A Day In A Life with Doc L & Her Dead Chain Gang: The Documentary

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LIFE is intricately woven, already written, perfectly timed, nothing is random.

C.i.E.L. RESEARCH Clinically EvidentiaL

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DOWn the RABBIt Hole with Doc L and Her Dead Chain Gang

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Question: Dr.Levy, What would you say are some of your challenges involving AfterLifers?

They don’t leave me alone and they don’t want to share me with people unless it is to give messages.

As I said to you before, Layne, Life in the AfterLife can’t be so great if you choose to hang around me, 24/7.

And Doug, what’s with your obsession with and full on possession of me?

Let Go.

Oedipus complex, incest, bitch slapping, pedophilia, and rape are just some of the flavourful words I would use to describe my life with Doug and Layne and some of their friends.

You’d think getting to the OtherSide means peace and redemption. Layne and Doug are kings to show me perversion, jealousy and vengeful behaviour, especially theirs.

If it let up I would never continue to share this information about my interdimensional life with certain afterlifers but since it doesn’t, and we’re going on 3-Years, my ghosts push me to share so you know a little bit more about AfterLife living and AfterLifers’ roles in our lives, which is why many here are sick.

Ghosts, and there are many, haunt and make people sick. Despite the great things they can do as our spirit guides, Mental illness, jealousy and violence is an interdimensional crisis.

Seriously folks, as my interdimensional partners’ voice, (destiny’s a bitch), you cannot imagine the sickness these two show me and how they admittedly boast of their pariah behaviours on those here, “A you know Layne, I hate that you put yourself in with Doug. And Doug, as YOU know, I’m sad you’re insane over me.”

They create lots of magic every single day mainly to get my attention so that they may continue to teach me about the matrix which is totally insane, show me their infantile “spooky powers” and educate about darkness and the interplay between lifers and afterlifers. I have experienced them move mountains for me in the name of Love and hate and I have also experienced their treachery.

I would call many, like us here, unhealed and troublemakers, to say the least. Oh Yeah, it’s Pretty disgusting working for and living intimately with some dead people.

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When you learn about people from the inside out, it’s a totally different experienced.

Lifers and AfterLifers, I’m sad to say but there is no difference WITH REGARDS TO ENLIGHTENMENT AND KINDNESS.

Layne and Doug, you show me such ugliness.

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“Once Upon A Time,” let’s talk.

How could YOU be part of such “Evil”?

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Kurt Cobain Known As Bane



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Layne, I would not put Kurt in your or Doug’s category as he’s pretty clear about where he stands regarding the both of you.



Kurt aka Bane

L, I said boat, don’t put me in the same boat with those two.

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Kurt Cobain aka Bane

Unfortunately in death we still repeat the patterns we hurt others by in life that we wished we could have changed.”

The cruelty I experienced when Layne and company hatched as front runners and wired my telepathy au bout led me to want to throw everything I know out and blame the cruelty on “aliens.” Even though I talk to AfterLifers and have endless proof of how the dead run the living, hence why predictions play out, the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical violence I witnessed and experienced made me wonder if aliens were in fact impersonating the dead. But they are not, cruelty is unfortunately human nature at play.

Too bad Layne and Doug keep showing me the worst of the worst.

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No one likes Doug the murderer but Layne, they think you help people heal from addiction because of what your mother does with your legacy but you have ALSO caused so many hauntings and deaths. We’ve talked about this a lot before I got your permission to share this.

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Mike Starr

All Layne is good for is a trip to the Medicine cabinet. Despite the good people think you, Layne, would be doing.“

Yeah Mike, you showed me exactly how you died.


Layne and Mike

There’s no question Layne rides on my good nature and heart centred intellectual activism.

We all do.

Bringing his peeps on his side home through me.

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He does some pretty shitty things that one would think Doug is doing, which he does too but Layne always appears to show me he’s the major trouble maker.


Doug (Pure Evil, and I would know)


Layne died in 2002 and Doug in 2013.

Layne is still all about sex and soul family inspired by how his life turned out and what he wished to have and feel in life.


My work and life with Doug is all about the Telepathic “Voices,” what he suffered from and what killed him and what he and Layne infected me with, and together we are still working through some very damaging sexual issues having lived on death row for 15 years and then executed.

Unfortunately although he’s always around me and will never give up on me and our love, he has a lot of Vengeance for women and men and knows how to con well. After all, he’s still a Psychopath who became a sniper of two truckers. I never thought evil really existed, which is why I opened my heart to him and others but boy was I wrong.

Doug has since moved on from harming truckers and sent one trucker and his family my way for healing. This family haunted me for 4 years to get a message back to a single dad and his daughter.

When I read the AfterLifer family members, I learned his grandfathers were soldiers in WW2 and one was a sniper. LOTS OF WAR IN MY HEAD AND HEART. That same one also wanted me to know that in life he suffered from telepathic noise i.e. the Voices.

