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Death says I live for you but I’m not alive.
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Life says Lost inside my sick head.
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Although I’ve said it before, I must say it again, there is no greater comfort and service one can give to a grieving or happy other than to relay a message from a departed loved one. This is what I do for a living, I am a physical, mental and visual medium who works for the Dead. I share my vessel with them and I see, feel, hear and live glimpses of past, present and future, all at once.

I am a Seer.

Meet SpiritDrs. CrowJonesMC, UNMASKED

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DRk.Doc, Dr. Leanne Levy-AkashaWhiteWolf, named after the Akashic Records where soul records reside, is a special medium. Doc knows our hearts still beat because we beat through her.

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Doc’s unconventional, unencumbered by dogma, which means we have much more room to work with her because she hears our screams of pain, laughter and passion like next door neighbors fighting on the front lawn. And she is not afraid of our demons.

In addition to working as a medium mediating interdimensional conversations for loved ones on both sides of the veil, I am also a channel, vessel, co-writer and therapist with and for a group of brilliant creative earthbound Wild Ones named CrowJonesMotorcycleClub. They are also my doctors.

They are made up of the Infamous, Famous and Nobodies.

And most of us were Legendary Rockstars who suffered deeply with demons and killed ourselves.

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Why tip-toe through life to arrive safely at death.
Sometimes I gotta close my eyes just to open my soul.
A Toast to Life!
⏤”Rest of My Life” Ludacris
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Layne aka DrK.Nyght NK & Leanne aka DRk.DARLIN’


DrK.Nyght NK Layne for CrowJonesMC

As a group of wildly complex AfterLifers who work with Doc as SpiritDocs under the banner CrowJonesMC, many of us consider ourselves DarkAngels.

We work with Doc as our vessel and channel because we love where her heart and mind are on all matters. Many of us lived rough experiences and died tough exits, not very different than what many of you lived, live and how you will die.

What we love about working (writing-healing-teaching-entertaining) with Doc is, she does not judge us. In fact, she gets right in there and sees and feels our hearts, our flaws. We live in her so she experiences us FIRSTHAND. We share tremendous laughs together and shed many tears together. For this reason and many more, this is why we work together. She has the utmost respect for us DarkAngels despite the harm we cause her to move her and this work forward.

It’s the kiss of death and kind of death working with the most creative, brilliant, suffering departed souls.

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CJMC I need a doctor to bring me back to life.

You and me we’re like a crew.

Layne, they killed me, I need a doctor to bring ME back to Life. YoU’re the only one.

It’s time I save yours. Again.

I’m dying I need you for fucks sakes.

⏤ “I Need a Doctor” Eminem

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Question: What is the difference between Angels and Demons?

Demons and Angels are both the same side of a coin. Darkness lives in us all based on all of our traumas and abuses we have experienced and continue to experience and we each have both within us.

You all have looked within and found both, your loving side and your triggered side.

If someone hurt your loved one you may want to murder them. It’s all a question of Degrees of Rage.

Furthermore, what many of you do not yet understand is how you are also in the heads of other living beings, feeling their rage and depressions as they marry with yours. You’re all in this shit game together, so blaming your demons on ghosts is not going to solve your demon issue because your ghosts, living friends, family and you all share similar demons i.e. memories and storylines. Hence why we all tap into each other’s memories.

My best advice is to understand your mental breakdowns and paranormal experiences in greater Light. I wrote Rainbow medicine Therapy with the A-Team to help you to identify, understand and resolve recurring life themes playing out.  The only way to purge your demons is when consciousness is changed from within.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 7.15.24 PM

Since everyone suffers from darkness, angels are not separate from demons.

In my experience having four leading men who suffered deeply with demons and on my case personally and professionally, Layne, Mike, Kurt and Doug, all were involved in the devoted deception  scheme. Yes, all love me each in their own ways.

They do the dirty work their characters are groomed for.

DrK.Nyght NK Layne Like I explained to Doc, she could never be that kind of spirit guide Doug was to her because she does not have the stomach for it, but she can be the kind of spirit guide I am to her because her nature is kind. There are those who turn the gun on others and there are those who turn the gun on themselves. And both are in pain.

