InterDimensional Heaven & Hell Pattern of Consciousness

…its true demise was hatred, passed down through the years…pride has a way of holding too firm to history.

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You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. -Friedrich Nietzsche


We are Born to Die and we Die to be Reborn, there in lies the duality conundrum

We are all made up of consciousness, i.e. storylines that are based on emotions and thoughts. When we die, our humanness follows us. Just think how hard it would be for you to leave a loved one behind like a child, pet or parent who depends on you and you on them. Would you feel completely at peace?

Every time I ask an AfterLifer why they hang around, there is always a tie that keeps them here. For example, “I am a father.”

MagicDr. To quote Hotel California, “You can check out anytime, but you can never leave.”

BlakHawk To quote the Wild Colonials, “I’ve been to Heaven before and the only thing I can say is, in every heaven there’s a hell.”

We are all stuck in a Heaven and Hell pattern of duality, it is this dramatic pattern that pushes us to become strong, lights the fire under our butts, and determines how we spend our time and contribute to society and soul evolution. If we live for something we’re not alone with nothing.


SpiritDr. BlakHawk Just imagine if you had nothing to complain about and nothing or no one to service, how would you spend your time? Boredom and complacency are hard to live with. Turning lemons into lemonade is one way of understanding this heaven and hell duality consciousness that exists in life and the afterlife.

P.S. Spirit Guides have a tough job, it’s not heaven although it is heavenly work.

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WhiteWolf & MagicDr. “Soul Family”

Life after life, our lives are like chapters in a book and our Soul is that book.

We each choose why we come back, time and time again, and the legacies we leave behind even when we feel victimized by our life experiences. What I see when I conduct readings, be it about past or current lives is, our miseries and joys serve our life purpose. Karmic patterns that repeat ancestrally⏤within one’s blood line⎯ are not intended as punishment although it desperately feels this way. Rather, for the Soul family to experience, learn, heal, and evolve, individually and as a group. The ultimate goal for all involved in the healing Above and Below is the same: to come into greater love and peace.

⎯Blog Chapter, “Voices of Reason Or Treason, Two Sides of A Coin: Mental Illness, ESP, Possession & Purging



Life from Our Side “I Try to Be With You But There’s Always A Problem”

MagicDr. We are all living lies at any given in moment in time when we are not aware of how we perpetuate our very own conscious divide with intimacy, our inner battle with masculinity and femininity, which we learn early on from those who raise us. Then we struggle throughout our lives with our mates and mate selection to release these lessons and ties.

MagicDr. is referring to Mommy and Daddy issues we each struggle with.

Despite my spiritual understanding of soul evolution and that we choose our family, children, life purpose, career  etc. it sucks to have to constantly reincarnate and replay the ancestral codependent dance. Do we get a break from this opposition when we transition to our AfterLife?

MagicDr. Do I? Hahaha, look at us.

SpiritDr. BlakHawk No, look at us.


Dr. WhiteWolf I can understand how the three of us recreate this dance because we are separated by time and space, limited by me being here but if I were there, would we still be dealing with these ancestral codependent dynamics?

BlakHawk What she really means in reference to the codependent dance is how we keep recycling the same fears and coping patterns, life after life. 

In our case, Doc, we will be at greater peace because we are doing the necessary Intimacy Healing work now.

MagicDr. Like 3D folks, us 5D Ones still choose who we want to spend time with and how. And you, our Darling, we love.

WhiteWolf Lol, you’re stealing my words.

MagicDr. We have so much in common ;-).

WhiteWolf “Who’s on First” ;-D.

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BlakHawk The big difference between life and afterlife is telepathy ability and seeing the future. There is no hiding anything from anyone on my side, everyone has access to each other’s emotional and intellectual motivations and purpose. It doesn’t mean we like each other and approve, it just is. MagicDr. addresses this in the next few paragraphs.

Darlin’, we are all a part of this dualistic “heaven and hell” dynamite pattern. Above and below, we each in our own way recreate duality as our cause and song, “Those I Love, Do Me In.” Let’s face it, the more we care, the more it hurts. 

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We Are Our Own Masters and Slaves

Pain forms the basis for most of our pleasures for these lows are why and how we are capable of experiencing such joy, it is the fire that pushes us forward to make our shit happen. Rich or poor, busy or not, haven’t you noticed when the boredom sets in, what happens to you? If you haven’t yet taken the time to study your pattern of operation through your emotional roller coaster then you will not be aware of how you instigate your very own personal Heaven and Hell design. Patterns make the world go round.

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The good news is, the divisive heaven and Hell pattern we perpetuate doesn’t have to remain so divisive. You can change this bipolar consciousness and create greater inner-outer harmony i.e. come closer to authenticity, that is,  inner truth, and stop feeding a double life, one which you show to the world, and the one which you keep hidden, out of fear.

