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Are you interested in booking a hip Rainbow Medicine Interdimensional Event featuring an educational lecture about spirit communication and my life with the afterlife, followed by a hands-on channeling workshop, and messages from the other side?

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All of our workshops are conducted with folks on the other side comprised of your A-Team members and my 5D FACULTY. In our workshops, through myself, and all of you, these AfterLifers make up our WhiteWolf Academy Faculty.

All workshops can be conducted as one-offs or within a series. Many options are available.

I met you in the dark, you lit me up
You made me feel as though I was enough.
We danced the night away!

  • All About Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! “Who are your Spirit Guides, How to Speak Spirit, what is Channeled Therapy and how to become your own Medical Intuitive”
  • Decoding Spirit Communication Symbology “Visitations Awake & In Dreams”
  • Animal/Pet Communication & Medical Intuition
  • Learn how to Channel with your A-Team “Psychic Mediumship Development”

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  • Channeled AA Therapy “Sex, Love, Addiction & Abuse: ReLearning Intimacy” *This therapy group is interdimensional, meaning we also have a group of others on the other side who are remotely plugged into us and are your Afterlife AA healing partners who, like you, are also healing alongside us. This AA group is good for those suffering with unrequited love, sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, sex &/or love addiction or anorexia, codepenScreen Shot 2016-12-30 at 5.47.30 PM.pngdent partnerships, domestic violence and different forms of addiction.
  • Romance, Relationships and Sexual Healing “Healing Codependency” In this class you are partnered with a variety of afterlifer romance therapists who will be your spirit therapists.

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  • Voices, Vices and Mental Illness “Cognitive Development, ESP, Addiction and Healing” This workshop focuses on those who hear voices, need to understand your telepathic, empathic and precognitive abilities (ESP) so as to harness your skills and heal root causes that attract the particular storylines you hear from “the voices.”


  • Psychic children, Spirit, and the A-TEAM *great workshop for moms and dads with children of any age who hear voices, have imaginary friends, are telepathic, and so forth. This class is to help you understand how best to live and help your child/friend who hears voices. My AfterLife partner SpiritDr. BlakHawk.11 and I lead this workshop together as we teach you all about the voices. He and I are both those who grew with highly developed ESP. This is a teaching and support group where we will be channeling your loved ones in spirit as they will be leading this group with us.


  • Mediumship Messages “HELLO, I Need to Speak with You!” This is offered as a group reading amongst people who feel safe together. For me, Mediumship is a simple performance in that I allow AfterLifers to use my mind and body to engage in inter dimensional conversation with their loved ones. Similar to Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. This actually happens to me! Often I am mediating for some rough exists like overdose, and these are some of the worst physical effects on me. I am placed in the person’s shoes to feel how they felt while dying. All this said,  When spirits merge with me mentally and physically, I take on their characteristics and provide detailed information concerning the most important things going on in your lives that they wish to speak about through me. This is why we say to organize your group as a safe one since the information that comes through me can be personal and you will want to feel safe receiving the whole message and not just a portion. At the events we also offer the option of one on one readings.

MONTREAL Workshops are conducted onsite in your location or mine with your pre-arranged group.

For enquiries about and booking a Speaking Engagement and/or Spirit Communication and Healing Workshop, please send your detailed email to: rainbowmedicine44@gmail.com or leave a voice & text message at 514-887-7718.

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From spirit communication, life path and medical intuition readings to channeled psychotherapy and paranormal counselling, I am here to help you speak with loved ones on the other side, heal deep seeded traumas that perpetuate patterns of suffering, and teach you how to do both. Through readings and channeled guidance and therapy, my goal is to facilitate a happier, more authentic, excited and peaceful YOU.

LOVE Medium DR. LEANNE LEVY, a.k.a. Dr. Akasha WhiteWolf combines therapy and psychic mediumship in her InterDimensional holistic healing and teaching practice. She helps people heal ancestral codependent patterns of suffering, and excavate, develop, and use one’s gifts for personal growth and professional development.

Everything I learn from my personal journey living, loving, creating and working with spirits on the other side I apply to myself and our clinical practice. Over the years, I have gained a deep understanding of optimal healing methods that offer real solutions to terribly painful experiences. We write our blog “HELLo from the OtherSide, Darlin'” and share many upclose and personal case studies in private practice in our self-help with spirit book “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

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The author works worldwide over the telephone and online, where she gives therapy, readings, and teaches the language of spirit communication and holistic healing. Her clients and students come from all walks of life with varying professional backgrounds.

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Dr. Akasha White Wolf offers private readings, channeled therapy, and private psychic mediumship training 


“RAINBOW MEDICINE: Therapy with the A-Team!”

By Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha White Wolf
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452599007
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598987
E-Book | 322 pages | ISBN 9781452598994

Available In Book stores: Chapters Indigo & Coles (Canada) and Barnes & Noble (US) and online in paperback, hardcover and Kindle at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Indigo Chapters, and directly at: RainbowMedicineTherapywiththeA-Team