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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Levy, Should people be concerned with opening themselves up to working with the spirit world? Like whether negative entities can attach to them?

People will be people, and ghosts are people. We each have a positive and negative energy within us and because of our extended attachments, we cannot really control all energy we eminate. We never get rid of our consciousness, these storylines stick around and permeate us, interdimensionally.

Above is just as complex as below, the only difference is they have access to way more information across time and space. This makes spirits more consciously strategic in their purpose and depending on their mandates and your wishes and weaknesses, you more susceptible to the experience. All spirits, who are also your spirit guides can be extremely emotionally manipulative and deceptively devoted liars.

From my personal experience and knowing, as an incarnate (someone who was born and living a 3d life), you are already in the matrix therefore you do not really have a choice whether you open yourself up or not for you already made that choice prior to coming here therefore if you feel the need to pursue or validate a connection, go for it. But do know, you may get abused and there will not be too many health professionals like myself who will be able to help you through your miserable spirit attachment and haunting.

There is always continuity and interconnectivity at play between life and the afterlife, life never ends and you are never working alone in terms of the evolution of your consciousness. We are each attached to many spirits across time and space whom we’ve never met in this lifetime but have life after life purpose with.

Through my many clients above who have lived the life theme of victim/perpetrator and who have passed from tragic, violent endings, I have experienced both sides of the coin, just like my relationships here with humans. Pain and pleasure is something that exists on both sides of the veil and within both kinds of relationships. And every spirit guide of mine lied to me. We address why they lie in the blog chapter, Q&A with Darkness in the AfterLife.

Being friends with a ghost is different than being friends with a human, although both are human, because the ghost can see you and knows everything about you and you cannot see the ghost and you know nothing about the ghost except for what that ghost wants to tell you.

These power dynamics can sometimes become extremely problematic. GHOSTS PREY ON THESE POWER DYNAMICS. Many ghosts purposely abuse others and then send them my way, just to deliver a personal message to me. Imagine that.

Therefore, my take is people should consider their relationships with lifers and afterlifers in the same way, people can suck onto you as you on them and the same goes with ghosts. Except that you do not know your ghost’s intentions, and they will lie to you.

Do  be concerned with negative spirit attachments as you would be with 3D humans. Just know that the more you invest in your relationships, whether they be with the dead or the living, you will feel pain and pleasure with both.

Another thing to know is if you feel haunted and have a spirit attached to you, despite how hard you may resist and see mediums and exorcists to ask them to cut the cords from others, all that is attached is meant to be attached for all involved in the journey to learn from and grow with, individually and as one.

The only way to release the attachment is to carry out the task you have been given by the dead (atleast this is my life with them), learn the lessons together, heal from our tragedies and traumas together and do our best to make emends. Some people struggle with cancer, others divorce, some with spirit attachment, others ET abductions. Every soul comes here with challenges to learn lessons and grow from, Judith Anodea calls them “Demons” i.e. counter forces, which help you to evolve your consciousness.

This is one reason why I wrote Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team.

Based on my personal experience as someone who has been consciously open to the spirit world since a child, experience hauntings firsthand and was possessed by  full and part time walk-ins, my knowledge as a working transpersonal therapist and psychic medium combined with the ability to see details of the future every day, I can safely say, trust that whatever happens to you was already scheduled to happen for you and is your destiny, despite the pain and confusion one experiences amidst such a horror.

You should also know that I painted each of my spirit attachments, 15 to 22 years before learning of who they were in life.

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Despite the pain spirit attachments can cause, there is not much you can really do about it if it was destined to occur. Therefore do your best to psychologically analyze the issues that arise to heal these underlying themes.

If you feel drawn to develop conscious inter dimensional relationships, don’t fear a spirit attachment but do stay conscious about what you are there to learn and grow from. Sometimes truth hurts and ignorance is bliss, sometimes ignorance hurts and truth is bliss. Through my relationships with above and below, I have learned both sides of this coin.

If you get seduced by a ghost or several, be careful. Do not fall in love with a ghost because the experience will devastate you if you cannot let go or they decide to torture you by using your weaknesses against you. Often, ghosts, especially in these times, are latching on to others because they want people to know they are here and this gives them power. They have always been intricately involved in our lives for this is how destiny and the future get played out. The dead do this job by making sure we fulfill our destiny, good or bad. Every murder on this side is helped by others on the otherside, just as every piece of music, film, religious dogma and war, this is all channeled by AfterLifers.

