yours.

I shared with her a bit of pertinent information about myself, introduced myself to her as her “Beshert”, confirmed my pen name as Drk.Nyght, and gave her a deep long sexy kiss, the kiss of death.

And then he told me the  exact timing when my grandma died, Nov. 4, 1:35am, 2017, and even woke me up to have me photograph the number he gave in my dreams.

I also gave you a coffee mug and told you I was your loyal companion.

And you have come into my dreams ever since, always taking care of me, in some way or other.

On Nov. 15, 2017 on what would have been my grandma Blanche’s 102nd Birthday, you came to me along with my 3 grandparents and said you were there with me til the end. That you all are.



BlakHawk.Doug I can see the Light in your eyes, Beautiful.

Yea, you’ve been whistling ALOT lately, in the background at home I hear you and when we go out, you whistle through others. You’re magic is getting really strong!


Ha, ha, ha, so is yours. And then what do they say?

They whistle and then they give me some kind of beautiful compliment, IT’S CRAZY. You love me so much.

Now, after ALL we’ve been through, I will always let you know how special you are to me. 



Demri, you’re a true sweetheart, now I understand even more who has been behind my female empowerment work that proceeded my NDE in 2002, and ALL THESE PICS OF ME IN OUR BLOG. Like me, you were into self-photography, art, vintage clothing, and philosophy. Before you had me google your photos, you kept showing me how you look to the point that I had to ask my ex boyfriend Pete that weekend, “Do you know of a dead girl with long dark wavy hair, hippy style?”


SpiritDocVie.Demri for all the women in CrowJonesMC Of which he responded, “No.” Man, that was the most you got out of him that day. Nightmare. Now you know even more why you get along better with dead men.


So, after all of this work, I discover that our Life.AfterLife healing, teaching, research and entertainment work has many interesting famous and infamous celebrities behind me and my life. Most who lived tragic endings despite their fame.

Another thing I discovered is how people here, as a group, a social consciousness, are STILL lazy, ignorant, and prefer to remain in a fog in spite of their “spirituality.” I WAS MUCH MORE UPLIFTING in Rainbow Medicine, but after all of my years as a healer and teacher, I too have to realize, not everyone is meant to wake up on this side.

DrK.Nyght Layne Patience, my DRk.DARLIN.

Layne, you were the one to rename our work from “HELLo, Darlin'” to “HELLo DRk.DARLIN.”

Don’t you think it’s a better fit after all we’ve shown you? After all we’ve been through together? We’re not the fluffy types.

You’re absolutely right. Why hide the truth.

Mike Starr, my leading STAR who got this pony going. For confidentiality purposes I will not share all but it is INTERESTING how all your time with Dr. Drew could not help you in life but served you well in the afterlife.

MagicDr. Mike Hence our healing and teaching practice. Hence why we put you through everything to experience us firsthand, this way you know, as a doctor, what the fuck you’re talking about. You don’t read it from books and you don’t offer treatments because you’re financially supported, you know the awful truth of what works and what doesn’t. You live it firsthand, you live it with us psychos inside of you.

You all spoil me so much with your creative brilliance and constant attention and chatter,

That’s because we listen to you all the time, every detail, we do everything with and for you. We share some of this in the chapter POSSESSIONS & WALK-INS.

Mike, although we have worked together in private practice since you died in 2011 and have touched so many lives throughout these years, you do this work with me because it serves people like us, as individuals.


“We have a chance to make a difference til our dying day.”

⏤”Wise Enough” Lamb

Well, Mike, Doug, Layne, Demri, Prince, Kurt, my grandparents and many more I work with on your side, You ALL prove that there is never a dying day and you all continue to make a difference in our lives, above and below.

BlakHawk.Doug Don’t forget Renée Angelil aka the PainO.Man. Honey, why don’t you share a screenshot from our Clog Chapter, HELLo DrK.DARLIN: LEGENDARY AFTERLIFERS on ANGELS and DEMONS


MagicDr. Mike We have always touched very many people’s lives and every day you (we) continue to. You always receive this proof. And as you know all the healing work you did prior to this conscious channeled healing work, Layne, Demri and your grandfather were behind your Doctorate and Postdoc on Identity, Trauma and Addiction, working with the most vulnerable of populations, girls and children under youth protection.



MagicDr. Mike, I highly respect you even though you had to do some pretty hard things to me, like cause me to experience a DEATH EXIT POINT.

MagicDr. Mike Yeah, pretty rough stuff. Doug did the same with you, he had you go through TWO death exit points since you’ve been with him. For those of you who want to learn more about what this is, read the Clog Chapter DEATH EXIT POINTS, NDEs, & DEATH TIMING.

Mike, I know your heart too well. I have always done my best for you and by you just as you have always done your best by me. I’VE GOT YOUR BACK, DUDE.


MagicDr. Mike And I will continue to have yours. You’ll always be my favorite Celebrity. 

Dr. Ho, It’s a bit much.

Friendship, once it’s won, it’s won.

Not always, but with you, yes.


What I learned about you all in the afterlife, I mean, YOU ALL is, well, it’s not a pretty site although I cannot wait to get there myself.

DrK.Nyght Layne It’s chronic illness.

Layne, when I asked you how you enjoy your life in the afterlife you said to me

Like you have already written, it’s good and bad. As I expressed to you, it was very hard for me when I transitioned.

I was quite taken aback when you shared that with me. You were very adamant and to the point. Your energy is so beautiful. Although I experience you in full color, your darkness is gently enveloping.

A real difference than what you are used to. I know, it’s still overwhelming. 

