How did you become a Channel, Therapist, Reporter and Journalist for People and Pets in the AfterLife?

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Question: How did you become a Channel, Therapist, Reporter and Journalist for People and Pets in the AfterLife?

AfterLifers recruited me.

The first channel I began working with in 2013 were ancestral and departed family who we introduced in our first book “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” Native, Celtic, Buddhist and Alien influenced, this book teaches the old ways of divination and healing with a modern twist. In this book I teach you how to speak spirit and become your own therapist and medical intuitive, as in, able to diagnose your own conditions. I also supply you with a ton of interdimensional healing therapy exercises.

Once that book was out on the market, I only came to meet the ghost writers of RM when CrowJonesMotorcycleClub members outed themselves. They  are made up of the departed famous and infamous who planted many hints of their former lives in that book, which I only came to realize when I began working with them on an individual basis.

Then, In 2014, when I began giving messages to clients from departed bikers, rockers-musicians, and former prison inmates, this is when I learned I had some disturbed cool cats behind me.  

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But it wasn’t until the Summer of 2015 when I underwent a severe haunting, my first, that I learned I became the leader of an AfterLife Hells Angels Motorcycle Club named CrowJonesMC. 

As mentioned earlier, CrowJonesMC is made up of a group of creative wild ones who for most of them, left their lives in horrific ways. Most were addicted to some form of drug, many purposefully took their own lives, and many were murdered and murdered.  From abductees, soldiers, criminals, war & concentration camp victims and veterans, I mediate for them all.  

My Alice in Wonderland meets Woman In Chains adventure is not for the weak minded or hearted. It’s a death trap walking this tightrope between Life and the AfterLife with folks who have been through hell. 

These men and women ravage me with their passions, sorrows, anger issues, love, sexual appetites, incredible gifts and former identities. When I work with them individually, I feel blessed, but when they hang around for very long periods of times, months, years etc, they all end up becoming one huge collaged reflective disco ball of stories locked in my head and heart. They are all at once a magical joy ride full of hell.

In the Summer of 2014, when CJMC began running our psychic mediumship development classes, private therapy sessions, and my personal show, romantic and otherwise, this is when I knew my conscious life with the afterlife was just about to catapult me to new heights, internally and externally.

When their haunting of me began to let me know of their presence as a group during Christmas of 2014, they began waking me up in the middle of the early morning hours, several times a week, for at least a good year, to learn about the brotherhood biker community through watching the tv series “Sons of Anarchy.”

Today, they still do the same thing, tell me things like relay important messages through movies and tv shows they have me watch to the emails and people they send my way. I am never out of their grip and they are always proving to me how everything has already been written by the future detailed visions they bombard me with. I’m wired into them and they into me.

When this began happening to me it became very clear to me then that I worked for AfterLifers. And not just any old dead folks, the toughest most highly sensitive and disturbed. Those who lived and died with heavy demons, and most suffered with addiction, depression and PTSD.


People ask me, “if you work for the dead, how do you get paid?” The dead come with the living, my departed roommates each find a way to pay their rent.


Back when I became aware of my beloved Rocking hells archangels AfterLife fan base, their sexy dark humorous ways and teaching skills as my 5d faculty of WhiteWolf Academy, this is also when they told me that I was “the Joneses” as their favourite medium and interDimensional reality TV show and they quickly became mine. This is how we came to share all we did through our cowriting on our blog and in this book. 

Question: What is needed to become an InterDimensional Channel?


First, it has to be destined and if it is, then it requires a minimum of two conscious people, one Lifer and the other an AfterLifer. 

Trust, Work Ethic, Commitment 

If an interDimensional relationship’s intent is to share information with a larger audience, trusting in your inter dimensional sources and partners and their work ethic and commitment to you and yours to them is of greatest importance. But this trust can be broken, AfterLifers can be very tricky as they know the future, you do not.

Spirit communicates with us via signs, symbols, and synchronicity.

