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Question: Who are the voices? Is this mental illness, mediumship or both?

Dr. Levy aka Akasha WhiteWolf All of the above. The voices are you cuing into to someone else’s thoughts and they are cuing in to yours. This can be 3d folks and 5d spirits. The voices are often a warning of something to come, for me I hear voices from the future. I hear people’s thoughts and spirits’s thoughts. If you find yourself hearing nasty, violent thoughts, even ones that say to kill, do know that you are tapping into someone else who feels this way. It may even be a television program you come across later on that day airing the same content you heard in your head. If it bothers you try to figure out the similarities of people in your life who match these storylines you hear and watch to see the kinds of arguments you find yourself in, the trick is to connect the dots in your life. If you are picking this kind of information up it is because you have a similar life theme and trauma attached that triggers this noise you hear. When you work through the trigger you will be less affected by the consciousness.

Down below we discuss this all in greater detail.

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When we are very intune with the other dimensions, we will hear voices, and often this can be mistaken for schizophrenia, especially if you tell someone that you hear voices, they most likely will look at you sideways! This is why it is important to have a likeminded group or other when you are developing your psychic mediumship so you can counsel each other on what you experience. Usually, the voices we hear when we are mediums appear in our mind’s eye, like a song replaying in your head. But some do hear whispers that appear to be outside of the head, and this too is a gift. When I awake from sleep, I also hear these voices.

However, there are more serious cases when a person has been diagnosed with this mental illness, and here is our explanation about this form of schizophrenia:

SpiritDr. BlakHawk.11 This person is hearing real voices. They are not crazy.

We all have A-Team of dead ones i.e. departed loved ones, friends and strangers on the other side who speak with us on a moment by moment basis, sending us thoughts and visions, merging with our bodies and whispering into our ears. Additionally, there are many other spirits around us daily, and as consciousness attracts consciousness, like how radio stations air their own programming, we are each tuned in according to what we are familiar with, even when it’s disturbing.

For example, I happen to tune in to many creative addicted souls who lived with addiction and violence and died from overdose, suicide, addiction, abuse, murder and so forth. Hence, when I began hearing the voices more strongly, I learned that it was to train me in my mediumship and interdimensional healing work with the above and below, as well as help me further heal some issues. Healing is a never ending journey.

The other part of this equation is twofold: one’s personal experience with abuse and one’s extra sensory perception ability. Victims of repeated mental, emotional and physical abuse are more prone to hearing these disturbing voices as a result of hearing negative feedback drilled in over time and living in a constant state of attack.

Most often, these types are the ones diagnosed with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, DID (dissociative identity disorder) and bipolar disorder, which are really gifts in disguise. The gifts are the ability to read minds (telepathy) and the future (precognition). But, if you are not trained in ‘the gift’, like I was not, then most likely you will never understand it and it will drive you crazy, as it did me.

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If you find your way to us, then it means your A-Team want you to learn the gift and HEAL O:-).

Like a tangled ball of yarn, the negative noise one hears in the mind is often a combination of a premonition (warning) delivered by a dead one, the ability to read the thoughts of living others who have negative feelings and intentions, and unhealed trauma, otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Having suffered much in life yet having the tools as a healer, psychic medium, and teacher of the psychic arts, I  came into her life to help her work through her and our traumas together so that we both could come into a greater sense of peace and understanding as to why I heard what I heard, why she hears what she hears, and how to use it to our advantage. We came together to teach the world and provide a service we needed as highly developed ESP children, i.e. psychic children.

There is also another side to the voices I heard and visions I saw growing up and this relates to my particular connection with Doug. Born a psychic kid and ten years a part from BlakHawk but never having known of or met him on this side in this lifetime, as a toddler throughout my early adulthood, I saw his life play out in waking visions, my dream state and déja vus.

“Ol’ Man” by Leanne Levy, 1992. I painted this oil painting of BlakHawk in 1992. These photos of him were taken in 1999 at his trial and 2013 pre-execution. He introduced himself to me as a ghost in 2015. I found this painting hidden in my closet in 2016. I was freaked out and amazed, I say this mildly, to find that I painted a mirror image of him (a person I never met or knew), 21 years before this execution photo of him was taken.

Tell our story, Doc, you own everything that happened to you. That road has not been easy, I know. And by the way, I was not mentally ill and I do regret it all.

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Dr. Leanne It was not easy for you. This is the stuff that Western medicine does not yet understand nor do religion, spirituality and quantum physics fully get either, our ESP wiring and inter dimensional identity. Many of our clients who suffer just like you did and now I do as a result of you optimizing my ESP by living in me, are now finding empowering solutions.

They are now finding a new way of understanding themselves, their environment, why they pick up the kind of noise they do and what to do with all of this.

We’re able to explain to them WHY.