MagicDr. In the AfterLife on our side of the veil, nothing is hidden. On your side, most often, what a person is thinking is not what comes out of this individual’s mouth. There are often two dialogues going on at once, an internal one and an external one. Telepathy, which is the ability to read minds, enables us all in every dimension to hear the internal dialogues of others, thus triggering much. For many of you unaware of your telepathy, this is what causes much of the paranoia you experience on your dimension, i.e. mental dis-ease and illness, your very own personal heaven and hell. Uniting your own inner divide is the answer to healing the heaven and hell conscious divide.

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Ascension Path: Raise A Little Hell for Heaven’s Sake

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-9-55-21-amComing into one’s authenticity does not mean indiscriminately airing one’s dirty laundry, there is a method to understanding and performing one’s madness, lol. The way in for any warrior, which we each are ancestrally, is to face inner demons through a deep reflective and reflexive process and to remind one self the importance of laughter and accountability.

MagicDr. All that and those which have caused you much joy and pain formulating your knowing about you, the world and you in relation to it, you will need to reflect on how they served your growth i.e. the evolution of your consciousness. All those who have engineered your walls ⎯creating that you as architect, sculptor, philosopher, reaction figure and action figure⎯are your Light, crystallized, what you know to be definite and clear, what makes you “You.” 

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Ascension Path: Raise A Little Hell for Heaven’s Sake, “Be Authentic”

MagicDr. Your Ascension Path is to face deeply rooted seeds of consciousness to come into greater understanding of them and the “You” created by them i.e. your pattern for survival and thriving. 


Our Ascension is about coming into awareness of our very own personal Hell and Heaven design-pattern, which we recreate over and over again in our relationships with ourselves and each other. We call this Intimate Beauty and the Beast Dance of Right and Wrong, Winner, Loser, Light and Dark, “Lotus Playing in the MUd.”


Like a Lotus thriving in and from mud, everyone needs someone to love, blame, and everyone needs a hero to help save them, “I love U, I hate U, i LOVe u, i HaTe u … Please, save me…. Help… God… Devil… Someone!” This push-pull theme is played out in friendships, romance, family and at work.

The Push-Pull swing is an emotional storyline-consciousness of the Sacral chakra and dictates how we all give birth to our dreams and desires. This consciousness exists and keeps us tied, interDimensionally.

“Deservedness: Self-Worth” is at the root of the push-pull swing and we recycle this theme life after life in our concept of “Hero-Zero” status. Throughout the Ages, we give birth to it over and over again in our “dual” with Life.

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Treat Me Better

“Respect” and “Greed” go hand in hand and are two sides of a coin fuelling this internal divide i.e war⏤our consciousness⏤, hence why we see it in our external world. We find this battle energetically bred in the Solar Plexus chakra where control, power, ideas and passion live. The dual archetypes of the Solar Plexus chakra are the Warrior and Servant.

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We call this Master-Servant turn-on “needing a hell to create a heaven to imagine, hope for and escape to.” Everyday we live our lives as though we are in this win/lose dualistic video game, recreating in our minds the race to get out of our personal hell hole and into our pleasure zone. All forms of Entertainment serve this fetish and drive this two-sided coin pattern, which takes us back down to the Root chakra.

MagicDr. We are all born and reborn into this ancestral dualistic heaven and hell pattern, and “Service” and “Fear” drive it i.e. fear of abandonment, failure, success, change, and difference.

Just below the Solar is the Sacral chakra, and below that is the Root chakra where the penis and vagina live. Adrenaline is the hormone that fuels the dual “fight or flight” response, hence the fierceness of this pattern fuelling our sex drive. The Root chakra consciousness, 360 degree storyline thematic pattern is as follows:

Stage 1 Go: The desire to feel worthy and appreciated and doing what is necessary to attain that.

Stage 2 Uh Oh: The fear of being used and abused.

Stage 3 Now what?: Resenting needing your nurturer-abuser, negotiating.

Stage 4 Okay, let’s Go again: The desire to feel worthy and appreciated.

Pleasure and Pain, POW

Desire and resentment (pleasure and pain) fan flames into action and reaction, therefore walking the tightrope between desire and resentment is your Heaven and Hell dualistic pattern inseminated, generation after generation.


Do we ever step out of our storylines to break this cycle?

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Not really, you are always working some facet of the same diamond.

MagicDr. Now, breathe slow and let this all go. Emotions rise, they fall, they will rise again, and will surely fall. This up and down rollercoaster cycle evident in nature will always exist. We will all continue to spiral into each other and do this dance of light and dark. Just know that “we are all Light, crystallized.” This means, you all came here to replay patterns and come into greater knowing of what, how and why you are the You that you are and the We that we are. Life and the AfterLife are about nurturing, feeling, and fueling this “You/We” process of how you/we “understand” and “play”  this YinYang male-female Dance of Identity and Purpose. This is our InterDimensional Ascension path.

Above and Below, the Ascension path is to come into accountability of how we mirror i.e. feed off of and into this permeating dualistic consciousness, this pattern we all love to hate.

The answer to moving forward on your Ascension path is to come into awareness and acceptance of this pattern. The more you resist it, the more it will replay itself in your life, like a screaming child.