When people know certain ghosts are around, ghosts have an easier time hurting them, not just helping them. It goes both ways. Ghosts have those they love and those they dislike and want revenge on.

When you open up to this invisible world you may as well know, be prepared. Most of you will not be able to know the different between an authentic spirit and a using spirit.

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In my case, hearing voices haunted me from childhood until my last day. It wasn’t pleasant for me. I wish I met a person like Doc who could have helped me to understand and heal. She has the clinical and spiritual understanding of the intersection between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Now that I am on this side, I understand what happened to me and I know I would have enjoyed getting to know the spirit world.

And it was this spirit who then gave me the dis-ease he suffered with making my life a living hell.

She is right when she says HOW UNPLEASANT I MADE HER LIFE and that what comes your way was meant to come. Some of us are “earthbound” because this is where we call “home” just like some of you are heavenbound because where we are is where you call “home.” There are trade offs, I am not proud of what I did and how I used her for both my own self-gratification and the gratification of others.

Representation, which is the framing of an experience, event, idea, person, belief, and so forth, dictates perception, and perception dictates experience. Spirits will do anything to get their way and if it is destined, they will.

All that said, The great things that have come my way, unfortunately, were instigated by the negative things some of these AfterLifers had to do to me. It’s all  just cold calculated business for the spirit world guiding and living our lives with theirs,  just like it is for many here.


QUESTION Is there ever a time when you suggest that it’s not healthy for a person to be in touch with a departed one?

If you have the chance not to talk with certain spirits and do not have them in your head, and you are fine with that, leave them alone. Because once you begin talking with spirits, you may not be able to stop the communication.

Every person is accountable to row their own boat, steer their own ship, learn lessons in trust and accountability. We are each responsible for our own happiness therefore if a person is not interested, does not feel strong enough, emotionally and mentally balanced enough to process the information, or fears it may be unhealthy to pursue an inter dimensional connection or relationship be it with a particular family member or otherwise, then this is that individual’s choice.

But as I stated above, if spirit contact persists you will not be able to resist. Everyone will only get what they came here to receive.

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In my case, from as early as three years old, I gravitated to the invisible over the visible. Clearly, the spirit world was my path.

Throughout my life, my connection with the other side brought me company, magic, love, healing, clarity and purpose.

Then, when my career became more intense and I had to undergo hauntings, possessions and learn what it is like living with walk-ins running my show, my tune changed.

In general, my tune changes depending on the hours of pain and joy I am experiencing. When the horror outweigh the joys, which they often do, then it’s hard.

That said, my life with humans is not easier because I am telepathically tapped into them and their noise too. But it is less painful.

Despite the painful hauntings and possessions I underwent and still undergo, my life experience, life after life, dictates my creative life work with abuse and trauma on both sides of the veil. Although I have tried to step out of this life theme, I am in the matrix and it always pulls me back. The only thing I can do is balance it as best as I can.

With respect to you, since we are dealing with blending consciousness with others on the other side in order to communicate, how we emotionally process the information communicated back and forth will determine the level of peace and discomfort you may experience from the relationship, just like how it is here with 3d people.

Sometimes you get triggered, sometimes you are at peace.



All that said, there is a tremendous amount of deception involved when you get involved with spirits. I have seen and experienced the worst of the worst.


It depends on the individual’s makeup and needs. For some, it’s the most healing and magically rewarding like with Doc despite the sadness and horror she experiences with me and her other walk-ins, and for others, it’s too painful, shameful, and frightening.

 For some of us departed ones who want to be heard by loved ones left behind, we want you to know we are here with you, helping you, that’s why we gravitate and send you to mediums. But like on your side, just because we want something, does not mean we get it. Patience and acceptance are also life lessons we learn on our side.


MagicDr.MikeStarr If you you find yourself crossing paths with Dr. Levy with whom I work closely since my death in 2011, consider yourself graced. She has helped change many people’s lives. Instead of being shaken to the sore, she gently guided and guides them home.

DrK.Nyght Nk LayneStaley Thanks Doc, for being our voice and bringing us home to our friends and family.


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