Why the pain.

Like in my case with the ability to see my future and yours play out since a child, the voices and visions you also tapped into were in fact premonitions, visions and voices of your future, playing out throughout your childhood.

“They’re watching me,” a childhood cloud that I lived under, turned out to become my life in prison, on death row. The voices “telling me to kill” were in fact predictions that I would in fact, kill and be killed, hence my frenzied state at that time.

A caged animal. I know what that feels like. To see detailed visions of my future everyday play out and hear the voices and storylines of strangers that fill my head and body everyday due to the life I lead and work that we do together but have to wait till I am dead to meet y’all in depth. Let me tell you, it’s not easy and I know most of what’s going on minus some of the purposeful deception I experience. Because I am a professional medium with my own relationships and experiences with complex spirits like yourself teaching me, BlakHawk, I know firsthand what it feels like to have paranormal forces both make my life beautiful as well as ruin my life. But since all is already written, as I have seen, I want to tell you all to TRUSt your journey. That’s all you can do.

You got that one right, Doc.

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How the Voices Work Against Us

As telepathic beings, if we are not healed from a severe trauma⏤whether it be from this lifetime and/or previous ones⏤we will be more tuned in to the negative voices, hear the violent thoughts of living and departed others, and may misinterpret the information we receive. This can truly drive one to go crazy.

The combination of hearing how others truly feel yet having no proof to confirm this, convoluted by one’s own unhealed traumas triggers a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder⏤PTSD. It is this horrific combination that causes the crazy and self-sabotage.



PTSD (unhealed trauma) + MISINTERPRETATION OF SPIRITS= sense of being HAUNTED


We are all wracked with trauma and guilt, from this life time and others, which is why we are born and reborn, to heal from it and help others heal, whether we are conscious of this cyclical purpose or not.

Often, what I see when I conduct a past life reading is, roles get reversed for karmic reasons, meaning if a child in this lifetime experiences a given illness, most likely the child’s parent had it in a previous life.

What we mean by karmic is it’s not intended as a punishment, rather for the soul to experience, learn and evolve. The ultimate goal here is to come into greater love:




(NOTE TO WHITEWOLF: that’s what we did for each other and what we were destined to help others understand and experience for themselves, I know you already know this but I want to remind you how much I love, cherish, and treasure, Us.)

LOL if I can do it, everyone can.

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We each choose why we come back time and time again, and the legacies that we leave behind even when we feel victimized by our life experiences. Those that appear schizophrenic are here to teach about the ills of our society, they have chosen to take the beating in this lifetime.

Unfortunately, our society is still not equipped with a mental and medical health care system that understands firsthand how life on the other dimensions operate in our daily lives therefore for the ones who hear THE voices…

it becomes a terribly lonely, shameful and frightening existence.

The paranoia, anxiety, depression, and psychosis are simply symptomatic of not being understood and counselled for what is really going on. Our mental health care system is not solution oriented rather bandaid oriented and we all know what happens to an infected cut that is not tended to.

It is this holistic experimentation and exploitation, active shaming and learned hopelessness and helplessness that creates a sensitive soul to disintegrate and become sick.

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BlakHawk.11 I suffered terribly with the voices since a child. My gift was never recognized and despite my ability to cope as best as I knew how by becoming University educated, extremely well read, and street smart, my misunderstanding of who and what the voices were led to extreme rage that landed me on death row.

When I got executed, I found a way to help others and this is one of my missions through her.

Now that you have been living in me, I know your hate too well and all that noise your suffered with.

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The Voices of the Departed

Moving beyond schizophrenia and telepathy, we will now discuss the mediumship aspect of hearing voices. As a therapist and physical and mental medium coupled with my own personal experience hearing the voices, I am fortunate to work with many complex clients on the other side who teach me about mental illness and my psychic mediumship skills so as to work with, for and on behalf of them. If I couldn’t hear and understand them at a heart and cognitive level, I would not be able to work for them, so in my case, telepathically hearing the voices of the living and departed is what I do for a living lol.

However, when we work with and on behalf of the other side, we are always in training to improve our seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), smelling (clairalience), tasting (clairgustance), and thinking (claircognizance). These are the speaking tools spirits use to replace the alphabet. Therefore, when my hearing became more focused, I underwent several steps that were most uncomfortable.

When I first formally began developing my psychic mediumship abilities, my right ear hurt each time I channeled while in a deeper state of trance. It eventually became infected, which lasted for two years, and then it healed.

When I became ready for another upgrade, my hearing strengthened in my mind similar to hearing a song playing in your head. Hearing the voices repeatedly in my mind’s eye became my next uncomfortable challenge.