⏤Rainbow Medicine

Language Development

When a being here commits to becoming a channel for beings in other dimensions, there is a need to agree upon a coding system that you will use and establish together as your language. This language requires daily development and maintenance through ongoing channeled conversations. In our book “Rainbow Medicine” we teach you this language.

Spirit communication is dependent upon a coding and decoding of symbols process, which we use together with those in other dimensions to exchange messages and information with. As a working medium, I have an ongoing coding system with the other side that we use and continuously develop to communicate and agree upon our shared understanding of information they wish to communicate through me.

There is a place, like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some say, to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which, luckily, I am.

But. I nearly forgot. You must close your eyes, otherwise you won’t see anything.

⏤“Alice in Wonderland”

I’m the real Alice in Wonderland and I can say for certain with double vision to see here and there, it’s not true, you don’t have to close your eyes, I see it all with eyes wide open ;-).



Question: Why do departed famous and infamous rockers, bikers and murders come to you and spend time with you?

For a Harlequin Romance. 

They come to me so that I may bring them home. During this process of me getting to know them, we do share secrets, bond, create, and express. We share what really matters to us. We have an InterDimensional need for meaningful intimacy. 

In simplest of terms, we share the same spiralling consciousness, the same blueprint, as in, the same traumas, life lessons, stimulations, gifts, needs and intertwined life work and legacies. 

In my case, some were called to become my partners in my healing and teaching practice.

In all cases, none of our departed ones move on. All are here working with you and on your behalf and theirs. Like with people in families and relationships here but extremely more conscious about task orientation. 


Question: Why do spirits hang around us?

For many reasons.

First off, this is their home. Second, they know what you think of them. Third, to live and do life with us and through us.

Some AfterLifers have a strong desire for recognition that they are still here. Some want to put an end to a blame game, some want friendship and romance, many want communication, forgiveness and conflict resolution, ALL want to share their magical afterlife stories of Redemption, and many are involved in your personal lives and business affairs.

As our loved ones above (A-Team) walk our paths with us, it’s not uncommon for them to become sad when we’re sad, mad when we’re mad, and glad when we’re glad.

Most often, the reason a spirit is sad, frustrated and angry is because they know how sad their living loved ones are. 

For some, it’s the state of mind of the loved one(s) left behind, for others, it’s simply to help their loved ones to recognize they are still here with them. And for others, it relates to the ongoing back and forth torture you put each other through due to unfinished business, lack of resolve, hate, love, rage, betrayal, revenge, and everything in between.

Most often, a spirit’s chaotic emotions are related to knowing how you feel and think about them yet they are unable to work through these issues with you at a conscious level.

Positive or negative intentions inspire AfterLifers to want to reach out. And they will use anyone they can to either help or harm another 3d living person.

Question: Would you say, once we hit the AfterLife, are we more god-like?

Given their access to information across time and space yet still carrying their woes and wishes, which I feel and know too well, what does that make them?

Death, because of their access to information and technology makes them “Powerful” in some respects, god-like even depending on how they use their power, yet they are still human on a continuum. On earth we are human with god-like qualities.

AfterLifers are human with access to a ton of information. How they use that information in service of themselves and you determines their godly or godless status. 

I have endured, I have been broken, I have known hardship, I have lost myself. But here I stand, still moving forward, growing stronger each day. I will never forget the harsh lessons in my life. They made me stronger. Unknown

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Question: What is it like to be dead and live the afterlife?

From my perspective being a psychic medium and living a conscious interDimensional lifestyle with my A-TEAM, I think the first important thing 3D folks need to understand to help ourselves move forward with departed loved ones is to know that life goes on and they are not far away.

As I have quoted in Rainbow Medicine,Death is likened to a move to another country.”

It’s also quite similar to entering the Witness Protection Program.

Seriously, it’s sad like that, they see you but you cannot see them. Nevertheless, many of them make the most of their AfterLives, some even love it.

For example, in our work with Doc, we get to teach some very important truths, and help many of us on both sides of the veil heal from severe trauma.

Question: Although we do not see you because your frequency is tied to another dimension, do you still live a physical existence sharing the same space and world, even jobs?