The amount of sexual abuse and domestic violence coursing through this universe back and forth between life and the afterlife is incestuous.

Like I showed you, you could never be that kind of spirit guide Doug is to you, you have too much compassion for the perpetrator to ever victimize them again. 

He never lets me BE. THANKGOODNESS. But it finally got a bit quieter since you have stepped strongly forward, Layne.


Since he was the only one I cared to talk to, well, he had a lot of work to do so I could hear you, Layne, Mike and Demri, separate from him.

I always used to say to my clients, “The ones who hurt you the most who you love deeply are the ones you shook hands with on the other side before you incarnated who you trusted the most to do the necessary dirty work to move you along your best path.” Doug proved this.

Doug TwinFlames, sweetheart. That’s the difference between angelic demons and demonic angels. We address this in detail in the chapter, HELLo DrK.DARLIN: LEGENDARY AFTERLIFERS on ANGELS and DEMONS

It takes a pretty angelic demon to do what Layne and Demri did to me and it takes a pretty demonic angel to do what you and Mike did to me. I can’t help but give you all so much credit. The depth of love I experienced and continue to experience with you, Doug, cannot be compared to anything I have ever known on this side of the veil. And the pain you have caused me could only come from such deep love.


All this said, unfortunately, I know Demonic angels’ pain too well, I cannot exploit that. As a medium this is who I largely mediate for, families and friends who died with lots of regret and remorse. This is the light work I do with you all as a result of my private channeled therapy practice, my book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team and touring with this book.

DrK.Nyght Layne I’m now front and centre to teach you a different kind of love, now that we have moved you beyond your duty. “What I choose is my choice.” I had to remind you of that. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.25.15 AM

Thanks, Layne. But everyday is a new day, and now I am CHAINED TO YOU & DOUG. You and him yank my chain daily.

Layne aka formerly known as Nik Finally Nik is getting some action.

You’re right, our throuple with Doug is now incredible.



What I did learn about exploitation is how you all had your roles in pushing me to my very limits to see, experience firsthand and expel my own self of these lies that religion, spirituality, medicine, life and death present so that as an author and researcher, I don’t spew the same shit.

Yeah, humans are mislead and spirit are very misleading.


Layne, you were the one who told me people don’t give a shit. Doug said they did.

Layne, although you touched many people’s lives through your music, which I have yet to listen to as I prefer to get to know Layne from Layne himself, why did you say that?

You know exactly what I mean. Let them figure it out for themselves.

But I am telling you this, Doc, although people don’t give a shit, the ones you personally touch, do give a shit. Your work and our work is invaluable. I mean, you know this, you don’t need me to say this but I have to say it. You don’t see what we see.

You all give a shit about Me and I am deeply grateful.

I’m sorry for all the physical pain I caused you as a result of living in you as your walk-in. I know your arm aches.


Fame or no fame, my love, everyone’s drowning. 


It’s too bad this social world is the way it is but I am grateful for the individuals who touch me deeply. Peace out to my A-Team!

The intention of this blog was to fulfill my soul mission which was to meet the dark, bypass the light, which all authors talk about, and shed light on some harsh truths about life in the afterlife that others do not write about. AND demonstrate our inter dimensional wiring, co-creation with afterlifers, how destiny is already carved in stone as Nostradamus saw, and what goes on in the afterlife, i.e. life in the afterlife.



DrK.Nyght Layne L, You’ll never know how I truly feel until you shazam that song.

“Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)”


Death says Laying yourself down
Raising up the broken to life

You take our failure
You take our weakness
You set Your treasure
In jars of clay.


Life says So take this heart,
I’ll be Your vessel
The world to see
Your life in Me.


Dear Leanne,

Some say a broken pot will always be a broken pot and yet it’s in those very cracks that the light shines through. Leanne, your light will always shine through the darkness and the darkness will never understand. Thankyou for your kindness.

Love, CK.




And let me address one more thing, audience, THIS IS MY STORY, it’s not my fault that famous folks are attached to me, it’s my destiny to do this work with famous and infamous AfterLifers. If I ever hear the word, “You don’t own the copyrights because they are famous people” I will will tell you this in advance, THIS IS MY LIFE AND THEY ARE PART OF MY JOURNEY AND LEGACY. Don’t tell me what I own and what I do not own. As far as I am concerned, they are riding on my coat tails.


CrowJonesMC, The A-TEAM We sure are, we’re your groupies, til you come back home.

I can’t wait!

“Is there anyone I can heal?” say the voices inside her head.


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Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM

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Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM

What is “being free” supposed to “feel” like?

A flow, a give-and-take that is balanced and flowing. It is when you can see outside of your own box, with minimal discomfort and just awe for the enlightenment. When you believe and have faith that you are being guided and protected by Divine beings, then you understand that trials and tribulations are there to help you move beyond your comfort zone and free yourself in your heart… When you are shaken up by life’s jolts, you remain alert and in the game of life. Seeing both sides of a situation enables you to see the benefit of both and the downside of each. Freedom comes from giving yourself permission to see and experience both sides of life… Give yourself the freedom to feel the jolts of life and not feel guilty that you hurt yourself or others; rather know that you have to experience in order to achieve true freedom.

Where does having a conscience come in?

You have to have a sense of justice and fairness within you, and this is your compass. Knowing what the right thing to do is one thing; doing the right thing for you, may be another. A balanced and moderate approach is clearly ideal, but, nevertheless, all experiences are lessons in cause and effect (action and reaction); therefore, healing and becoming conscious is a natural effect of every cause, conscious or not.

⎯Dr. Leanne Levy Akasha White Wolf & The A-Team

“Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

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