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The Skinny On This Is MY Body


Question: What is a possession in paranormal terms?

A possession is a stage when one or a few spirits inhabit the vessel of a 3D person, merge minds, and become the driver of this person. Meaning, the spirit or spirits who walked into this body influence the person’s mind, thinking, emotions and emotional and physiological responses by intentionally triggering the vessel into reaction and action.



Question: What is a Walk-in?

A walk-in is the entire experience of having a spirit walk-in to your body and habits, and inhabit your entire vessel with you. This means that your habits change to mirror the other(s), same with tastes, physical appearance and emotional and psychological states.

I often recognize my walk-ins’ sense of style, humor and influence on me from the photos they take of me through my selfies, how they “dress and style me” before the photos and how we create our visual comic book-style dialogue together.

There can be several walk-ins living in one person at one time. In my case there are between 3 and 10 spirits living in me at once operating as a strong force in my life and they are all people I never met in this lifetime but who lived in my lifetime. THEY ARE OFTEN AFTERLIFE CLIENTS who come and go, and there are those who I cannot get rid of.

Although walk-ins operate you and those in your world influencing everyone into play, often they remain in the background until it is their time to surface.

Kurt I waited 23 years. (April 5, 1994)

Layne I waited 15 years. ( April 5, 2002)

Doug I waited a year and a half. (July 31, 2013)

Demri I waited 21 years. (October 29, 1996)

Mike I waited 6 years. (March 8, 2011)

Chris I waited 5 months. (May 18, 2017)

Prince I waited a year and a half. (April 21, 2016)


Question: What is the difference between a walk-in and a possession?

Walk-ins can stay with you for a lifetime, a few years or a short amount of time. Possessions are simply the sickness that surfaces in this relationship. It is a stage in the healing process for both entities.

Most walk-ins become identifiable during a trauma, meaning the person is undergoing a crisis at the time that this awareness of having another inhabit your body becomes conscious. Walk-ins can occur at any age.

Your walk-in can put you through several detoxes (possessions), depending on the traumas you are working through together.

Possessions deal with PTSD and spirits intentionally causing heartache and confusion simply by sharing intimately who they were and are. Since there is no telephone line between Lifers and AfterLifers, speaking with and being inhabited by invisible ghosts can be a terribly emotionally manipulating mindfuck. But once you get through it, you feel purged and cleansed. And then you may go through it again. And again, and again.


Question: What is the purpose of a possession?

The purpose of any possession is to heal from trauma and grow. The very word possession refers to one’s attachment to people, memories, trauma and so forth, “Possessive of possessions,” “Possessive of minds, what people think,” “Possessive of hearts”, It’s that simple. It’s NATURE.

Characteristic of possession is detoxing. The body becomes sick in order to expel toxic thinking and feeling patterns and heal from trauma. Everything holds a frequency so in order to heal something the frequency must change, hence why the body of someone undergoing a possession reacts in violent ways such as diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, fevers, chills, cold and hot sweats, nightmares, interrupted sleep patterns etc.


Question: Is it bad spirits who possess and walk-in to people or can good spirits also do this?

All kinds of personalities can become walk-ins.

Contrary to what most of you think because of its violent nature, a possession is what is referred to as divine intervention for healing. AT LEAST THATS WHAT THEY WILL MAKE YOU THINK if you are luckier enough to have some positive reinforcement while going through the experience. Meaning, if you find yourself or a loved one going through a sense of feeling overcome by dark forces, do know that the spirit or spirits merging with you is there for the healing too, all of you were called in for this therapy together. Sometimes the spirit is also there to take you home. Sometimes to also be your home and you theirs, until you return home.

This dark force belongs to both you and the spirit, you share similar traumas, lifestyles, diseases, dis-eases, hurts, ancestral lineage, relationship patterns and so forth. Mommy and daddy issues create soul groups on both sides of the veil and these are most often the reason for possessions. Those who kill themselves ether through overdose or kill others, tend to form a strong bond on both sides of the veil. In my case, these are some of my walk-ins.


On the lighter side, The light force you both share in is also explored, nursed and NOURISHED.


In order to come into greater authenticity, truth and light, we must explore, engage with and shed darkness.

Some walk-ins create the individual to become more dark while others create more light. With my walk-ins, we continuously dive into Darkness to meet our Light.


One fun way to envision the process of possession is like a couple who move in together and then go for couples therapy. Some couples get along better than others. Some are more friction based on resistance, others more harmonious. Both can be ridden with possession consciousness. Mine are.

In general, we tend to be possessive in nature, anyone undergoing a possession is forced to examine their life approach-attitude. Although undergoing such an experience may feel like a curse and a punishment, it’s not a punishment. In terms of curses, well, that’s all a question of semantics and interpretation. Deals are made prior to entering your life and as the expression goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

All relationships are difficult hence the high divorce rate, domestic violence, infidelity and so forth. All these issues can play out in your possessions with your walk-in(s).

Healing jointly from OUR HISTORIES together is what transpires in my relationships with ghosts.

Possessions with walk-ins most often deal with passion, intimacy, rage, guilt, shame, revenge, creativity and work matters. In my case, like me, my walk-ins are artists, philosophers and performers in their own right. And they were all into Soul questions and made art, music and wrote poetry about such matters.