Yes, for the most part, to quote Hotel California, You can check out anytime but you can never leave.

That was a tough one for me to digest.

We’re shadow people, rainbow gods and goddesses to you, living a parallel interconnected existence.

Well, frankly, due to my ability to hear and help you each out, I too consider myself a superhero and goddess, shapeshifting between dimensions and time. Like me but with way more advanced skills, you too are actually shapeshifting time travellers, really. You gave us a bit of this understanding in the Chapter, HELLo DARLIN, Spirits Talk! 

In essence we all are time travellers. Dreamtime for 3D folks is often spent travelling dimensions and for people like you who travels inter dimensionally for work, you also time travel while awake. But yes, we spirit folks have greater ability to shape shift between dimensional time and space. As spirits we’re FULLY conscious using 100% of our brain. But even with our talents, we cannot master one great desire, interDimensional full physicality.

In dreams you do, I have felt some of you in complete physical form. We have also discussed the emotional frustrations many of you feel due to this physical separation and invisibility.

Despite how good it is here for many of us, we still struggle with some basics when it comes to grieving, letting go of what was, maintaining ties and doing conscious work with you. It’s terribly gruelling to watch a loved one suffer and even worse, unaware of our presence and support. When you need a hug, we want you to feel it. When you have a special thought and the phone rings, that’s our special way of confirming our conversation. As my loved ones heal I heal, it’s that simple, just like we wrote in Rainbow Medicine.

Sometimes I feel your hugs and kisses deeply.

We are aware that not everything can be healed but healing is our goal, this is why we manipulate much physical anomaly as our mode of communication, which to you appears as signs and synchronicity. Furthermore, as you have already shared, those that do know we are around and speak out to family and friends are often negatively judged as weird.

Doc knows firsthand the suffering we on both sides of the veil feel and the process some of us in the afterlife undergo to heal and move forward on path. Unlike what they show on TV, sending us to “the Grand Light” does not do anything for any of us here.

That’s funny, it’s true, I had that experience with you, DrK.Nyght! When you came to me in that dream back in 2008, you pushed me to see a medium. When I mentioned a spirit attached to me by giving her the image you gave me in a dream of footsteps attached to mine, the medium said that I should “send you to the Light” that it was better there for you than with me.

You’re the Light, Doc.

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Question: Do Spirits want to maintain ties with loved ones here?

In my experience reading for people between the veil, so many come through for their 3d loved ones, that I have to say, Yes, most want to maintain ties with loved ones. There are also those who don’t wish to maintain ties with loved ones, but simply watch over them and work on their behalf behind the scenes. For some, this is good enough. For others, they prefer to hang out with new friends rather than family and old friends. My entire A-Team and interdimensional lifestyle is with such folks, those I did not meet while they were living their 3d lives.

Question: Do we all have an A-Team of Spirit Guides and what are their roles?

Saint and sinner, all are guides to someone on earth. 

Yes, and their roles are many. I prefer to call many of them Ghost Guides because most of our guides are those that lived in our life time.

Everyone’s job on your A-Team is to get you from point A to B to C to D and so forth. You already have your life written out. It has been fated by you and many others involved. You are involved in their lives and they in yours. From this vantage point, you are each guides to help the other accomplish tasks according to your life charts. The number one job of a spirit guide is to keep you on your destined life path. Even if it’s the worst path in the world. Spirit guides have dirty jobs. And deception is a huge part of their roles in some of our life.

We all come down here with amnesia because the pain is too deep and chaotic should you remember the intricacies of your life, lifetime after lifetime. This is why deception is a large part of the game of life. Your spirit guides will only show you new truths as you are ready for them and this sole purpose is to move you and them along path.

A spirit guide’s job is from doing the most mundane tasks with you like talk with you about everything and anything under the sun, to making you fail and succeed.

With all that said, here is the lighter side taken from my book Rainbow Medicine:

We all have an Angelic team (A-Team) of spirits who root for us, love us, want to help us manifest our desires and dreams, and see us succeed on our highest path. Ultimately, what they all want for us is to come into greater self-love, self-worth, and personal truth so that we may learn from our experiences, understand the lessons of the whys, forgive ourselves and others for any wrongdoing, clear our karmic debts, and discover and use our gifts to live a fulfilling life.