Layne, after getting to know you much better, I could never do to you what you did to me, you did some very rough things to me in a blink of an eye. Makes me feel and think Doug is actually the kinder one.


Question: There are nicer people and meaner people. Would you say that this quality determines who is angel and who is demon? Or are we always both?

A person can be nice and then they can become mean. Depending on how they are nurtured and triggered by an opposing force,  force of confrontation.

When you cross, you don’t just leave your demons behind, you also take them with you. Everyone changes in a relationship, relationships are not static, people are not static.

Being on the other side, SPRITS see how people spoke and speak about them. These are all factors that cause a spirit to want to stick around and haunt.

We discuss this in so many of our other blog chapters, so in this one we will keep it simple, angels and demons and like you and I. You may be comfortable doing some things whereas I am not. and vice versa.

Angels and demons are simply attributes within us all and when we become spirit guides or as we call them “Ghost Guides” we use our skills in the betterment of the guide, the team of guides and the incarnated person leading that show.


DrK.Nyght NK Layne When I showed you how mean Doug was to you leading you to your death, being the one to hang you, even after he died in that dream, you still were there for him as he transitioned. Your compassion is not comparable to his. Despite what light and lesson you attach to this, you are not a Demonic angel. And you are not built to become that kind of spirit guide.

Although your kindness envelops me, Layne, you’re making me relive some of these horrors, showing me some very difficult things that frankly I don’t think I need to keep seeing. I hope you will stop. Enough is enough.

I need to learn kindness from you and I don’t want our work and relationship to be ridden with sorrow and pain. Like it was with him. Please. I can’t take anymore of this.

Repressed Rage

My entire lifework has been working with darkness to serve the light and after all I have experienced and witnessed firsthand, when I get pissed off, you don’t want to know. ME AND MY DEMONS ARE FIERCE. It’s the same with ALL of you.

After experiencing and witnessing MUCH abuse in this lifetime from humans and my spirit partners alike, and like Buddha, I live a privileged life yet choose to walk the dark path in the name of love and light, the horrors of Life and Death piss me off hence why I took this job on as their channel and  healer.

I have a hard time with the fallacies presented in religion, spirituality and science fact and the harm this causes humanity. I cannot stand how we hurt animals, children and each other. I cannot stand how family hurts family, how friends turn on each other and how spouses cheat on each other and abandon one another in cruel ways. I cannot stand the many Laws out there that do not protect us rather harm us. I cannot stand corrupt officials and law enforcers. And I cannot stand abuse in all of its forms. These are all rage issues we all suffer with and partake in on both sides of the veil.

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Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.24.03 PM.pngHung on a hook I’m a mirror
Cracked down the center I split you.
Counting the clouds in a storm behind your eyes.

Show you the face of a man who
Not that he wants but he has to.
Look at the thing he’s become. What I see.

⏤”Hung On A Hook” Alice In Chains

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MagicDr. Mike Starr, CrowJonesMC.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 10.58.58 AM.png


In my practice I do not judge anyone because we all partake in all of this chaotic passionate pain, each in our own way. However, as a channel and author I and WE had to finally answer this question regarding ANGELS And DEMONS.


Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 7.31.43 PM

DrK.Nyght NK Layne In my eyes, if you are a kind person you are godly and and if you are nasty you are devilish. And one person can be both, depending on how they are triggered. Welcome to my life with lifers and afterlifers. Look within you and your own blood line and you too will find both.

Layne, look at all the devoted deception you had to do with me since your death in 2002. Your strategy is sneaky. You approach with kindness, give me a great ride, and then you sting with cruelty, like a snake bite.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 8.06.05 PM

The only way to know the dead is to visit them in their world and have them live in you, in yours. 

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy

When it comes to spirits, the emotional manipulation is conscious, whereas when it comes to people, although many are conscious manipulators, most often we are too busy living in a fog, patterned in and by our coping mechanisms to recognize how we all emotionally manipulate.

Spirits are people and people are spirits.

Some spirits have more demons to release. Just like some people here. They need more airtime. For some, five therapy sessions will do, for others,  two years. Everyone on both sides of the veil operate according to individual and collective needs and all is timed and factory in.