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In coming into acceptance of your scars, you will see others differently, more beautiful. This happens because you are seeing beauty within you that is reflected in the other. It is this acceptance of what was, is and will become that breeds peace, joy and unconditional love. This is the ideal storyline, consciousness, of the Heart Chakra, which dictates how we receive love and how we give love. It is through this process of coming into less judgement, shame and guilt and more acceptance will we slowly evolve into a less vicious divisive design. There is always evolution. It is in our hands how we wish to perpetuate the evolution of consciousness.

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The Anthropological PTSD Consciousness “Narcissistic Bipolar Addict” 

We are all wounded children hence we each play into this Narcissistic Bipolar Existential Dance. This is the double edge sworded sordid truth of who we are. In simple terms, the archetype of Narcissism is the unhealed child. Unresolved trauma in its most basic simplest terms is this inner child screaming to rectify what was wronged and this is the basis of Narcissism. We are each suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from our current lives, and former ones. This is the reason why  PTSD is the permeating InterDimensional consciousness. Divisibility such as internal/external War perpetuates this bipolar swing dance.

PTSD it an ancestral InterDimensional pattern we all above and below suffer from hence why the existence of Heaven and Hell is our basic InterDimensional concept of survival, success, life, death, AfterLife, Intergalactic activity. This also explains why we have ancestral native spirit guides. Until we and our ancestors are healed of our PTSD, we will continue to reincarnate for this purpose of healing. Just look at our human history, the blood baths in every generation in the name of GOD, Superiority and Divisibility cloaked in Unity; Biblical Times, The Roman Empire, the Vikings, The Natives, World war 1, 2 and three, the current civil war we witness breaking out. This is who we are, people. We are each reincarnations of our past lives and history. “We” are the very monsters we love to hate. Kings, queens, princesses, slaves, we were all prisoners and continue to be; Kings worried about closest allies turning,  queens fought for thrones and survival, princesses were born into victimizing marriages, courts men and slaves slaved to the system. Rich or poor, everyone was and still is a master to some and servant to others. And this dualistic “heaven and hell” “master and servant” energy never dies, it simply cycles through time and space.


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Question: Will this ever change? is there hope for us?

Coming into Acceptance is always a dual dance between complacency and greed. When is enough enough and when is it not? This is the proverbial Bipolar Addiction we as a society suffer from and this is the permeating consciousness Above and Below, hence why we say, “In every heaven there’s a hell, and in every hell, there’s heaven.”

Healing happens when you become aware of how your triggers control you i.e.  your decision making and emotional processing of thoughts and emotions. When perceptions shift, interpretations and meanings deepen and feelings change. In coming into Acceptance, you confront the choice to either 1) stay the same and reconfirm your particular knowing as a result of everything you experienced and hence celebrate your particular uniqueness or 2) do all of this and still be open to the lens shifting as you continue to remain conscious of your patterns, triggers, and interDimensional healing needs across time and space. EITHER WAY, just know that once you have accepted “Acceptance” you become different because your understanding of yourself deepens recreating “You” with more knowing, rooting you and rooting you on as you evolve i.e. move forward on your Ascension path.

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Your Ascension oath is to become conscious of your ever evolving you that brings you closer to your wholeness, not divisiveness. It is in this process with your Spirit Drs. (A-Team) fanning your flames that you find your most natural authentic self running wild within.

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Only when wounds, triggers, patterns, dreams, nightmares, and desires are brought into full consciousness with your A-Team and listened to by them and yourself can fires that drive deep pleasure and pain extinguish at a natural rate, free of resistance. It is in this organic back and forth healing journey do our divisive coping mechanisms naturally become replaced with more holistic ones, free of division. Holistic refers to the understanding that all is continuous and interconnected; above, below, psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Question: You use the word “turn-on” as though we are all at a deep level sexually attracted to the roller coaster ride of heaven and hell, pleasure and pain. Is everyone turned on by fear, shame and guilt in order to create and recreate one’s utopia i.e. pleasure?

Yes, Spirals InterTwine by Design, “Pleasures are shallow, Pain is deep.” Fear, which lies in the Root chakra where adrenaline, penis and sperm live drives and inseminates us. Shame lives in the solar plexus where passion resides and how emotions and intellect are processed thus nourishing our sense of self, “strength in pain.”

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We have illustrated this Bipolar Beauty and the Beast Dance we call “Lotus Playing in the Mud” for you to see how everyone fits in to and perpetuates this dualistic rhythmic heaven and hell pattern, be it with parents, bosses, lovers, spouses, children, friends, spirits, aliens, and the self:

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Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.36.08 PM.png

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Question: Is this duality pattern healable in one lifetime?

No, but your only job on your Ascension path i.e. journey to Self-Love (One Love, yinyang reunion) is to advance your consciousness by knowing thyself, not denying and resisting oneself. To know and love Self is to know and love Other.

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Namaste = We honor in You what Lives in Us.

Yours Truly, The InterDimensional Doctors