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy, Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!

Like any hike, getting to the other side of the rainbow requires undergoing lots of challenges. Ghosts guides are part of this journey with you. Some work in support, some in opposition.

Question: Who are the players that make up our A-Team of Spirit Guides?

Ancestral spirit guides, which are those connected to you from past lives, and Ghost guides who I refer to as departed ones from this lifetime.

Your team members adjust according to the specifics in your life and consist of players who stay the entire course and those who come in for specific teachings. Some members you have a personal connection with and some you don’t, and each has a reason for working with you.

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy, Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!

Question: Can you provide an example of AfterLife InterDimensional (ID) living?

Like 3d fold, Spirits too live a physical existence in another dimension, and what this means is they too have a life as their lives continue on in the AfterLife, and most often it’s happening right under our noses here on earth. Some, when they cross, choose to continue to be a part of our lives here and become a spirit guide to someone who needs their help and skills in exchange for the same in return. Some also choose to participate as a Channel, and even more intense, share your vessel, and most intense, live as your walk-in.

Call it love and devotion
Call it the mom’s adoration
A special bond of creation.

⏤”Rockabye” Clean Bandit

What this all means is, most spirits are quite earthbound because as long as loved ones remain here, earth is where most call home and many still want to be of service to us here. Just imagine having to leave children, parents, pets, and best friends who pine for you and/or are doing exciting stuff. Would you disappear or would you stay around and help in the ways you most love to contribute?

DBEE I am one of those moms who had to make a tough decision when I died, I hooked my husband up with his future wife so that my children would be taken care of as best as possible, given our circumstances.

Suzanna I am another one of those women who had to make tough decisions when I died at age 55 and left the love of my life behind.

I was that woman Suzanna contracted to help her hubby transition, here. You cannot imagine how hard all of this is for your departed ones.

Death And what about all the unscrewing I put you through simply to get you to your next best spot. We all have to hide our feelings in order to be of best service to those we love, and this is one of my hardest jobs with Doc.

Being her guide has been extremely difficult for me, but worth it, beyond words can express. 

It hasn’t been easy for me either. We cry a lot together.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles for many of us AfterLifers.

And THIS Lifer. Behind my smile, you will never know what we have each been through and go through to tell this tale.

An example of afterlife inter dimensional living is doing all that dirty work plus accompanying you on our day-to-day earth walk. 

In my case, the tightrope.

DrK.Nyght We love to do with you the same stuff you love to do with us when we were alive such as shop, talk, sing, workout, play sports, play music, drive, write, teach, mediate, heal, cook, take walks, baths, showers, swim, read, party, have sex, you name it.

The next time you go shopping and are in need of helpful input, ask someone on our side for help and see what you receive. When it comes to therapy, exercise, cooking recipes, home decor, clothing, hiring service people such as hairdressers, masseuses, you name it, there’s always an AfterLifer assigned to take your call.

My ghost guides have SUPERB style and taste.

Death Although blessed with magic, the road is arduous filled with much trauma because Doc is always reliving someone else’s most painful moments as her own before she meets them. Not to mention, being separated from me.

When I am being “hunted” as my writing partners just wrote to best describe what it feels like doing my kind of work, as in, alerted of clients coming my way with specific storylines they want me cued into, this is when I cannot escape some of the mental noise I experience.

Due to my always developing ESP: telepathy (reading minds), empathy (reading emotions), retrocognition (seeing past) and precognition (seeing future), I am often living the traumas of others above and below and walking in and seeing glimpses of three timelines, all at once; past, present, and future. 

Our hauntingly magical day-to-day life together is an example of AfterLife InterDimensional living. As mentioned, the spirit world does not have a telephone line so ESP is how we communicate.There are not enough interviews to cover the paranormal stuff I experience and witness.



The best things in life are unseen. That’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh and dream.

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