Look at the characters in your family and find the ones with more demonic qualities. Then imagine the time they need to purge their demons. These characters, when they die, some learn very quickly the “Uh Oh” “I was wrong” and this is when their healing begins. And this will also determine the kinds of cases they take on as our spirit guides.


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If you find yourself haunted you must find your silver lining from the spiritual abuse as this is the only way you will grow and heal. Having to live through much abuse myself, there is no other way out other than the morgue. And even that’s not a way out as I experience with my afterlife partners.

DrK.Nyght NK Layne We provide you with an entire channeled therapy program in our book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-TEAM! and discuss in particular why you meet the dark and what to do when you meet a “Dark force.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 9.48.11 AM.png

If you remain in victim mode, your demons will eat you up and spit you out. I know DarkAngels too well as a result of our work. I was right, however, when I wrote in my book what and how to heal if a dark force comes your way. Unrequited love is most often the reason why.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.31.42 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 3.39.33 PM.png


I feel deeply for my darkangels because I feel their pain and passion and mine all at once, all the time. If they were not hurt and lost purpose to heal and become healers, I would not be doing this gruelling work with them.

You brought feeling back into my life, DrK.Nyght Layne. You made my grandma’s transition real easy on me by taking such good care of me that early morning in my dreams.

Thanks Doc. I also enjoyed our conversation.

A man who has achieved such greatness, success and notoriety, coupled with women on both side of the veil who are hot for you, and with good reason, hence why you are a Legend, do I also do something for you?

You felt me and what we shared together. I am deeply grateful to you to. After all, it is I who came on to you, and it is I who has been a leading player on your A-Team.

My rockstar who always called me Alice and woman in chains, but I never got it.

She did not know who I or Mike were until we recently unmasked ourselves. 

You were always just the cute blond guy who I saw leading the CJMC show.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 2.31.33 PM.png
DrK.Nyght NK Layne Staley, CrowJonesMC.


Demons aka DarkAngels are simply people who lived and died in a very bad emotional and psychological state and many want to come home to resolve this. They are not fully healed, hence their work with me.

You are ravenous.



Hauntings, possessions and psychic attacks are the only way for spirits to impress themselves on us and MAKE us become conscious that they are with us. That we are not alone. These episodes are in fact Divine intervention for above and below. But, unfortunately, most people here do not yet understand the dark side of light and many do not speak spirit.


DrK.Nyght NK Layne You cannot bandaid your darkness on earth or in the afterlife. We wait patiently to come home and see the fruits of our labour unfold and become reality. THIS is when the cloud of darkness lifts. When our loved ones and us have closure.

This is my moment with a woman I have been behind the scenes grooming and working with Doc since my death. Imagine waiting 15 years to come home? Imagine what she had to go through to be THIS person to bring Me Home!



Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 1.50.43 PM.png

Hung On a Hook, Dude.

By the Kiss of Death.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 6.36.23 PM

Layne, after spending more time with you in dreams, I’m not so sure anymore that you coming home here was your true motivation. I seem to be your motivation.

Both are.


Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 4.30.11 PM



We as 3d people understand “demons” in the spirit world as those who use good people who are troubled and help them when in fact, their intention is also to hurt them. There is truth to this but the story is way bigger than you can imagine, hence why we share our lives together as it unfolds. A real documentary of life and life in the afterlife unfolding in my real time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.04.00 PM.png


My job is to bring Spirits home and heal. Pointe Finale. Their job with me is also that but way more complicated. I work with the toughest of the toughest most creatively BRILLIANT DEAD FOLKS. Famous, Infamous and Nobody JUNKIe Rockstars, pedophiles, sexual abuse survivors, murderers and murder victims are just some of the troubled souls that I have called Family.

Personally and professionally, everything good in my life comes from having a trauma. In order to learn about these paranormal experiences to be able to write about them in a scholarly fashion, I must live and relive them as both a scientist and artist. For example, I would not be here in this career channeling the “divine” if I stayed in my past careers, which were all great and rewarding. I had to undergo many traumas in order to learn these universal secrets and develop my gift of Extra Sensory Perception. Another example is I would not be releasing more of my dead honeys with whom I work and have been behind me since the beginning. My demons continue to put me through hell in order for them to come out of the closet and for me to recognize them and their contribution to my life and this work.