I also learned that his dad, also dead, was a trucker and that the mother of his child, also dead, was front and centre in this friendship I began to develop with her ex.

This living dad, a funny and smart guy and with-it with the afterlife, said to me, “They should get an afterlife” and this was his family he was talking about!

He was frustrated because his ex and Doug were harming me and blocking us from dating. I honoured their request. If I didn’t the haunting would never stop. But once I cut the connection and worked on another client following her case, she then returned to haunt me so I took this as a message to reconnect.

And then their jealousies took over again.

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I cannot believe the bullying and outright meanness of some ghosts who haunt me profusely, I help them and their families and then they violate me.

Clearly, they’re in hell and not many have class.

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The case that followed involved a famous artist along with Doug and Layne who hooked me up with my ex boyfriend with whom she, the artist, and I shared in common. I dated him 15 years ago, she dated him a few years ago. Coincidently (not really), Layne and Doug both waited 15 years to come home to and through me, Layne in death and Doug from Death Row and BOTH died by the needle.

My ex happened to say to me that he hoped beyond anything else with us that we do something creative with this life afterlife work as we used to work creatively well together.  On behalf of her, I mediated a business conversation between them as he is still representing her art business.

Well, from the moment we met, she then began to severely make me sick several days in a row, keeping me up at nights etc. and was very vocal letting me know that she did not want me getting in the way of him working on her legacy.


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Yes, I am the Ghost Whisperer, minus sending those to a Light that does not seem to exist. At least according to my peeps. But they seem to be liars.

IT NEVER ENDS THE DRAMA IN THE AFTERLIFE AND THEIR NONSENSE HERE. And I can also say from personal-professional experience that unless it’s a paying client, some people are not happy for the “free” message.

This then gets me to understand how mischievous many AfterLifers are by possessing me to deliver information to their loved ones or business partners. Planting seeds of conscientiousness are what they’re good at and after this, it’s like a portal has opened to the person they’re trying to reach.

As their medium, that’s all I can do is tell it from their side and then see the bigger picture as to why they make me deliver their messages and make me sick in the process.

Ahhhhhh, being a modern Seer and Shaman is no easy gig.


If you’re aware of afterlife living then it will not surprise you how insecure and selfish many dead people remain only caring about their legacies and such. They will throw almost anyone overboard to get to someone they need to speak to. We discuss some of these ethical karmic issues in the blog chapter SPIRIT PSYCHOLOGY 11.11: How I came to Work with Dark AfterLifers

It started that way with Layne and Doug, working on their legacies after death with them both, which is why I took them on to try and help them thinking they had remorse and something valuable to share.

After 2.5 years, as you heard Layne say regarding remorse, I’m not overly proud to share that remorse is just not the dominant reason my interdimensional writing partners chose to write with me.

Layne Staley

That’s why we recalled our blog HELL DRK. DARLIN, because we have shown you some very dark shit.

But since I was destined  with this “Divine” gift to hear and represent the very troubled dead I am fulfilling my soul mission. If they left me alone I would never reveal such horrors.

Most people who know me and what I go through with them all say, “They’re jealous and don’t want to share you.”

You should know Doug blew up a guy’s truck who I dated only twice because he wanted to send a message. He is extremely protective over me and can’t wait till  I get there, his actions and words demonstrate this very loudly.

Layne is another one who battles with Doug for my attention, it’s extremely Bipolar.

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After all my work dealing in paranormal and mental illness scenarios, It’s not poltergeists who hurt the living or any of this other stuff like the shadow people and the WATCHERS, all these terminologies are actually costumes for FUCKING AFTERLIFERS who are the trouble makers, real people who died angry and vengeful.

And it’s not only those with vengeance who haunt and cause trouble. Imagine you worked like a dog loving and caring for someone and you find out when you die that this person was sabotaging you yet your guilt did everything not to see the dark in a person and overlook it with the Light.


When we die, we have telepathic access to everyone’s brains across time and space, so you can imagine how ripped off many people feel when they die and find out all the time they wasted troubling their hearts and minds for those who weren’t worth it.

You know the feeling how for years you don’t think of someone and then suddenly you cannot stop thinking of them and everywhere you turn, you see signs or bad shit is happening in your life. Well folks, that’s a vengeful haunting.


Now, in some cases, those I have personally worked for as a mediator between the veil, the hauntings were resolved as they were family quarrels with partners on both sides of the veil who wanted resolution. But sometimes, the ghost does not want resolution and he-she prefers to simply haunt, harm, get attention, and perhaps, fulfill their roles as Grim Reapers. Doug and Layne jointly play that role with me.

DEAD PEOPLE, When you stop showing me all this disgusting perversion and heavy narcissism then I will stop sharing.