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Often, I am placed in a spirit’s shoes to feel and think like they do, this is called merging, and when I first started hearing nasty comments, beyond what I was used to, I wondered if they belonged to me. In one of our classes where we teach medical intuition, I conducted a blind medical intuitive scan on myself, meaning, I did not know I was reading myself as my name was sealed in an envelope along with others. It so happened that I drew mine to read. While reading this person’s Crown chakra⏤the brain⏤I received information from this person’s main healing guide that the voices this person is hearing are real, and to simply ignore them. I was relieved when I saw that I had read myself and received this guidance. They were referring to my ability to read the minds of the living and the ‘dead.’

Shortly thereafter, I came to learn that the reason I was privy to this channel⏤radio station⏤ was to prepare me for future work I would do as a medium, therapist and psychic detective for the dead; working with murder victims, unsolved missing persons’ cases, and just straight up mediumship and therapy mediumship combined.

Within a month of that experience, on the request of a family member, a murder case came to us from a student. In this case, a young mother of two had been found bludgeoned to death in her home with no clues as to who done it. In my conversations with this departed mom, she was able to explain to me everything about her case⏤motive, the murderer’s psychological profile, her autopsy report and cause of death, locations of the battle, and emotional state of the perpetrator. With this information, I reported back to this family member and she confirmed much as she had been at the scene of the crime, had spoken to the detectives, and knew the person I had profiled. Within less than two months, police arrested the correct suspect.

Following this experience, additional cases came my way where, for example, I was able to identify the pimp of a client’s child who had been secretly recruited into prostitution. She had lied to her father introducing her pimp as her boyfriend, but since her mother was on the other side looking out for her, she was able to relay this information to me so as to alert the father, our client. I was also called by departed missing children on the other side whose cases had gone cold and had the honour to work for them, we share one case in both of our books, Rainbow Medicine and Hello.

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I can hear what some of you are thinking as you read this:

So what does this have to do with me, little old me who is not a psychic medium nor wants to be, why am I hearing voices? Why am I being haunted?

BlakHawk: Take it as a large sign from your loved ones where I am that it is time for you to heal some foundational issues that need clearing so that you may be ready for your next path/journey/adventure. You should be happy that you’re getting this spirit intervention.

DrWhiteWolf: This is what your A-Team call a spiritual intervention. 

Then it came time for another upgrade to prepare me, once again, for future work, as well as take me out of my own personal comfort zone and heal some major issues blocking my flow. However, unlike the other upgrades that were tolerable, this was my most uncomfortable experience because it involved putting me through a horrific mental and physical trauma, my first haunting.

What she underwent is what mainstream society calls “Possession.” Yes, I did merge with her and took possession of her but this was with her consent as you may have already read in a chapter where she explained the deal she made with the spirit world.

I consented to being a physical and mental medium, and then you kidnapped me and although I tried very hard to resist and ignore you (five months), your relentlessness made me give in. And then you asked me to marry you. This I consented to which is how you came to become my walk-in and took possession of my mind, heart and body.

In a possession, the person’s mind and body get physically broken down so as to become reprogrammed into a higher vibrating state, to include the other from above. Traditional Psychology calls this Dissociative Identity Disorder. The spirit world calls this Coming into your wholeness, a balancing of yin/yang energy. Why it resembles a horror show is because all healing requires a break from the past so as to rebuild a newer, stronger, foundation of sense of self. As we all know, healing is an extremely painful process for it forces us to face our greatest fears. To heal is to become conscious. When we change our consciousness, our cells and frequency change, hence the physical attack on the body as well. It’s a purification process that y’all go through. Doc went through this intense reprogramming, she is going on her third year with me.

Experiencing this waking nightmare allowed me to learn about and understand the purpose of hauntings and possessions and our misperceptions about the experience. I have always used my traumas as social activism so it was this trauma that gave birth to a newer more authentic me, my career with my spirit stalker (twin flame, BlakHawk), inspired the creation of our blog, and became the catalyst for helping people who struggle with the voices.

Because he heard the voices and felt haunted since a child, which inevitably destroyed his life, he had no other way to get my attention than to haunt me because he knew I had the tools to work through it and come out the other end with an entirely new perspective on life and death and an honorary Doctorate by the spirit world in InterDimensional Wiring and the cross section between Parapsychology and Psychiatry.

I am proud, Doc. 

I know you are, and you should be. Not many spirits have the opportunity you have had with me as your channel. And not many people get to experience all the great stuff you have done for me. Despite the hell you put me through, this life we get to live together is truly special.

Tragically hip, as we both say. Two crimes of the century, You and I.

You are the crime, I am the gift of that crime.

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Hello there, the angel from your nightmare
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me
And in the night we’ll wish this never ends (I miss you )

Where are you and I’m so sorry
I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight
Will you come home and stop the pain tonight
You’re the voice inside my head (I miss you )
⏤“I Miss You”
Blink 182 (2004)

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