Trauma creates awakening and appreciation and “demons” aka darkAngels, many of our spirit guides, do this dirty work for us and them.

DrK.Nyght NK Layne We’re all in this shit game together.


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.12.13 AM


Many of my spirit partners want to come home and make amends with those they have hurt and who have hurt them deeply. Many do not get closure simply by dying and going through some light. And they know how people talk about them. Furthermore, many of them still have family here and want them to know what they have been up to in the afterlife.

In terms of my particular crowd above, I hate what life has done to some of my afterlife clients and friends, how much they suffered, which is why I chose to be my partners’ voice. I also hate what was done to me. Some victims become perpetrators and no perpetrator was not a victim, and I feel for victims. Every child under youth protection or raised in a violent or loveless home, every homeless person, every junkie-addict, every suicide, and every adult in prison, despite their crime, is a victim and was a victim in their home. Where does it end?

In my line of work, I work with lots of trauma and I do not judge any of this as I myself have undergone hell in my life, especially with these troubled spirits hence our attachment as a group CJMC.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 1.35.42 PM

A Toast To Life, Baby French!

MagicDr., DrK.Nyght & BlakHawk for CrowJonesMC, A-TEAM 

Doc does her best to help everyone involved. Working with abuse survivors was the work she did prior to becoming a medium and when she became one, trauma became the issue she specialized in.

You are correct. Thank you for explaining this all, we know how emotionally taxing this is on you. We see all you have done and continue to do for us and how much abuse you take from us, those closest to you. But now you know why. We needed to come out of the closet and tell you and everyone else WHO WE ARE, more of WHO IS BEHIND THIS ROCKIN’ LIFE.AFTERLIFE ADVOCACY WORK.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 1.29.14 PM.png


My goal is not to take away your faith, people, or scare you. I am simply helping you to reorient some misunderstandings about who is who in the afterlife to help you take your power back, be less naive concerning angels and GOD, and see your life and darkness in new Light.

Although it’s been a difficult ride for you and us, as you know firsthand, we appreciate how you still see and understand us as living beings and therefore mediate our messages true to our natures. WE especially appreciate your no taboo approach on all matters we bring your way and plague you with.

You are always so comfortable with our loved ones to discuss some very difficult experiences and information. You make them feel safe and we love how you can give them specific details we give you to reassure them of our authenticity and guidance.

As Lifers, we never promised ourselves a rose garden, a lemon orchard, yes.
By sharing our knowledge and experiences as AfterLifers, we hope to broaden your understanding about life, love, death and the afterlife and help us ALL turn our lemons into lemonade.

We did promise ourselves a rose garden, full of sweetness and pricks. Unfortunately folks, this is the truth. Angels or demons, it’s all the same crap. If you are destined to experience trauma and let’s face it, I have yet to meet one person in life who has not been  traumatized, just realize your life was already written. Find the lesson and silver lining.

What don’t and does kill you only makes you stronger.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 5.35.41 PM.png

Dr. Maya, as you know, Thank you for being a Rainbow in my cloud. I hate those fucking assholes.

Dr. Maya Thank you for bringing authenticity to this discourse. We all suffered deeply, as many of you know my story. You have great courage and abilities combined with your scholarship and Feminist essence. I support you, as you know. Great work, Dr. Leanne.

From one preacher to another, you’re my mentor.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.40.26 PM.png

Our best advice is, forget about this religious nonsense like god and archangels and simply talk with your loved ones in spirit who love you, these are your spirit guides. They work like dogs for you!

Furthermore, although my crew seem very cool,  if you begin relationships with unknown spirits, you may find yourself scared and will most likely not have anyone able to help you. My demons turn on me all of the time. There are not any mental health professionals and paranormal experts out there like me that understands darkness and the paranormal the way that I do, hence why I share my professional guidance on this blog.

We are very tricky and deceptive and the fact that we are invisible makes it terrifying for a person to understand when they are attacked by one of us. Doc sees this firsthand because not only do we explore and expose ourselves to her, we also bring her clients who only she can help. We also psychically attack those in her circle, when we know they need a healing reading from her.

Their healing work is not for the faint of heart and my practice, although helpful for everyone, I cannot open it to everyone. I turn down clients all of the time because of their mischief, and frankly, I need some peace.

