To see and speak with the dead is to become blind and deaf.
We must relearn communication like a blind person learns braille and a deaf person learns sign language. We wrote Rainbow Medicine to teach you how.
Dr. Akasha White Wolf (2016)


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 7.07.36 AMWHITEWOLF ACADEMY is an interDimensional Spirit Communication Language & Healing School offering private psychic mediumship development classes and medical intuition classes. Private classes take place over the telephone and email and for Montreal clients you have the option of onsite sessions.

I train you to develop your ability to communicate with the spirit world and read people, pets, spirits, and spaces.

ABOUT YOUR DEVELOPMENT with Dr. Akasha White Wolf

In my development classes, you will develop your psychic Clair senses and build upon your data bank of symbols to communicate with the Spirit world by channeling their guidance and messages through a variety of channeled conversations I custom design with your A-Team on the other side.

My number one goal is to teach you how to heal and guide yourself by gaining conscious access to your A-Team so as to walk your highest path and live your best life, on your own terms.

I am so deeply grateful for everything you have taught us. It really is because of you that I have a complete trust in my guides and it is because of my faith in them that I was able to pursue my daycare business. Leanne, I am really thankful for everything you have done. I have felt so alone so many times, and I would just pick some cards and speak with my guides. I’ve realized that not only are they always there for me, they’re actually always guiding me and helping me out. The messages come through in so many different forms; such as random insights and ideas, through other people, or even my facebook feed. This among many other things, I learned in your class. And I just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you do and that you did for us! Your class was destined to be a major turning point for me and I will always remember you. 🙂 I just have these amazing memories whenever I think about us and our class. It was one of the best things that happened to me. Lady Faery


The practice of psychic mediumship is a discipline, language, sport and an art form, and thus far, the most effective means I know to exercise clearing the mind and conquering self-doubt. In order to receive a message we have to be able to clear and stop the mind and body long enough from going elsewhere other than where Spirit wants it to go. We learn how to pick up subtle energies and cues, which we develop with our guides, to identify a secondary source feeding us the information other than our ‘mind/ego.’ Although both take place in the mind, there is a difference between our ‘normal’ thought forms and energy sensed while channeling.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.43.42 PMWe all come from the Other Side hence we all have this symbolic language within us, which is basically learning how to receive symbols through the Right brain and translated through the Left. We receive symbolic messages through sight (clairvoyance), feelings and touch (clairsentience), hearing (clairaudience), thoughts (claircognizance), smell (clairalience) and taste (Clairgustance).

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We offer group WORKSHOPS for those of you who already have your group participants.

My Fee is $75 a person per class, MINIMUM 4ppl and 4 classes. Classes are 3hrs.

Your psychic mediumship development will focus on the following topics and skills:

  • Spirit Guides Who they are, how they are helping you
  • Mental & Physical Mediumship: How it works and feels to have spirits blend their minds and bodies with you so as to mediate their messages.
  • Predictions: Seeing the Future Learning how to receive information about your future and others you are channeling for.

Each class begins with a discussion on the topic at hand, followed by hands-on channeling exercises (séances).



Our private teaching sessions are over the telephone and email, and for Montreal clients, you have the option to learn onsite.

Each study program is BUNDLED as a package of 4 OR 8 private Classes. Four classes are considered a sampler, 8 a full-term. All programs include a Reading.


All Psychic Mediumship Development courses FOCUS on the following TOPICS & SKILLS:

  • Mediumship Meet & Channel Spirits i.e your A-Team as well as other spirits who wish to speak with you and/or impart a message to or through you
  • Predictions Divining the Future

Have fun choosing your intended direction!

1 | The HEALING program is therapy-oriented to help you heal issues you are working through. This class is an effective option if you want to combine healing and learning how to Speak Spirit.

2 | COUPLES LOVE THERAPY This healing program is for couples (local, long-distance, inter dimensional) who wish to learn how to speak together, optimize reading each other and telepathic & empathic communication, and heal issues together.

3 | The INDIE program includes holistic development; a combination of personal development, professional path working, and therapeutic counselling.

4 | THE FUN HOUSE program is designed to give you a sample of a variety of different kinds of readings: Mediumship, Clairvoyance (predictions), Pet Communication, Medical Intuition (body, mind), Reading Spaces (Hauntings).

5 | The BIZ DEVELOPMENT program is for people starting or developing a business, including a reading business. An excellent option for learning how to channel guidance for your developing business and ongoing biz direction.

6 | The SPIRIT ART program is for novice & experienced artists. This spirit art production program is recommended for artists who wish to channel the departed and their messages through a combination of art and writing.

7 | The MOM-CHILD SPIRITUAL BONDING program is recommended for mothers with psychic children of any age who want to learn the language to better communicate with and guide your child in leading a spiritual life and understanding the paranormal as normal. In this bonding program you will learn how to recognize spirit communication, channel readings for your self and family, make channeled art for home decoration and gifts, and read the energy in your home and around family members.

8 | MEDICAL INTUITION for Humans & Pets program teaches you how to read, diagnose, treat, and heal mental, emotional and physical conditions in humans and pets.

Teaching PRIVATE Sessions

Telephone + Email Study. Every class you will be channeling your own Readings. When you enrol in a bundled class of 4 you receive a complimentary reading, in a class of 8 you receive two readings.

  • 8 classes /90 min. phone sessions w/email $1500
  • 4 classes /90 min. phone sessions w/email $800

Individual Classes $200 (90 min. phone + email)

Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! is available in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Barnes and Noble, all Amazons and directly at

For enquiries and purchasing your program, please send your email to or leave a text and voice message  at 514-887-7718

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To register and pay for your course, please send an email to and we will send you a PayPal link. If you prefer an e-transfer (for Canadians) please let me know.

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Spirit communication is a symbolic language, therefore, when you study with us we provide you with a password protected link to our symbols page on this website to help you decode your symbols.

We also suggest you read our book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! as it will teach you some tricks and help you to further decode spirit visitations during your dreamtime and awake time.



Teaching video to get you started channeling on your own


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I look forward to teaching you how to channel!


~Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha White Wolf 🐝

The LOVE Medium & Spirit Therapist

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