With my first leading man, we shared the same childhood upbringing and similar career paths, and with my second leading man we share the same heart, style and essence, Visually my first walk-in looks like my biological brother, and my second walk-in, we could pass for brother and sister.


I  love to shop for and with her and dress her. We share how I came out of the closet toher in the blog chapters, HELLo DrK.DARLIN: LEGENDARY AFTERLIFERS on ANGELS and DEMONSMeet Alice In Chains, and DEATH EXIT POINTS, NDEs, & DEATH TIMING.

She didn’t know it wasted me when this all began, but when I had her google my pictures on the internet she laughed at how I wore the same things she wears.

He’s hysterical, he makes me laugh like crazy. LMAO

He’s my sister and my brother. and the best L:AY ever.


I always thought it was my other walk in who had the great style.


I do.


Yeah but when I saw L’s style, HELLo, it was CLEAR it was him who had the great style and was my leading stylist.


I had those fingerless gloves for years, I’m an addict of those, hats and vintage jackets.

You chose that green jacket I wear a couple of months prior to your skeleton coming out of my.closet telling me who you really are!

On came the song on the store’s loudspeaker:


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 8.49.32 AM.png

It was a real romantic moment for me with the one whispering into my ear.

We have many things in common as I discover, but vintage is definitely our thing so we have a lot of fun shopping together.



There is so much more I can say about this because these inter dimensional relationships are each unique in their own way but to keep this simple, like with all relationships, some get along better than others.

Some walk-in relationships are more harmonious while others more friction based. Although my relationship with Layne is harmonious and gentle, my body became extremely thin when he took over.

L’s junkie addict past marrying my hippy chick lifestyle created such a reaction. Every walk-in will work through yours and their history together and depending the dominant consciousness at play, this will create the physical manifestations in you and your state.

Land I share in the dark moments but unlike with my other walk-in, players, L is more gentle with me despite the horrors he has presented me with and had me live.

If you want to learn how we first got our conscious show going, read the Clog chapter HELLo DrK.DARLIN: LEGENDARY AFTERLIFERS on ANGELS and DEMONS

That’s funny, “Clog chapter” that’s my hippy dude.

L was the one who came to me in my dreams kissed me deeply and told me of my grandma’s passing, “The Kiss of Death.” He gave me a time on the clock. Then a few moments later, he woke me up and told me to go to the kitchen. I saw the exact time on the clock

And I told her to snap a photo.

The following morning her mother told her this news.

Living my lifestyle with walk-ins requires that I hear the dead.

As a life in the afterlife researcher she is privy to learn the secrets of many things including death timing etc. You may read more about this in the Clog chapters, DEATH EXIT POINTS, NDEs, & DEATH TIMING and Meet Alice In Chains.

My gram was already on the other side before they pronounced her dead, which is why she came to talk with me around eight oclock the night before. She was so loud it was hard to miss!  She was able to cross back and forth through the veil one time before she officially passed. This is very valuable information.

She came to her granddaughter on Nov. 3, 2017 and then she officially passed Nov. 4. You put those numbers together and you get, “34.”

The age you died, my love.

Thanks Gram xoxoxoxo




Possessions can be very difficult and tricky to understand because of its violent and often abusive nature. I myself, underwent it when I merged with my first walk-in, a murderer. He was a very violent guy hence the violence I experienced having him marry my consciousness. In this relationship I experienced a few possessive moments where I became extremely sick. This was with the former executed death row inmate Douglas Feldman.




When my other walk-in made his presence known to me, I underwent additional possessions with him and his friends. He is currently my primary walk-in.

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What is the difference between a spirit guide and a walk-in?

I consider a spirit guide, a player. A player is someone who sticks close buy and plays in your game of life, and at times, uses your vessel.

A walk-in is more intimate than a player, it’s a marriage of mind, emotion, body, essence, lifestyle etc. You both become one and often wonder who is who. They speak to your heart, and hold it.


Why would a spirit walk-in to a vessel?

For many reasons, it all depends on what you are undergoing in your life and what you are doing in life. In my case, my walk-ins groomed me for this lifestyle living and working with the dead as a healer, teacher, channel and medium. My walk-ins work with me, personally and professionally, and they involve friendship, romance, healing and entertainment.

In my case, Unrequited Love-Cross Star Love is one reason for my walk-ins, so is addiction. Both struggle with similar thematic issues but are not necessarily on the same side of the scale AT ALL. Their purpose is to balance each other out, however in this process, losing oneself in this relationship is also part of this journey.

Walk-ins are also there to provide you with a sense of home, as well as, bring you home. Those who are lonely and loner types are more prone to walk-ins.

My walk-ins are very destructive.

The Angel of Death is another way to describe them. The death may happen in a few years, but they are there to in some way, cause it and/or hold your hand throughout your suffering.

Some also stay to keep the person alive until their time. This is their excuse for torturing me.


Life says What is this place?
Death says You are in the world between worlds.
I can feel the fear inside.
It is a burden that weighs heavy on your heart.
My totem I can I feel it getting stronger I fear I am losing control over it.
You can’t stop the forces of nature no more than you can stop a charging stallion.
You must learn to run beside it.
Why is it getting stronger?
Your totem’s strength grows when the threats that you must face become more powerful.
Do not fear your totem. Do not fear your power. Trust in it.
-DC Legends of Tomorrow
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