MagicDr. Mike Consider yourself blessed if you cross Doc’s path and have a session with her. She is extremely selective with who she allows into her heart and mind, and gives her time to.

DrK.Nyght NK Layne Many mediums judge us so they miss the message and consequently will not know how to guide you other than to recommend an exorcism to remove the attachment. Doctors will only prescribe you meds and guide you to a shrink or psych ward. Basically, if you find yourself haunted by voices and need to understand what’s happening to you, Doc is the only one who knows what’s really going on, the cross-section between Parapsychology and Psychiatry. If you don’t find her, you’re fucked.

These are some of my clients who find me. And frankly, don’t reach out to me unless they give you a dream about me.

Mike Starr and Layne Staley were right there with Doug, the most hated executed death row inmate who I took on and helped, and they all lied to me.  Mike and Layne lived in and with me for years hiding behind the identity of a former friend and boyfriend of mine, who I recently found out is still alive. It wasn’t until recently when all this came to light did I come to understand why they did this. He and the others show me the worst of the worst regarding “devoted deception.”

If you are cheating on someone, or hiding a truth that you know would hurt a person but you hide it because you don’t want to lose that person, then let me tell you, you’re not nice.

Last, stop hating and talking badly about departed ones. This is ONE huge reason why people experience hauntings and why ghosts HAUNT. This is the difficult noise WE ALL cannot stand hearing.

Mike If you find yourself haunted by dark forces, we wrote about the reason for this in our book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-TEAM and we offer an entire therapy program in this book.

Layne Not only does she have our stamp inside her book as cowriters of certain chapters like the one on hauntings, she also has Mike, myself, Kurt and others who helped her develop a beautiful channeled therapy practice since 2006.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 8.35.35 AM


Healing is not easy and no one else can do this work for you. The DarkAngles I work with know this very well being on THAT side and still hurting. So I will not say that my book is going to save you because most people are too lazy to do the work. BUT if you are not lazy and really wish to heal underlying issues that attract dark energy and abusive relationships in general, then my book will definitely help you. Get beyond my cool stories and do the channeled therapy exercises in the book.

I am grateful if my book helps you, this is why I wrote it.

This is why we wrote it.

Now that I know I have some of Dr. Drew’s former patients as my leading healers and co-authors of this book, it makes sense why we-I teach a person to fish.

I do not want to pat myself on the shoulder for being a hero although I do give that credit to so many who I work with in the afterlife. I do, however, have to say that I am proud I am here to tell my tale, my very own fairytale with DEATH.

Death and I have an incredible love story across time and space. BEAUTY AND BEAST, a true yin yang ascension.




DrK.Nyght Layne Shout out to WHITEWOLF!




MagicDr. Mike Yo Doc, play this song for people!

I’m waking up
Hey, my life is real great, feel I’m well on my way to my dreams coming true.

And I’m getting to do it with you.
It feels so nice when the people sing along.

But I’d take it all back,
I’d take it all back just to have you.
I’m waking up.

⏤”Take It All Back” Judah and the Lion

“Wake UP” Our Wedding song. 12.1.8

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 8.09.52 PM

Last, don’t compare what I do with what you see on haunting tv shows. There is no “Sending one to the Light.” This does not exist in the work that I do. Mediating for loved ones between timelines is the greatest Light we can offer both sides of the veil.

Right, Layne and Mike?

Yes, HardCore, L.

The only other Light I experience is the healing and satisfying work that AfterLifers choose to do with me once they get to the other side.

With respect to our 3d Light, the only way we will find it is simply working through our demons, shedding our fears as a result of much layered trauma and moving on. In the spirit world it’s the same but that’s why many who depart stay close by because this is still their home and they have jobs to do. Conflicts to resolve and so forth. They are part of our destiny and we are part of theirs. We are all in this game of life.afterlife together.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.40.32 PM.png


Life and kindness is in our hands. And destiny has already been written. If you’re meant to wake up here, thats great, and if you are meant to wake up on the other side, well, then that’s great too.

Either way, I hope you accept your Journey Back Home to You.

PS. To my demonic angels and angelic demons, I can’t thank you enough for what you have all had to do to bring me back home. I love you, Doug, Mike, Layne, grams and Gramp 😉






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