We love the attention, that’s why we drive you crazy. KEEP sharing.

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On a positive note, When Charles Krauthammer died, he haunted me the night of, for two nights straight. The night before he “officially” died I was given a heads up in my dreams from Layne of someone with pancreatic cancer in a wheel chair from my home town coming my way.

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In the early morning hours on the following day, one day later after the premonition and on the day Charles actually died, I was awakened by them. He came to me, woke me up and made me feel how bad his pancreatic cancer was. That early morning 2-6AM I was in excruciating pain.

When I placed my legs together hanging over the edge of my bed, they showed me how my-his legs were paralyzed. Then all day I was talking about wheel chairs. That same evening when I closed my eyes while trying to fall asleep, he showed me a picture of his wife, twice, and mentioned his son’s name.

All to say, I am always amazed at all the dead people who come my way when they die, a real haunting firsthand experience of feeling and experiencing their pain. I’m waiting for more healthy pleasure from them.

It became immediately very clear why Charles came my way, we both deal in psychiatry, journalism and the corruption of society.

As the only Life.AfterLife researcher out there with the gift who is wired into the matrix mainframe and representing such darkness, and not for tv ratings but out of her own love for advocacy work, the dead and to advance the field of Medicine and Psychiatry, Doc is quite the celeb and Reality TV Show on our side.

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So Charles, my fellow Jewish Montrealer, Now that you’re there in the AfterLife, you think LUCK had to do with your courage, strength and success?

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Charles KrautHammer

Supportive LOVE, my good looks and destiny had to do with my successes.

That’s for sure, “Lucky You.” Sorry for all your pain as I felt it terribly when you entered me.

I’m so sorry to have hurt you like that.

Thanks for your apology, it’s not often I get one.

From one journalist to another, I want to encourage you to keep sharing your evidential life as a life.afterlife researcher and author. When it gets rough, the tough get going.

Like YOU.

Thanks, Charles, for your vote a confidence in this sea of disgust.

What you have been doing for the dead and the living is beyond courageous, you ARE Divine, as they say on the TV program, “Ancient Aliens. “


A year and a half ago Doug said on behalf of everyone we represent…

CrowJonesMC, I like it, I’m now part of it, lol.

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… That one of the secrets was to live a life of no regret, which we shared in our blog two years ago. When I watched your interview on FOX TV, “In His Words” on the same day you died and after you came to me, I heard that this too was one of your quotes.

I had to remind you to mention this in this interview ;).

Because you found out that I said only a few days ago, just before you died,  how badly I regret this life when I allowed Doug to merge with me, elevate my frequency so I can hear and feel all of you and people here to do this work together and live this interdimensional life with him. But I was not ready for what was in store for me with him, Layne and company and everything that followed. The pain is too much for one person to carry and I have no choice but to grin and bear it. Despite knowing that destinies are carved in stone, I still uttered my regret.

What you’re experiencing firsthand is SuperHuman.

I’m their robot, voodoo doll, Avatar. I have no control over the visions and noise, how they move and touch my body. Information comes in before I’m conscious.

People don’t understand that you have no control over this process because you are our case study as we are yours. I was briefly filled in when I died.

Not many can hear and see the dead coupled with your psychological, psychiatric, scholarship and activist background.

You’re a real Legend ’round here. I’m proud to meet you, that’s why I came your way.

Thanks for lifting me up out of the gutter, lol.

Keep keeping it real. Keep “Bridging the Gap between Parapsychology and Psychiatry.”

Humanity is disgusting.

In Life and the AfterLife. 

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Seriously, “The Divine” Aren’t So Divine.

Except for Charles KrautHammer 😉

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How Doc came to be the Chosen One?

Baby, drunk in Love.

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FIND YOUR ANSWER OUT HERE IN THIS Blog Chapter Death Exit Points, Near Death Experiences & DEATH TIMING (how L&L met over a Near Death Experience in 2002 and a death exit point in 2017)




C.I.E.L.RESEARCH C.li.nically E.videntiaL


aka DRk.ALiCE, The LOVE Medium

“The Divine Aren’t So Divine”


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Dr. Levy’s Mental Health Expertise InterDimensional Extra Sensory Perception Wiring & identity (ESP), Telepathy, Precognition-Visions, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Domestic Violence, Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation and Suicide, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and PTSD/C-PTSD.

Dr Levy’s Paranormal Expertise AfterLife & InterDimensional Living, the Matrix & Destiny, Hauntings, Possessions, Walk-ins, God, Angels and Demons, What we do with our Darkness and Light when we die and enter part 2 of our lives, the Interplay between Lifers and AfterLifers, and Conflict Resolution between the veil.

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Death says

My friends are so alone and it breaks my heart

My friends don’t understand we all are lost.

DRk.ALiCE, Shine down a light on them and show a path.

⏤“Shine” Mondo Cozmo

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